Highest Paid Soccer Players In The World 2013


A Top 10 list of highest paid soccer players in the world for the year 2012.





10. Frank Lampard

Salary 2012: $17 million

His main wage is the salary on Chelsea’s field, of around $11 million, putting him on Britain’s highest paid sportsmen but he also has a couple of endorsements that make his total earnings quite a lot bigger.



9. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Salary 2012: $17 million

His salary at the Italian club still keeps him among the first ten in the world, thanks to his reputation of one of the best footballers in the world. He always  had impressive salaries at all teams he played and that’s what happens at AC Milan as well.



8. Wayne Rooney

Salary 2012: $20 million

Given his bold and rude attitude, he went back at cursing in front of cameras at West Ham. He did this soon after ending his $600,000-a-year contract with Coca-Cola. His current sponsors are Nike and Electronic Arts, and, the deal at Old Trafford, for around $8 million a year, will last at least 5 more years.



7. Thierry Henry

Salary 2012: $21 million

After moving to MLS in 2010 to play for the New York Red Bulls, he has bought a suite in New York for almost $15 million, while his partnership with Gillette started during the late 2010.



6. Ronaldinho

Salary 2012: $24 million

He was the best players of the world two years in a row just a couple of years ago and now, after moving to his home country to play for Flamengo he still gets the appreciation he truly deserves. His deal with the Brazilian club will last until 2014 and his endorsements are amazing.



5. Ricardo Kaka

Salary 2012: $25 million

He joins this list thanks to his contract with EA Games, selling around 100 million units of the game FIFA 2011, for his presence on the package cover and, of course, thanks to his huge salary from Real Madrid and several ads he’s been doing lately.



4. Samuel Eto’o

Salary 2012: $29 million

Africa’s most decorated footballer of all time, winning the “African Player of the Year” award four times, he has now added Puma and Ford to his list of sponsors. His salary at the Russian club rises up to $29 million a year, for a 3 year deal, making him the highest-paid player in the history of soccer. On 23rd of August he agreed for a transfer to Internazionale Milano, with a $38.9 million transfer fee.




3. Lionel Messi

Salary 2012: $32 million

Known as the world’s best player right now, Messi is now sponsored by Konami, AudemarsPiquet, Chery, AirEuropa, PepsiCo and Adidas. And these are just the big companies who sponsor this brilliant player. His annual salary of $16 million adds to the numbers.



2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Salary 2012: $38 million

He enhanced his fame on Twitter, with 3 million followers, and on Facebook, 26 million fans. Names like Nike, Armani, Coca-Cola and Castrol stick with him because he’s got the looks and skills needed to promote any product. His salary at Real Madrid is also incredibly high but he scores a lot of goals for the team and I’m sure he deserves it all.



1. David Beckham

Salary 2012: $40 million

After his deal with Adidas, the biggest in the sports world, supported by upper-class soccer apparel, he signed another deal with Samsung, in may 2011, becoming the company’s main figure for the Games. He’s also doing ads for top fashion companies and his salary is probably the highest in the MLS right now.


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I think L.Messi should be gettimg the highest amount of salary because his know as worlds best player and also won the FIFA BALLON d ‘Or awards three times in a row.

Dapper Dog

This not true Samule Eto Has the Highest Salary in world foot ball.Yes we all know that he does not have the most lucrative endorsements, but pure salary his is the highest bar none.

Ngati Moussa
I am a Cameroonian a country in Africa and it is country from where the highest world paid player in the history of soccer,Russian player Samuel Eto comes from.I wish to use this media to thank the top ten paid players in the world for 2012 and that about 70% of peace that reign in the world is thanks to them in particular and soccer in general.I also wish to use this media to plead to FIFA exercutive that they should keep preaching No!!! to racism.We are all creatures of GOD but some players like Samuel Eto,Henry T,Didier Drogba,Micheal Essiene… Read more »
Clive banda

Wow amazing is n’t it an African the highest paid soccer player in the world.i know he deserves it cos his hard working, like the true Symbol of an African “hardworking”


Messi is now number one in the world. thanks to our own African Etoe.

Baldwin Super Banda

I think L. Messi right now should be the highest paid player. He has show his skills and he has contributed to his team Barca to lift a lot of trofies and above he won himself many awards.

sibadali rotondwa castro
sibadali rotondwa castro

C.Ronaldo deserve 2be the highest earning play because of his capabilities

Franc Mbosi

Huuuuh…!! very much impressed… kudos!! to the money makers and their fantastic display on the field.

manu footy footy

Well i was never really quite sure what Eto’s salary really was after his big money move from inter considering the fact it would have been difficult to indepently verify in a country like Russia not really known for its transparency. WHOA is he really getting that? Happy for him russian league or not anyone in his shoes would have done it for the money after all his achievements in terms of silverware kudos great player likeable man too..


please before declaring a player as the highest paid certain points should made clear,like for example thier base salary should be mentioned first before thier advertisement alowances.i am saying this because i know eto,o from cameroon is the highest salaried footballer of all times.


I thought Yaya Toure, Carlos Tevez and Fernando Torres were some of the highest paid too. And Messi was supposed to be number one…..


well it is so cute to see an afircan among the best paid in foothball i am glad for samuel eto together with christiana ronaldo my playmaker,,, more grace to your elbow all wishing you the best ,i am also a foothballer in europ i hope to join you on the kew so soon i am a Nigerian OMO NIJA

Collen ziwewe

I think you must consider Asamoah Gyan.He is one of the highest paid footballers…..

simphiwe nkala

lionel Messi is the no 1 highest soccer player in the land you like or not but it is so no one can break this it will take 5 years to change




lonel messi is the highst paid player in the world and also the word best player

benn uhongora

way he sad because he want to join manunited ad he want more money on the new contract ,ronaldo

benn uhongora

pls tell me who is the top ten hightest paid footballer in the world ………………


noooo body can beat thejas because he is very good player but lampard can beat him good bye


lampard is the goodplayer in the world


look and see again, beckham is still the number 1
bravo eto,you re amonst the worlds greats


i want to know the most highest paid player of the world


Becklcam is old men. Messi is the highest now.