Guest Writer


  • Get a direct backlink to your profile website or anything else.
  • You will get a mention (author name) in each post
  • You can become a member of our amazing writer’s team.
  • Work directly with our editorial team.
  • Become a reputable author & have your work viewed by millions!





  • Application must be accepted by our editorial team.
  • Should be more than 1000 words. Articles from the following categories will not be accepted ( Adult, Casino/Gambling, Drug, alcohol, and tobacco-related content, Hacking and cracking content, Other illegal content)
  • Should consist of 10 things (Descending order from #10 to #1).
  • Images not necessary.
  • Article should be genuine and factual. (Give references with article).
  • The article must be unique and not copied or posted somewhere else.
  • Ability to write trending informative articles that will attract viewers.
  • Be a skilled, competitive writer who can cover shocking/controversial topics in list format.
  • We require list articles as they will maximize your potential audiences.
  • Provide us with one backlink you want us to link your article to. Links from the following websites will not be accepted (Casinos/Gambling, Adult content, Content that advocates against an individual, group, or organization, Copyrighted material, Drug, alcohol, and tobacco-related content, Hacking and cracking content, Violent content, Weapon-related content, Other illegal content).

Note: Once the article is published, Exploredia becomes the owner of the article. No further copyright is acceptable.

*Note: First submit the name of the article that you want to write so that you don’t write the full article for no reason, in case we don’t approve it.