Top 10 Terrorist Groups


The biggest threat to any citizen of any country in the world today is a terrorist. Terrorist attacks are usually carried out in such a way as to maximize the severity and length of the psychological impact. Terror attacks like 9 11 will be remembered in history as major turning point in the  21 century. After 9 11 terrorism became number one enemy for most of the worlds population. Here is a list we compiled of the Top 10 most dangerous Terrorist Groups


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mohinder paljit kaur
4 years 9 months ago

i agree..except PKK…which is not an terrorist organisation
it s an political party….dr.ocalan is not an terrorist, he was
an parliament member but today he is an freedom fighter.
again westerns are closing thier eyes in matter of khurditan
similar to tibet!!
khurdistan was an budhist country…which was divided by english & germans ..just given as giftd to iran,iraq & turkey..appeasment for cruide oil…in iran & tuerkey due to its boffor-zone
against russia..
a noble country was just vanished…like tibet!!
now many of these political party’s member are asylum in germany..

peace flower
4 years 7 months ago

i dont understand, why dont you call turkish gov, terrorist, prevents more than 20 milion kurdish people to speak in their mothers language which is kurdish.
dayly kurdish people arrest and judge!!1 you know why? because they speak in kurdish!!! so funny.
you may talk about universal human rights articles, but dont speak when five thousand innoncet people were killed within 4 minitues in Halabja city ‘northern iraq’ by previous iraqi army.
now Pkk strugles to get kurdish rights back, but alas, the US an EU neglect kurd and some nations due to their own aims.