10 Biggest Conspiracy Theories Of All Time


Conspiracy theories. True or not, they serve a purpose of helping us all question reality. Chances are, you probably know someone who believes a few conspiracy theories. In fact, it’s human nature to question major events that affect our country and world. It won’t take you long to search online for an answer. There’re millions of conspiracy theories out there and most of them get debunked quickly. But there’re 10 conspiracy theories that have stood the test of time. It’s almost like they make too much sense not to be true. People crave deeper meaning and understanding when something bad or unconscionable occurs. It’s human nature. Agatha Christie once famously said, “The simplest explanation is always the most likely.”


10 Biggest Conspiracy Theories Of All Time


10. The real killer of JFK is still out there.

JFK Conspiracy

In 1963, Kennedy was shot while riding in his presidential motorcade next to his wife in Dallas. According to original reports, Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman – but suddenly he too was shot and killed just two days later. This spawned much suspicion around the shooting. Witnesses reported hearing shots from a grassy hill near a motorcade which wasn’t where Lee Harvey Oswald was located. This increased the suspicion that there was in fact a second gunman involved.

Even stranger, Kennedy’s alleged gunman, Lee Harvey, was later killed by Jack Ruby, a Dallas nightclub owner. This opened the doors to a flood of conspiracy theories because now the “lone” shooter couldn’t testify in court and the second gunman was likely to be involved. Who was Jack Ruby and how did he manage to even get into the Dallas Police Department? To this day, conspiracies are abound and this stands as one of the longest-lived conspiracy theories in history. 

9. The government was involved in the September 11th terrorist attacks.

911 conspiracy

Much like the JFK Assassination, 9-11 has become one of the longest-lived and most researched conspiracy theories in the 21st century. Everyone remembers the terrible tragedy that day. But many 9-11 truth seekers try to debunk everything from how the towers collapsed to how the planes never crashed into the Pentagon.

Most theorists think that the Bush Administration is to blame and had inside knowledge about the attacks. The day of the attack, The president was discretely flown out of the White House for “important business” – he attended a Booker Elementary School Classroom. President Bush was later quoted as saying “And I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower — the TV was obviously on, and I use to fly myself, and I said, ‘There’s one terrible pilot.’ And I said, ‘It must have been a horrible accident.’ But I was whisked off there — I didn’t have much time to think about it.” There’s only one problem with this statement. Any known footage of the North Tower impact wasn’t played until much later that day. This lead conspiracy theorists to believe he had inside knowledge of the tragedy. Conspiracy theories also state there were plenty of warnings of the pending attack and there were preparations months before the planes hit the buildings. Some even believe the buildings were taken down by explosives and not by the extreme heat of the jet plane fuel. There have been plenty of people debunking this but it’s still the most searched conspiracy on the internet. 

8. AIDS was created by the government.

AIDS Conspiracy

A recent survey by a group of 500 African Americans in 2005 showed that over half of them believed AIDS was created by the government. Conspiracy theories about how and why the government made AIDS range from population control to weakening minority groups. Some theories suggest that the AIDS Epidemic is a result of a close connection between the rise of genetic engineering and mixing of viruses in the early 1970’s. However, scientists in the community generally believe that HIV originated from Simian Immunodeficiency Virus in Western African monkeys. 

7. Princess Diana is in hiding.

Princess Diana Crash Conspiracy

On August 31st, 1997, the People’s Princess was killed in a tragic car accident. This crash was apparently a result of paparazzi chasing her in her car. But this wasn’t enough and people demanded answers. How could such a loving and celebrated public figured die so senselessly? It didn’t take long for conspiracy theorists to come up with their own take on the matter. Some think that she was pregnant and planning to marry her boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed and planning to become Muslim which may have worried the British Royal Family. And it wasn’t until nearly 17 years after her death that the official report was released. Unfortunately, the report featured 65 deletions and was typewritten on three pages of foolscap paper. “Officials said the redactions were necessary to ensure the privacy of the individuals mentioned in the document but are likely to fuel widespread speculation that the authorities are attempting to prevent the real truth surrounding Diana’s death from emerging.” And there are some that still believe she faked her death to escape the public eye. 

6. Elvis is actually still alive.

Elvis Still Alive COnspiracy

Much like Princess Diana, many conspiracy theorists, and Elvis fans still think Elvis is alive, rockin and rollin! Some point to the incorrect gravestone title showing his middle name as “Aaron” when the original spelling on this birth certificate is “Aron” which leads many to believe his death was faked. The reasons for faking his death vary from wanting to get away from the public eye to becoming a drug informant for the FBI. 

5. Ebola is a man-made virus.

Ebola Conspiracy

Recently, the Ebola virus has been in the news and for the first time in decades, the virus has made it over to the United States and spread across Europe. The spread of Ebola from western Africa to places like Texas brought nation-wide fear and a plethora of conspiracy theories with it. Soon after the outbreak in 2014, this article accuses Western Pharmaceuticals and the U.S. Department of Defense of creating the virus – a man-made, Genetically Modified Organism. Once the spread of the virus created fear and panic from Western countries, accusations came out that the Centers of Disease Control and Preventative was in on it. Some claim the CDC patented the virus and was positioning to profit from it by creating a vaccine. Sure enough, there is a vaccine in a trial. Thankfully, the virus is getting under control but there are many conspiracy theories floating around that seem to reflect the fears and distrust of Government around the world. 

4. NASA never really landed on the Moon.

NASA Moon Conspiracy

To this day, many don’t believe America landed on the Moon. Yes, the 1969 Apollo moon landing is a fairy tale (if you believe conspiracy theorists)… However, a faked moon landing has pretty much been debunked. But there are still a few followers out there. They claim there were missing design blueprints and faulty video and audio recordings. But the number one theory that the moon landing never occurred stems from John F. Kennedy wanting to “win the space race” in an attempt to instill public faith with NASA, as the U.S. and the Soviet Union relationship were at the brink of WWIII. However, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong have publically stated they walked on the moon on that famous day in July. So most people believe that we did actually land on the beautiful dusted rock we call the Moon. 

3. Global Warming is a hoax.

Global Warming Hoax Conspiracy

The scientific community is mostly in agreement that global warming is happening. What’s causing global warming is still in dispute. However, despite political and scientific push to make a change to the direction of our planet, many people still believe global warming isn’t actually happening. While the global temperatures seem to be rising, many supports who refute this say it’s because the people in charge who provide the data have control over the technology. There’s even a lot of speculation of weather modification. In fact, one search for “chem trails” will lead you down a rabbit trail of documented video evidence showing bizarre and unnatural sightings of strange weather phenomena. Many conspiracy theories include a strange piece of equipment in Alaska named High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or HAARP for short. Some say this tool has been used to create Earthquakes, modify weather patterns for warmer and cooler climates in different areas and even create massive super hurricanes and typhoons. Instead of blaming environmental pollution and other man-made pollution as the cause to these natural disasters, there’s growing speculation that the government is using HAARP and other technology for their own agenda. In fact, some claim Agenda 21 is in fact a road-map for population control using weather and other strategies in the 21st century. 

2. A UFO crashed in Roswell New Mexico In 1947.

UFO Consopiracy

The Roswell Army Air Field sent out a press release stating a “flying saucer” was found after a local resident named Mac Brazel came across crash debris near his property. He had no idea what the debris was and alerted authorities. Later, the press release from the Government was retracted and conspiracy theories about the attempt by the government to hide evidence started surfacing. To this day, there are countless claims of alien life existing. And some even believe the technology that we have here today is that from the alien space crafts that have landed over the last half century. 

1.NSA Conspiracy – they are listening to your every move.

NSA Conspiracy

Ever since Edward Snowden leaked classified documents about technology the government is using to invade the privacy of citizens, conspiracy theorists, and many citizens have been concerned about what the NSA is really up to. Today, our phones, tablets and computers are all tied to our email and social media accounts. Are we the only people who see that data? The NSA has repeatedly lied about it’s alleged spying program and misinformation is all over the web. Fortunately (or unfortunately?), the top secret documents provided by Edward Snowden, show that the NSA surveillance systems are monitoring the communications of all American citizens. But some believe the NSA is protecting citizens by penetrating the “bad guys” before a major terror event strikes. However, there’s been all too many attacks that show there’s either a severe lacking in NSA capability or they are in fact all apart of a big conspiracy for global population control.

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