10 Biggest Inventions 2013


10 Biggest Inventions 2013

We’re several months into  2013 and already it’s been a banner year for inventions. Today’s scientists have pioneered some amazing technology designed to improve our life help out in emergencies and make things easier.

1. The Bounce Imaging Explorer



This ball-shaped device absorbs shock and photographs its surroundings with six cameras. Emergency workers can link it to a smartphone or other device, then throw it into a disaster area to gather information. The result is a panorama of the location with environmental warnings.


2. Moneual’s MTT300 Touch Table PC



This PC is designed to replace the standard restaurant table, and offer you the option to order then pay for your food. Imagine a world where you don’t have to wait for your waitress to take someone’s order. This could make food service more streamlined and convenient for everyone!


3. The Basis Band



The Basis Band will monitor your health in three ways. It’s a pedometer, heart rate monitor and sleep tracker. Worn on your wrist like a watch, it will monitor this data to give you a health portrait.


4. LED Wallpaper



Try lighting up your room with LED wallpaper from Meystyle. The wallpapers are handmade with thousands of LED lights and feature hand-applied Swarovski crystals. Your walls will be able to glow for an estimated 50,000 hours, and you can choose how much wallpaper to use.


5. Self-driving car



This new vehicle is self-driving and affordable (less than Google’s estimated $75,000). Invented by a high school student from Romania, the car was presented at the Intel Science fair this month, and prototypes should be in testing soon.


6. The Window Socket



Inventors Boa Oh and Kyuho Song have created a device that attaches to your window and gathers solar energy, allowing a full charge over five to eight hours. You’ll be able to charge your laptop or other electronics using the energy the solar panels generate anywhere there’s a window receiving sunlight.


7. 3Doodler: The 3-D Pen



Your notes and scribbles will come alive with Wobbleworks’ 3-D pen. The pen can draw on the air and on surfaces, and your drawings or words will form in ABS plastic.


8. Pebble E-Paper Watch



The Pebble offer endless customization, features Bluetooth capabilities, plus works with Android and iOS to ding you with phone alerts. You’ll be able to download apps onto your watch to track your steps, control your music, keep up with your calendar and more.


9. 3G Space Suit



Ever dreamed of flying in space? Your dream could become a reality with this new suit. It’s a comfortable suit for orbiting designed tourists in space, not astronauts. Developers Ted Southern and Nikolay Moiseev are currently trying to get NASA certification.


10. Trakdot



Trakdot is making lost luggage a thing of the past. The little device is about the size of your palm and is meant to be slid into your luggage. It then updates you via the Trakdot app, website, or your email of your luggage’s location.


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