Top 10 Biggest Creatures That Ever Existed


Some humans are scared of certain animals and bugs such as a bee, fish, dog, cat, elephant, monkey, or snake— and that’s fine. But what’s scarier to know is that there are even bigger, stronger, and taller animals that have existed many ears ago. Knowing this would probably make us wish to see and witness them in real life and not only in pictures.
Why? Because these creatures are just so big that it would only make us a spec in their eyes and we would be just the size of their nails. It may seem impossible but yes, these kinds of animals conquered the land and the sea in the earlier days. Curious? We are too and decided to create a top 10 lists of these biggest creatures that ever existed. So let’s get ready to be awed!


10 Biggest Creatures That Ever Existed




When thinking about the biggest creatures we don’t usually think of crocodiles but one of the biggest creatures to ever exist was a crocodile. This type of crocodile is 40 feet long and weighs 10 tons or 10 average crocodiles altogether!

It is believed that the size of the Sarcosuchus head is as big as a human and it is known to have the strongest and powerful bites on earth using its 6-foot set of teeth that it can chew not only fish and crocodiles but also dinosaurs. 


Shantungosaurus Biggest Creature


“The Shandong Lizard” measures 55 feet long and weigh 23 metric tons. Its bones were discovered in the Peninsula of Shandong China.

It is known to be the largest among the duck-billed dinosaurs and its tail is as long as two people and one car combined. From afar, they seem to have few teeth BUT as they open their mouths, there are around 1,500 tiny chewing teeth hiding beneath which allows them to munch on just anything. 


SPINOSAURUS biggest creature on earth

Carnivores are those animals that can eat flesh in general and among all the carnivores, the Spinosaurus or the spine lizard is the largest carnivorous dinosaur. They were named after a spine because of its very lengthy 7-feet spine (“sail”) which grows OUT of its body. The sail works as a weapon or protection from predators or to attract other dinosaurs of its kind.

Spinosaurus is 60 feet long with a height of 20 feet and weighs 9 metric tons. 


TITANOBOA Biggest Snake

Anaconda is said to be the biggest snake of today, but that snake is nothing compared to Titanoboa snake, the biggest prehistoric snake that was found near the Caribbean coast which is 50 feet long when stretched, weighs 1,135 kilos which are 10x heavier than the anaconda that we know.
Titanoboa has a different approach when it comes to feeding himself. Instead of wrapping its very lengthy body around the victim, it will just leap from the water and attack using its massively huge jaw. 



This is not your ordinary fish but a 54 feet long and 50 metric tons heavy fish. Researchers think that it’s still not extinct yet and keeps on growing in size.
Leesichthys has an enormous mouth that works as a vacuum that sucks every fish, shrimps, and jellyfishes that are in its way. Interesting to know that aside from eating, their mouths have a special function because it has the ability to ‘filter’ or trap planktons by the use of its gills. 


MOSASAURS ocean dinasaur

Now we are down to a 60-feet and 20-ton lizard resembling a 2-3 African elephants in weight.
Yes, you’ve read it right… A LIZARD that is larger and more terrifying than a T-rex. It’s really amazing and creepy at the same time knowing that they have two rows of teeth that are being used to chomp on the predators which include fishes, seabirds, smaller version of its kind, and sharks too which lead us to the idea that they spend most the time in the water and just steps on land to breathe some air. 


Mauisaurus biggest dinasaur

This reptile is known to be the largest marine reptile that is 66-feet long from head to tail and weighs 8 metric tons. It’s usually described as a Maui Lizard discovered in New Zealand.
Basically, Mauisaurus only eats fish and squid-like mollusks. Other features include very long and inflexible neck with 68 vertebrae or the spine itself and slender body. This rare and extinct animal was honored through a postage stamp because it was the only kind of dinosaur fossil ever discovered in the said country. 


SHONISAURUS biggest creatures

This type of reptile can be quite deceiving because its body really looks like a fish but the head is similar to that of a reptile, but Shonisaurus is indeed a reptile that was found in Nevada, U.S.A.
Despite its 70-feet height and 40-metric ton weight, the food of Shonisaurus’ only consists of fishes, squids, and small marine reptiles. Because of its large body, it seems to move slower like a whale that’s why the two are often compared. You’d know if it’s a Shonisaurus if it has a thin jaw, streamlined body, four flippers, and a noticeable tail because of its strength and power. 


ARGENTINOSAURUS biggest dinosaur

Another dinosaur/ lizard entry takes the second spot as one of the biggest creatures that ever existed translated as Argentine Lizard.
Among all the dinosaurs, this is by far the largest because it stands from between 70- 124 feet and weighs 100 metric tons! It’s hard to imagine coming up face-to-face with this one.
The Argentinosaurus are able to use their ‘gifted’ height to their advantage, one, their sturdy and lengthy neck is used to reach food located in high trees and second, their horizontal tail for balance and protection from other predators that are quite huge as well. 


blue whale biggest creatures

A marine mammal known as Blue whale wins the top spot at the biggest creatures on earth top 10 list. It has almost the same length as the Argentinosaurus but its weight differs very much from it, in fact, almost double the weight of the Argentine Lizard which is 180 metric tons.
How can a blue whale weigh so much? Well for starters, its heart is as intense as a four-wheel vehicle and the tongue is as heavy as an elephant plus they were born huge and weighty already, that is 25 feet long and 2.7 metric tons heavy.
A blue whale’s diet most of the time consists of tons and tons of krills a day (Krills are like shrimps in nature).
For its size, it can be considered somehow friendly compared to other animals on this top 10 list but can be the loudest. I don’t know if you’ve observed them in movies but yes, they can be loud and Blue Whales use their vocals to communicate with the other whales that are even 1000 miles away, they can hear each other loud and clear even from such a large distance.

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