Top 10 Deadliest Wars In Human History


One thing that the human kind was doing from the beginning of time is fighting with each other. Many times the fighting got out of hand and consumed the innocent people. Here is a list we compiled of the ten deadliest wars ever. These figures of one million or more deaths include the deaths of civilians from diseases, famine, etc., as well as deaths of soldiers in battle and possible massacres and genocide.

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3 years 1 month ago

The start date for WWII is inaccurate. Though 1939 was when Great Britain declared war on Germany, I’d say the Japanese invasion of Manchuria is 1931 started the war. At the latest, I’d say the war started with the 1937 Japanese invasion of China, considering the fact that fighting there took place until the end of the war and millions of Chinese people were killed.

no name
2 years 18 days ago

but when GB and France declared war on Germany, a war started.thus the start of ww2,and that is a fact.but i respect your opinion.

10 months 15 days ago

So how does World War One compare to other major wars?