10 Most Expensive Foods 2013


While food is, of course, one of those things we just can’t live without, and must eat some form of every day for the rest of our lives, it’s also one of those things that some people are willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money for.  And, while chances are good that none of us will ever actually see or eat any of these, in case you’ve ever been curious just how much some foods can cost, we compiled our favorites.

  So, whether you’re curious about the most expensive piece of bread ($1,000) or the most expensive piece of fruit ($200 a slice), we’ve compiled the this list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Foods of 2012.

  1. Saffron $500-$5,000

Saffron.  It’s mainly so pricey because it takes so much to plant to harvest any amount.  In fact, planting an area as large as a football field will only get you around 1 pound of saffron.  This means a pound can cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000.  Beware of ordering paella, it’s based around the saffron spice and come with a hefty price tag!



2. Caviar $25,000

The most expensive caviar known to exist is the Almas caviar, an extremely expensive and rare type that comes from the heart of Iran.  It is sold exclusively in London at the Caviar House & Prunier, and a kilo will cost you approximately $25,000.  (If it makes you feel better, it does come in a 24 karat gold tin.)

3. Wagyu Beef $2,800

Wagyu beef comes only from Japan and if it’s Kobe, is raised only in one specific area of Japan: the Hyogoe.  Rumor has it that Kobe beef are fed a diet that consists of beer and the cows are massaged in order to ensure that the meet is as tender as it can possibly and that you will ever encounter.  In case you’re interested, you can find a Wagyu rib eye at New York City’s Craftsteak for $2,800.



4. Watermelon $6,100


If you’re used to looking for watermelon that’s 33 cents a pound, you likely won’t be interested in buying the Dansuke watermelon.  These almost one-of-a-kind watermelons come from an island of Japan, Hokkaido and are both crisper, sweeter and firmer than what we’re used to in America but are also much sweeter than anything we can encounter here.  This year’s season produced just 65 individual melons, which, combined with flavor, is why one sold for $6,100.



5. Truffle $160,406

We hear about truffles being particularly expensive all the time, and if you’ve ever ordered anything with truffles or even truffle oil, your checkbook will likely attest to this.  However, the most expensive to date is the Indian White Alba Truffle which was sold to a couple from Hong Kong for $160,406.  It did weigh 3.3. pounds, but still…



6. Bagel $1,000

We figured you wouldn’t be expecting to see a bagel on this list!  Well, think again.  The most expensive bagel of 2011 ranked in at $1,000.  Yes, that’s $1,000 dollars for piece of bread, or as we like to say: dough with a hold cut in the middle.  This particular bagel, though, was spread with white truffle cream cheese, gogi berry infused Riesling jelly and a few gold leaves for good measure.



7. Frittata $65/Ounce

If you’re worried that that bagel isn’t going to be enough to fill you up, then you might consider ordering one of the Zillion Dollar Frittatas.  Covered in lobster and 10 ounces of sevruga caviar (65 dollars an ounce), these eggs better deliver.  If nothing else, you should get a kick out of the menu listing for this egg dish, which reads:  “Norma dares you to expense this.”



8. Sundae $1,000

The most expensive ice cream sundae you will track down comes from New York’s Serendiptiy and comes under the title “Grand Opulence.”  This delectable bowl of goodness is created from Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, decked out in 23 karat edible gold and then covered in a helping topping of the world’s very most expensive chocolate: Amedei Porcelana.  And, if that doesn’t impress you enough, it just so happens to have gold dragets and truffles inside and then a hefty topping of dessert caviar.  All that for just $1,000.



9. Cantaloupe $20,000

If you’re serious about your cantaloupe, the most expensive variety you’ll find is the yubari melon.  It’s another one of our top most expensive listings that just so happens to come from Japan.  These will cost you up to $20,000 a piece, but they are supposed to be the sweetest and juiciest you’ll ever taste.  Wanna know the secret?  The area where they grow also happens to have volcanic ashes.



10. Matsutake Mushrooms $1,000/Pound

From Japan come many expensive things like electronics and technology but not only that! Matsutake Mushrooms come from Japan and are very costly. Growing only on certain trees on certain seasons makes this mushroom very rare and therefore expensive. Due to its rarity it sells for $1,000 for just one pound. Yea expensive I know.


Author Jocelyn freelances about a variety of topics and is open to writing about anything and everything, especially when it comes to restaurants, from $6,000 ingredients to affordable water heaters for the kitchen.

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