10 Completely False Facts Most People Still Believe


Chamleon False

There are many facts out there that are completely false but most people still believe them. What are some of those facts? We decided to bring you a list of those false ‘facts’ that will either fascinate you or make you laugh for believing them in the first place.

10. Mount Everest Is The Tallest Mountain On Earth

Mount Everest

Actually the tallest mountain on Earth is Mauna Kea (in Hawaii) which stands 33,465 feet tall vs Everest 29,029 feet (8,848 meters). The thing is most of its body is underwater. Above sea level, it’s only 13,799 feet (4,206 meters) but according to a definition of a mountain that is perfectly fine.

9. Bulls Are Enraged By The Red Color


Bulls are essentially color-blind and to them red, yellow, blue or green would look the same.

8. Christopher Columbus Discovered America


Actually Columbus never set a foot in North America. Indigenous people first discovered America followed by Vikings.

7. Goldfish Memory Lasts For Few Seconds


A study was done to find out how long goldfish can remember their environment. It was found that goldfish were able to remember their surroundings for more than one year.

6. Bats Are Blind


Only 1 in 1200 bats is blind. Although sometimes bats use sonar mechanism to find their way they still have good vision. In fact, bats can see in darkness much better than an average human.

5. Chameleons Change Colors To Blend With Their Environment


It’s not true. Chameleons change their color as a way of communication. Their mood, light and temperature determine their color.

4. Benjamin Franklin Discovered Electricity

Benjamin Franklin

He found out how to conduct it, but he didn’t discover it. It was discovered way before him.

3. Einstein Failed Math as a Student

Einstein Math

Actually Einstein did really good in math. It’s botany, zoology and language classes that he struggled with.

2. Isaac Newton Discovered Gravity When an Apple Fell on His Head

Isaac Newton

Although Newton did discover gravity by observing an apple, it didn’t actually fall on his head. He just observed an apple falling and asked a few questions which led to the discovery of gravity.

1. Cucumbers Are Vegetables

Cucumber and slices isolated over white background

Surprisingly cucumbers are fruits. Reason being a fruit is the part of the plant that develops from a flower and contains seeds. This makes a cucumber a fruit.

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