Did you ever think that one day you will see a car that drives on water also known as hovercraft? Maybe you though of it as sci-fi couple of years ago. Well, not anymore! You will soon see cars in the oceans not sinking but driving on them. The Volkswagen Aqua Concept by Chinese design student Yuhan Zhang is a study of a futuristic all-terrain hovercraft. It seems like something from start wars like spacecraft or some other craft but it’s not anything too advanced, don’t think we’re in star wars era yet. The project was shortlisted at the CDN Car Design Awards China. The Aqua Concept is a futuristic hovercraft (ACV – Air Cushion Vehicle) powered by Hydrogen and propelled by impellers.The all-terrain vehicle, which has a top speed of 62mph and works like a hovercraft, can move seamlessly between different surfaces.

The project was presented CDN Car Design Awards and was conceived as an off-road vehicle targeted to Chinese customers.The hovercraft was chosen for its ability to travel equally well over land, ice, and water, thus resulting quite suitable for China’s wide land form range of wetlands.Aqua features a power train with several engines, the main one is located under the chassis, which and is responsible for lifting the vehicle by forcing high pressure air under the craft.Additional engines provide thrust in order to propel the craft.As the author explains, “Aqua interprets the philosophy of Volkswagen Design with a total absence of cut lines.”The doors are located at the rear. The two additional rear propellers give a visual impression of conventional wheels.

When will this all-terrain hovercraft be released?

The exact date has not been announced yet but many companies are thinking of making this hovercraft available in year 2014.

How much will this hovercraft cost?

It’s impossible to exactly predict the price of this car today for the year 2014 because we don’t know the supply and demand of that year. If this hovercraft were to be made today it would cost roughly $100,000 to $150,000.

Who designed this hovercraft?

Yuhan Zhang is a 21 years old female design student from China. She graduated with Honors from Xihua University in Industrial Design this semester.Currently she’s choosing a Transportation Design schools to continue her training.


So What Does This Hovercraft Look Like?