Top 10 Amazing Stretch Limos


People like to get around in style. Most of us don’t like standing between two sweaty people in the aisle of a crowded

city transit bus, that is unless it was a party bus from a party bus rentals boston service! People want to stretch out, relax, and watch television or play video games while they drink Dom Pérignon Rose Gold using a high quality limo service. Today there are many spacious and luxurious alternatives to the traditional car pool. Limo’s are also perfect for major events like weddings, prom or a big night on the town! Limo’s are easy to hire because companies like Dignitary Transportation ( offer limo services for any occasion! Maybe you can get a few ideas for your perfect limo from this list! Here are the Top 10 Amazing Stretch Limos that you would love to be stuck in during a traffic jam.

10. Prius Stretch Limo

Prius Stretch Limo

The Prius stretch limo makes the top 10 amazing stretch limos based on the fact that it can fit in a regular parking spot. The term “compact stretch limo” is a bit of an oxymoron but it is the term that best describes this vehicle. This Prius limo can seat 8 to 10 environmentally conscious passengers, assuming 6 of them are kids. It doesn’t come with the usual big screen television, laser lights, or hot tub, but the Prius limo still stands a few notches above taking the bus.

9. 1928 Ford Stretch Limo

1928 Ford Stretch Limo Top 10 Amazing Stretch Limos

If you and your friends need to show up somewhere with tommy guns blazing, then this is the car to arrive in. Packing a load of nostalgia, this classic Ford stretch limo is bound to send you back in time. Even though the 1928 Ford limo lacks a wet bar, dance floor, and a big screen television, it makes up for it with sheer attitude and style. Don’t forget to wear a pin-stripped suit and a fedora.

8. Mini Cooper XXL

Mini Cooper XXL Amazing Stretch Limos

What to do on a hot sunny day? Go for a drive to the countryside in your sporty Mini Cooper? Relax in a swimming pool? Why not do both at the same time? The Mini Cooper XXL is 20 feet long and rides on 3 axles. The makers of this sporty limo compromised a bit of seating capacity in order to accommodate a pool in the rear section. The interior features leather seats, a retractable big screen television, a top of the line sound system and lighting for any occasion.

7. Stretch Ferrari 360

Stretch Ferrari 360 Amazing Limo

After paying nearly $175,000, the owner of this Ferrari 360 spent an additional fortune on genuine Ferrari parts to convert his dream car into a bigger dream car. The car was chopped and stretched with a 9.5-foot section of light-weight handmade carbon fiber. The stretched section is accessible by gull-wing doors and is designed to seat 8 passengers comfortably in leather seats. It has a 400 horsepower engine which can take this car to a top speed of 166 mph.

6. The Beast

The Beast Limo Amazing

This innocuous looking Limo is a luxury fortress. There are actually 12 of these Presidential Limos, or “The Beast” as they are each referred to. “The Beast” features 5 to 6-inch thick bomb-proof glass and armor-plated doors that reportedly weigh as much a 757’s cabin door. Though much of the specs are classified we know that it is impenetrable and it has a bit of offensive prowess. It only gets about 3.7 miles to the gallon while measuring in at just 18 feet long. “The Beast” can only seat 7 people but those people are as safe and as comfortable as they could possibly be. “The Beast” might not rank as the longest limo but it does rank as one of the Top 10 Amazing Stretch Limos.

5. Hummer Stretch Limo

Hummer Stretch Limo

The regular Hummer just wasn’t quite big enough. There wasn’t enough room for a second wet bar and they lacked a decent dance floor. The 10.5-meter long stretch Hummer addresses these shortcomings with its 3 bars, fiber optic lighting, LCD television screens and state of the art sound system. This 20 passenger party on wheels offers a 6 foot raised roof and a dance floor. Its 325 horsepower V8 engine provides plenty of power for this 5,000-kilogram behemoth. The Hummer stretch limo is definitely one of the Top 10 Most Amazing Stretch Limos.

4. 1979 Stretch Corvette Stingray

1979 Stretch Corvette Stingray

Have you always wanted a Corvette Stingray but found there was not really enough room for your golf clubs? Nor is there enough room for your posse of caddies, ball retrievers, and a miniature poodle? This 1979 Corvette Stingray stretch limo is the solution. This Stingray was stretched to a length of 7 meters and the interior was given extra seating, a bar, interior lighting and rear T-tops. It has a 185 horsepower V8 engine that will reach a comfortable cruising speed as you and your posse prepare to arrive at the golf course in sporty style.

3. Cadillac Escalade ESV Stretch Limo

Cadillac Escalade ESV Stretch Limo

A new synonym for the word “extravagant” should be “Cadillac Escalade ESV”. This 20 passenger luxury vehicle measures in at over 30 feet long and features 5 bars, a 32-inch plasma screen television, a 2900 watt sound system and a dual laser light show among other things. Oh, let’s not forgot the fog machine and the private VIP lounge in the back. The Escalade ESV comes with everything needed to ensure its passengers are never bored. With a 6.2L V8 engine, the Cadillac Escalade ESV stretch limo will have no problems satisfying the needs of any high-roller.

2. Ford F-650 Stretch Limo

Ford F-650 Stretch Limo

This Ford F-650 stretch limo has everything to make your morning commute memorable. A group of 25 can sit in comfort while enjoying any number of activities. The F-650 limo comes loaded with the usual wet bar, fiber optic lighting, touch screen entertainment and a mirrored ceiling. It even has a 42-inch flat screen television and a premium sound system that will keep you moving on the hardwood dance floor. If you feel the need to be alone you can make use of the privacy dividers.

1. American Dream

American Dream Amazing Limo

Measuring in at 100 feet long, making it one of the Top 10 Amazing Stretch Limos is “American Dream”. Listed by Guinness Book as “The Longest Car Ever Made”, this stretched to the limit limo boasts 26 tires, a spa, and a swimming pool complete with a diving board. Passengers can also relax and catch some rays up on the sundeck. Add to that a putting green and, incredibly enough, a heli-pad and you have an amusement park on wheels. If all that fun tires you out then you can take a nap in the king-sized bed. “American Dream” will not likely be turning any corners but it is assured to turn some heads. Now only imagine what the future cars will be like especially future limos.

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