Top 10 Amazing Superpowers Animals Deploy To Defend Themselves


Some animals are uniquely created with a difference; some have skills to do extraordinary things while others have unbelievable superpowers that help them in one way

or the other. Research has found out, there are a lot of these animals across the world, but we’re going to look at just 10 of them. However, it is important to know that often times, animals may find themselves in bizarre situations and they had to perform wonders in order to ward off potential threats. Find out below, the 10 amazing superpowers animals deploy to defend themselves.


10. The Hairy Frog / Horror Frog

The Hairy Frog Amazing Superpowers Animals Deploy To Defend Themselves

The horror or hairy frog is one of the scariest looking animals you have to see. Their hairs are like external gills that are full of arteries and also look like a real life Wolverine. The hairy frog made it onto this list because it possesses a superpower in its hair and claws to stand any threat that comes its way. In a nutshell, if its hair doesn’t look scary to you, its claws definitely will.

9. Mimic Octopus


Mimic Octopus is another animal that made it onto our list of 10 amazing superpowers animals deploy to defend themselves in the face of threats. This animal has amazing powers in its skin that helps protects it from dangers. Studies revealed that Octopus can see things through its skin; however, the skin doesn’t sense light as the way other animals see when they use their eyes and brains. This animal is simply amazing and it surely deserves to be on our list.

8. Hagfish

Hagfish Superpowers

While this may not look like the normal fish we used to know, but in a list of top 5 deadliest fish in the world, the Hagfish should make the top three. According to research, the Hagfish looks deadly and ghastly, in the sense that it doesn’t spare its predators. It made it onto the list of the 10 amazing superpowers animals deploy to defend themselves because it can release slime out of its skin to smother and suffocate predators without showing mercy.

7. The Platypus

The Platypus Superpowers

The list will not be complete without this animal. Platypus may look kept, calm, and friendly when in captivity but it can be very deadly when things are down. This animal’s superpowers lies in its electro-location ability, which allows it to locate things based on the electric current in its muscles. It also possesses spurs on its hind feet, which is very poisonous. While platypus may look pretty cool, you have to be afraid of the unknown because it can strike any time any day.

6. The Alpine Ibex Mountain Goat

The Alpine Ibex Mountain Goat

It is important to know that goats are known to be good climbers, but the Alpine ibex mountain goat is more than just a goat when it comes to skills and abilities. It can do extraordinary things and can climb rocks, mountains irrespective of its nature; this means it can climb mountain almost in a vertical direction. This animal doesn’t pose a threat but it possesses the superpower that enables it climb and jump even as the Spiderman would. This indicates that to catch this goat, you will have to pray for a miracle.

5. The Pistol Shrimp

The Pistol Shrimp

The pistol shrimp is not like the ordinary shrimp we know, this type is unique and amazing and can do extraordinary things you never thought it can. It made it onto the list of the 10 amazing superpowers animals deploy to defend themselves because of its ability to use its claw and sends out the power that can make the water around it boils. Simply to say, its superpowers lie in its snapping claws.

4. The Thorny Devil Lizard

The Thorny Devil Lizard

The thorny devil, as the name implies, is indeed a dangerous devil for potential predators. Its skin alone will make you regret touching it. As little as it may look, this thorny animal has the power to collect moisture in the dry and barren-looking area where it usually lives. Another of its superpowers is the tiny channels between the scales on its belly and legs which it normally used to collect moisture from anywhere it finds itself. This type of lizard can never live without moisture, but yet has an amazing lifespan for up to 20 years.

3. Zebra

Zebra Amazing Superpowers Animals Deploy To Defend Themselves

Many people do not know that zebra is one of the animals that possesses superpowers in them. It is important to know that, the Zebra stripes confuse humans as well as insects because there is actually a mystery about its skin. Studies have shown that the Zebra stripes can mess with humans’ minds and cause confusions in case you’re planning to hunt it down and humans will see it as a moving object which is difficult to target. That is one of the superpowers many people don’t know about this amazing animal. Also, the skin confuses insects and promotes cooling.

2. The Electric Eel

The Electric Eel Amazing Superpowers Animals Deploy To Defend Themselves

Electric Eel is a fish that is known to possess amazing superpowers that can send a victim straight to the grave whenever it strikes. This fish can grow up to 7ft long and has about 600 volts of electrocuting power. Luckily for us, its electrocuting power is not lethal to humans, but it can cause serious heart fibrillation which is very deadly. With this, it is important to understand; the electric Eel is not only one of the ugliest looking fish but also one of the most dangerous of all the fish species.

1. The African Spiny Mouse

The African Spiny Mouse Amazing Superpowers Animals Deploy To Defend Themselves

We’ve come to the number one on our list of the top 10 amazing superpowers animals deploy to defend themselves, and the African spiny mouse is given the notch. According to research, there has never been an animal that has the amazing superpower as this animal. It can allow predators to come closer to it but there’s actually nothing they can do to it because its skin is so thin that can it tear off and allowing the mouse to quickly get away. The skin alone is its power and there is no way predators can easily harm it.

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