Top 10 Ways That Drones Will Improve Your Life


Someday drones will improve your life and make the world a better place but when will that time arrive? When people hear the word “drone”, many automatically have minds filled with images of war and heavy machinery designed to fly and do many other mysterious things. Action movies and the media have portrayed drones as a military tool or war weapon, but drones are actually much more than that! That’s right. These tools are revolutionary in paving many new roads for mankind. Further helping to dissolve any military characteristics of the modern day drone, domestic diva Martha Stewart herself has spoken publicly about the importance of drones and their critical role in modern development. Drones are remote-controlled vehicles that do not house a person. These pieces of machinery are excellent tools in observing, planning, and even mapping unchartered territories. Drones can be used for a number things, like saving lives, locate oil and gas or remote sensing. Whatever the use is, purchasing equipment that goes alongside the drone isn’t cheap. This will mean you would want to keep it protected at all costs, which is why custom plastic case, custom plastic cases would be something that may benefit you and the safety of your drone equipment. Cases like these will help to meet these needs and ensure that drones are being used to their advantages, especially when it comes to improving lives.

Here today we will go over the top ten ways that drones will improve your life.

Top 10 Ways That Drones Will Improve Your Life

10. Drones lend a hand in feeding you.

drone observing a farmer

How beneficial will drones be to society? Well, the impact of drones on society will depend on how we use drones. Though drones will not dump your canned spaghetti into a bowl and nuke it for you, they are helping to make sure those tubs of pasta remain stocked on the shelves.

Let’s imagine for a second that you are a farmer with over 10,000 acres of grain under your jurisdiction. These fields of crops are massive, and you are but one man. How on earth are you going to make sure that each individual acre is producing maximum results? You have seventeen kids, and clothing them, let alone feeding them, it’s not a task for the faint of heart. You could hire about 500 laborers to lie to you about how well they are maintaining your crops, your livelihood, or you could invest in a drone. You can fly the drone over your massive fiefdom and determine for yourself what areas of your harvest require your attention.

9. Drones tattle on poachers and environmental threats.

drones observe a lion

Poachers have been terrorizing the world’s animals for years, and we have them to thank for several endangered species. Apparently, the lack of game has not daunted these feverish hunters, and poachers are still actively harassing wildlife across the globe.

Game wardens fight a hard fight to protect animals from threats like us humans, and drones are able to be an eye in the sky that tells the unbiased truth to researchers. In addition to spotting trends like hunters forcing migration or practicing illegal hunting, drones help reveal patterns in wildlife that were not previously considered, such as the effect of a factory’s pollution on an area.

8. Drones are pretty great at disaster relief efforts.

drones during disaster relief

The volcano has erupted, the mud has slid, the water has risen, and mankind is in crisis. Throughout history, natural disasters have plagued mankind with its unpredictability and massive scale of damage.

Many times, people are isolated and trapped during the throes of a disaster, and onlookers are forced to acknowledge that there is not a viable way to assist the people who are suffering the crisis. Drones can get to the places that people can’t, and they can deliver food and emergency supplies with an amazing accuracy.

7. Drones make better movies.

drones movie making

Gone are the days of illustrated explosions. Audiences simply are not satisfied with anything less than a real time capture of a real fire, a real mushroom cloud. Camera operators across the globe rejoice about the invention of the drone and its handiness in capturing breathtaking footage that contributes to the entertainment factor of their project.

Take care to pay attention to the smooth shots in the next major motion picture you are watching over your steaming vat of canned spaghetti. You will notice that the shaky helicopter footage once relied on to demonstrate high-speed chases has been replaced with an eerily smooth shot from a low flying and well-operated drone. I guess the bad thing about drones is that it will make us more spoiled and raise our expectations.

6. Drones are sneaky.

drone car chase

The next time you are planning a major bank heist, remember to keep one eye on the sky. Globally, police forces are enjoying the benefits of having a silent monitor that can be directed to observe or record a specific area.

In addition to flying in drones to observe a live crime, the drones are popular in crowded festivals or gatherings as a way to ensure crowd safety. In large gatherings of people, drones can help officials observe general crowd control from a safe distance. The military uses drones for similar purposes also, keeping the enemies closer to themselves than ever.

5. Drones regulate…well, everything.

drones police regulator

Cops use them to help with crowd control and crime stopping, environmentalists use them to save the planet, and the NFL uses them to get reliable instant replays.

Not only do drones offer the most accurate information to researchers in a variety of fields, the handy machines are becoming quite popular in the world of sports. The Olympics has even introduced drones to help monitor a handful of their sports, and in the next few years, the sports world will see more and more use of drones.

4. Drones are going to deliver your pizzas and possibly your shoes, one day.

drones delivers pizza

Domino’s is playfully entertaining the idea of implementing a pizza delivery system that finally omits the stoned middle-aged delivery driver showing up on your doorstep. Drones! They won’t get an attitude when you don’t tip them, and they won’t stare inside your house. The hope behind the system is ultimately a speedier, hassle free delivery. Although until that point in time, industry leaders are taking steps to facilitate the ability to manage your team in the field. In addition to pizza, is seriously investigating the necessary steps to create a drone delivery system. The company promises that the system will be coming soon, so go ahead and start filling your shopping carts now.

3. Drones keep news reporters and other media coverage outlets out of dangerous situations.


Reporters across the world are delighted to learn that their boss may not fling them headfirst into the fiery, breaking news mess that just erupted across town. Maybe they’ll send in the robot instead, right? The drone can get in and out, capture the necessary information, and it won’t complain about its hair the whole time. Companies are revolutionizing the way they obtain and capture breaking news, and the investment in a drone means that the companies receive more immediate and reliable information before the competition.

2. Drones don’t bleed.

Drones firing a missile war

Though this top 10 list has highlighted the importance of drones in settings outside of war, the original intent and purpose of this celebrated piece of machinery should not be forgotten. Drones are excellent, if not harsh, tools in war. They are able to get closer than any weapon introduced thus far, and they do so with an unmatched accuracy. Non-weaponized drones in war zones are equally priceless because of their ability to secure information without the risk of losing a human life in the process. This way drones will not only improve your life, but they might actually save your life.

1. Drones can SEE EVERYTHING!

drones spying from sky

That has been the underlying lesson throughout this top 10 list, so how is that going to be the number one thing about drones? Well, it’s simple. They see everything. Because of highly trained drone operators and highly inventive journalists, web users across the world are able to access images and videos that reveal some of the most exotic and unexplored parts of the Earth we inhabit, be it high cliffs or deep, low caves beneath the earth. Drones truly give the human eye the ability to experience flight, and the birds eye view we enjoy because of them is something unparalleled in the world of machinery and exploration.

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