The Top 10 Most Haunted Places on Earth


The world is a mysterious place where horrible and eerie things happen. From secret Victorian witchcraft to massacres and

Native American cemeteries, Earth has seen some pretty cool things but the top 10 most haunted places on Earth take the supernatural world to the next level. Get prepared for a wild ride.

10. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum


The Trans­Allegheny Lunatic Asylum holds a special home inside the supernatural. Over its tenure, this Asylum housed thousands of the most insane people in the world and is a place where hundreds of demented people were murdered. Today, you can tour the Trans­Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia along with the vivid history of patient murders, torturous experiments, and terrible living conditions. Some energies will be left after brutal conditions accompanied with the mentally deranged and you can feel the eeriness of the Asylum from the moment you step foot into the property

9. The Ancient Ram Inn


The Ancient Ram Inn as an old pub that is located in Gloucestershire, England. There have been a high number of owners leading to a lot of intriguing questions about the Inn. Apparently built on a pagan burial ground, the Inn quickly became world-renowned for its unsettling environment. Well, there may be no ghosts in this ancient pub, dark and demonic spirits clearly hangout here due to witchcraft traditions and practices before the pub was built. 

8. The Sultan’s Palace


In the 1800s, the darks arts were alive in New Orleans which left tons of room for murderers and torturing practices around the territory. During this era, a wealthy man kidnapped and held young children and women captive as a hobby. He had multiple wives, partied like a filthy animal and enjoyed torturing people while on Opium. Even though the neighbors consistently complained, this Palace continued to thrive till one day, an intruder broke into the house and leaving a blood bath from everyone there. The wealthy man was buried alive leaving a sadistic energy very few places could create in the world. 

7. Edinburgh Castle


It’s understandable that a fortress could top this list top 10 most haunted places on earth. This castle has it all. From the burning of witches to thrilling escapes of a duke, the castle’s history is a prime spot for paranormal activity. Be careful though. Wandering through the castle can lead to a scary experience that extends past scary. The Castle has been known to physically startle its visitors and who’s to blame in a castle that lived through the black plague. 

6. Poveglia Island


In 1348, Poveglia Island became a quarantine for the Bubonic Plague. Venice sent it’s infected citizens to the island to curve the damages to its population. And after countless burnings of the dead through two epidemics Poveglia was used to open up an Asylum during the late 1800s.

After operating for over half a century, the asylum was known to conduct torturous experiments by a doctor that ultimately went insane. After its abandonment, the island is not available to the public and is completely stranded. At one point, the island was set for renovation which quickly stopped without explanation. This island is a favorite spot for hauntings but it’s practically impossible to access. 

5. Auschwitz Concentration Camp


There is no explanation or reason for genocide but the after-effects are devastating to a city. While murdering of over a million innocent people is enough to throw out a prime haunting grounds, the total of deaths was simply the surface of the terrorism that occurred in this concentration camp. Gas chambers, starvation and torturous experiments were a favorite in Auschwitz and adding on the separation of family accompanied by watching your loved ones die before your own demise creates a terrifying experience through the spirit. It’s no surprise this concentration camp is known to many as one of the most haunted places on earth. 

4. Pendle Hill


Pendle Hill is located a little bit east of Lancashire, England and has a scary aura to say the least. The landscape of Pendle Hill is beautiful but this is offset by leaving a terrifying and unsettling experience. In the early 1600s, the hill was known for a safe haven of witchcraft and dark society known as The Pendle Witches. The witches were known to have made a living through healing, begging and extortions were convicted on 10 counts of murder through witchcraft practices. Out of the 11 witches officially tried, 10 were convicted and hung leaving Pendle Hill a paranormal hub to this day. 

3. Old Changi Hospital


The Old Changi Hospital was built in 1935 to as a part of a military camp. This hospital was used by secret intelligence to torture prisoners of war and for conducting knowledge acquisition experiments. Today, the hospital has been abandoned leaving it’s dreaded history in a timeless flux of hauntings. Paranormal activity tends to thrive at abandoned hospitals but throwing in the torture of prisoners of war and a hotspot for wounded warriors makes Old Changi Hospital an easy landing spot on The 10 Most Haunted Places on Earth. 

2. Mary King’s Close


Another great addition to the most haunted places on earth is Mary King’s Close. It was known as an underground warren that housed some of the most brilliant traders in Scotland. In the 1600s, the King’s Close was hit with a plague leading its inhabitants to barely escape the grounds. The tradesmen infected stayed and as most brilliant minds do, left a huge paranormal imprint through an inevitably antagonizing death. Vivid dreams, hallucinations, rotting corpses and ghost encounters are well-known experiences here. 

1. Monte Cristo Homestead, New South Wales, Australia

The Monte Cristo Homestead is the more one most haunted place among the 10 haunted place on the countdown. Paranormal enthusiast and ghost hunters love the homestead because of the bloody and invigorating history of murders and deaths on the property. A nanny mistress throwing herself off a balcony when she was pregnant with the owner’s child is enough to put this haunted estate in perspective but it was simply the beginning of mysterious deaths and murders. These included throwing children downstairs, a double homicide and even a demonic son that was chained up for decades before being found curling up with his mother he just murdered. To sum things up, it’s easy to see some paranormal hauntings thriving today.

These top 10 most haunted places on earth were just a few of many paranormal experiences that occur all over the world. What other hauntings were denied a landing spot on the top 10 and what new hauntings lie ahead?

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