About Exploredia

Exploredia was founded by two individuals in order to entertain and share amazing and interesting content with the world.

Our goal at Exploredia is to bring you the most interesting and entertaining Top Ten Lists that will fascinate you. We research the most interesting and rare content that is out there to bring you the most accurate and knowledgeable information.


Exploredia served, educated and entertained over 4 million users and generated over 11 million page views. We publish Top 10 Lists from all categories including current events, technology, science, business and much more. Every week we publish new and interesting content. 

Exploredia has been featured on many famous networks including HuffingtonPost, Wikipedia, Yahoo News, Babble and many more. We also have thousands of fans sharing our content on many different social networks.

We recently started a Content Writing Program for people who would like to write articles for Exploredia and get paid.

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