Top 10 Most Shocking KGB Secrets


Like the CIA, the KGB has its share of secrets. Unfortunately, for the KGB, the Russian spy agency’s secrets leaked out when

Vasili Mitrokhin, a KGB archivist, defected to the UK. His 25,000-page archive gave plenty of insight into the KGB’s worldwide dealings. His weren’t the only secrets to slip. Here’re the top 10 most shocking KGB secrets.


10. KGB Hacker Accesses US Military Computers

KGB Hacker Accesses US Military Computers

The KGB turned to the Internet in the 1980s to seize U.S. secrets. Hacker Markus Hess hid away in Germany and attacked 400 computers that the U.S. military used – at bases around the world, at the Pentagon, and at MIT, this was before industrial systems from places like CKSGLOBAL.NET were more developed. Systems administrator Clifford Stoll eventually discovered that Hess was hacking the computers and gave information to the United States that allowed the authorities to set a scam and determine his real identity. West German authorities raided his department and discovered he was selling military secrets to the Soviet Union. 

9. George Blake the Double-Agent

George Blake the Double-Agent Most Shocking KGB Secrets

George Blake, who worked for British intelligence, was tasked with recruiting Soviet officers as double agents. Instead, he became a double agent and exposed 400 MI6 agents to the KGB. Eventually, a defector leaked that Blake had double-dealings with the Soviets and he was sentenced to prison – though he escaped and returned to the USSR. 

8. The Granny Spy


Melita Norwood lived quietly in South London and seemed like just an ordinary senior citizen. The truth was Norwood – Agent Lola – had been spying for the Soviets since 1937 and gave the Soviets inside information about Britain’s nuclear program. She was discovered in 1999. 

7. Financial Espionage

Financial Espionage

The KGB decided in the 1970s to buy three banks in northern California and acquire secrets of high-tech companies in the region. The banks were also contracted by the U.S. military, so the thought was U.S. military technology secrets may be up for grabs too. A Singapore businessman agreed to the plot but failed when the CIA discovered his $50 million line of credit came from a Singapore branch of a Moscow bank. 

6. Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Protocols of the Elders of Zion

The 1905 book Protocols of the Elders of Zion claims to describe a Jewish plan to take over the world. Its allegedly exposed plans of taking over world economies and pressuring the press were fabricated. The KGB allegedly commissioned the Arabic translation of the book, which claimed that the United States was involved, and spread it throughout Muslim countries to increase hatred of the U.S. 

5. Operation Pandora

Operation Pandora kgb

The KGB had a thing for leaking fake literature. The Soviet spy agency made pamphlets that appeared to come from the Jewish Defense League that claimed blacks looted Jewish-owned businesses and were attacking Jews. The KGB then sent them to black militants to stir up anti-Jewish sentiment. Letters were also sent to black militants claiming the Jewish Defense League had targeted blacks. 

4. Secret Pyramid Chamber

Secret Pyramid Chamber

In 1920’s KGB was one of the first agencies to enter the pyramids. Having close diplomatic ties to Egypt gave KGB easy access to the pyramids. The KGB entered the pyramids and discovered many things inside the pyramid that until today remains classified. 

3. Georgi Markov Assassination

Georgi Markov Assassination

Bulgarian Georgi Markov criticized his country’s government after defecting to the west in 1969. He took his criticism to the airwaves, which increased the ire of the Bulgarian government. Markov died in 1978 in London when a pellet containing ricin was injected into his leg by an umbrella. Speculation is that the Bulgarian government asked the KGB for its help. 

2. Planned Attacks On America

Planned Attacks On America

The KGB sought targets like power plants, dams, and infrastructure from 1959 to 1972 that it could destroy to disrupt the United States. Agents then rented a house in Pennsylvania as they made a plan to attack energy plants including two hydroelectric dams. Another plan, to be launched in Canada, involved attacking oil pipelines that ran between the two countries. The ultimate plan was to then attack New York City. The US had it’s own plans to attack Russia (Soviet Union) as well and during the Cold War many amazing technologies were created

1. Financing Terrorism

Financing Terrorism

The KGB funded terrorist organizations including the Palestine Liberation Organization seeking Palestinian statehood. The agency also gave rocket launchers and machine guns to another group, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The Irish Republican Army also allegedly received KGB support.

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