Top 10 Most Incredible Facts About Earth, Space And Beyond


These are the most incredible and amazing facts about space from our top 10 lists. There are many nice and interesting facts about space and the galaxies, but we chose the ones that you will be really amazed by. We know very little about galaxies, planets and anything beyond our solar system because no human being ever reached that far. But we do many things by observing them with a telescope and other things. The interesting thing is that we know very little about the planet closest to us also, Mars. Without further wait here are the 10 incredible facts about space.

10 Incredible Facts About Earth, Space And Beyond

10. Earth Facts

There is so much space between atoms that if you were to take out all the space between atoms you would be able to fit the entire Earth and everything on it inside a Coca-Cola from space

9. Earth is slowly decelerating at a rate of 17 milliseconds every 100 years. This means that each 100 years the day becomes a bit longer. It would take 140 million years for the Earth to have a 25 hour day at this deceleration rate.


8. Space is giant and unexplored, but few people know that humans know less about Earth’s oceans than we know about space. That’s why the 90% of Earth’s oceans are unexplored despite the facts that the oceans are right here next to us. For this reason many believe there are creatures in the ocean that we still don’t know about.




7. Humans In Space Facts

Each space suit costs $11 million, 70% of the cost is related to the backpack and control module. Oxygen flows through the suit to make sure the visor doesn’t mist.

space suit facts

6. The international space station costs more than $150 billion, making it the most expensive object ever made. It travels at the speed of 17,500 mph which allow astronauts on the space station to witness 15 sunsets every single day.


5. Astronauts grow 3% of their height in space, so a 6-foot astronaut can grow 2 inches while in space. Because there is low gravity in space there is less stress on the bones, allowing astronauts to grow faster. 


4. Humans can survive only 30 seconds in space without breathing. This doesn’t take into account the temperature radiation and other factors.


3. Space Facts

In 1977, while he was working on a SETI project at the Big Ear radio telescope of The Ohio State University, Jerry R. Ehman detected a strange sound from deep space that lasted 72 seconds. Today this signal is known as the “Wow! signal“. Till today, scientists can’t figure out where the sound came from and what it meant.

galaxy from far away

2. Many stars you see today in the sky don’t exist anymore. The reason you see them is because the light from those stars that still exists is just reaching our eyes, but the stars themselves are gone. 


1. Space is completely silent because it has no atmosphere. Even two people close to each other wouldn’t be able to hear each other in space. Unless they use radios that transmit radio waves like astronauts do. 



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