10 Most Expensive Houses In The World 2014



Have you always wanted to own a mansion? Had your eye on the big house down the street? These following houses will put any dream home you’ve had to shame. While you can always find an amazing, affordable home if you visit this site, it’s always nice to dream about living in some of the biggest homes you’ve ever seen. Here is the list of the top 10 most expensive houses in the world. Most of these serene homes were provided by KnightFrank Commercial and Residential estate agents, along with one dazzling beach mansion in Thailand

from Hunter Sotheby’s International Realty.


10. Toprak Mansion



Location: London England UK

Price: $92 Million


Located in the middle of London England, this 28,000 square foot mansion puts the premium on the real estate market. The market value of this home is estimated to be $92,000,000


9. Waterfront Estate

Location: Bosphorus Istanbul

Price: $100 Million


No, not “a” waterfront estate, “THE” Waterfront Estate…..get it right you peasant! This 30,000 square foot mansion in Istanbul will blow your socks off. If you’ve got $100,000,000 it could be yours.


8. Fleur de Lys


Location: Beverly Hills California USA

Price: $125 Million


41,000 square feet, and 15 bedrooms. Do that math, and that means that anything in this house is larger than life. And you guessed it, it’s more expensive than the previous mansion weighing in at a hefty $125,000,000 price. We’re not done yet, this list just gets deeper and deeper so bust out your AMEX Black Card and start booking your tickets now.


7. Starwood Estate

Location: Aspen, Colorado USA

Price: $135 Million


For a mere $135,000,000 this cool Aspen Estate could be yours. If you like cold weather and skiing that much, you may as well be Santa Claus. I wonder what the electricity bill is like in that kind of house!


6. Hala Ranch


Location: Aspen, Colorado USA

Price: $135 Million


Oh great, another ridiculous piece of real estate in Aspen Colorado. I’m starting to get the sense that the wealthy people like being cold. And with the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado, the prices on this Ranch are bound to get higher! 56,000 square feet is all you get for $135,000,000 here. Keep looking if you need more room to stretch out your feet.


5. The Manor


Location: Los Angeles, California USA

Price: $150 Million


Good ole California, where the prices of homes are high, and the hopes are even higher. 56,500 square feet of house built by a TV megawad. The Spelling’s have spent a large fortune to build this house. Now Tori’s step mother gets to live here rent free since her daddy Aaron died.


4. One Hyde Park


Location: London England UK

Price: $155 Million


This is one of the most expensive buildings in the world, let alone one of the most expensive houses. Rest assured that you are safe here, they made the windows out of bullet-proof glass just to be sure. Panic much?! And here I thought this was a nice neighborhood.


3. Victorian Villa


Location: Ukraine

Price: $161 Million


This 5-story home will set you back $161,000,000. That much to live in Ukraine? are you kidding me?! That’s a high price to pay for having such a crappy zip code, but the house is gorgeous!


2. Hearst Mansion


Location: San Simeon California USA

Price: $165 Million


$165,000,000 will buy you this piece of “The Godfather’s” real estate. Just in case you can’t find the time to get out on the town, it has it’s own night club on site. 60,645 square feet of space, some of the most opulent space around if you ask me.


1. Antilla


Location: Mumbai India

Price: $1 Billion


What kind of house does the 5th richest man in the world build? The ugliest, most expensive piece of real estate he can day dream. This $1,000,000,000 home is a 27-story eye sore. Yes you read that right….one BILLION dollars, enough to make Dr. Evil break out in a cackle. It takes 600 full-time staff to keep this home in order. Hey, how do you go from super-rich to bankrupt? Ask this guy in 12 years! 400,000 square feet of living space is a little bit much.


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Are you serious? Really? This is the UGLIEST home I have ever seen. One good soaking rain and that piece of junk will collapse to the ground. It will serve him right.