Biggest Casinos In The World


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10. Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa (Atlantic City)

Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa

Square feet: 161,000

Gaming machines: 4,100

Table and poker games: 285

Restaurants and bars: 17

Hotel rooms: 2,002

9. Casino Lisboa (Portugal)

Casino Lisboa

Square feet: 165,000

Gaming machines: 1,000

Table and poker games: 26

Restaurants and bars: 7

Hotel rooms: 1,000

8. MGM Grand (Las Vegas)

MGM Grand Las Vegas

Square feet: 170,000

Gaming machines: 2,300

Table and poker games: 178

Restaurants and bars: 20

Hotel rooms: 5,044

7. Sands Macao (Macao)

Sands Macao

Square feet: 229,000

Gaming machines: 750

Table and poker games: 1,000

Restaurants and bars: 7

Hotel rooms: 51

6. MGM Grand (Macao)

MGM Grand Macao

Square feet: 221,952

Gaming machines: 835

Table and poker games: 410

Restaurants and bars: 12

Hotel rooms: 593

5. Tusk Rio Casino Resort (South Africa)

Tusk Rio Casino Resort

Square feet: 266,330

Gaming machines: 257

Table and poker games: 12

Restaurants and bars: 2

4. Casino Ponte 16 (Macao)

Casino Ponte 16

Square feet: 270,000

Gaming machines: 320

Table and poker games: 150

Restaurants and bars: 3

Hotel rooms: 423

3. Foxwoods Resort Casino (Connecticut)

Foxwoods Resort Casino

Square feet: 340,000

Gaming machines: 7,000

Table and poker games: 400

Restaurants and bars: 29

Hotel rooms: 824

2. City of Dreams Resort (Macao)

City of Dreams Resort

Square feet: 420,000

Gaming machines: 1,350

Table and poker games: 520

Restaurants and bars: 14

Hotel rooms: 1,400

1. The Venetian (Macao)

The Venetian

Square feet: 546,000

Gaming machines: 3,000

Table and poker games: 870

Restaurants and bars: 24

Hotel rooms: 3,000

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