Top 10 Animals That Look Like Mutants


If you’ve never heard of genetically modified organisms, then this article will be of great help to you. Some animals have gone through genetically engineering process and look like

humans, some look like aliens, and some a combination of humans-aliens-animals altogether. However, generally, those animals that look weird, unique, and unusual are the ones we will be focusing on in this article. Don’t know what a mutant is? A mutant is simply a natural process that changes a DNA sequence in the body. However, it can also be seen as an organism or an offshoot subspecies of humanity who are unusually born with abilities that make them possess a genetic trait called “X-gene” and allows them to naturally develop powers and become superhuman. Below, we’re going to be looking at top 10 animals that look like mutants.


10. See-Through Goldfish

See-Through Goldfish Animals That Look Like Mutants

See-through Goldfish  earned the number 10 spot on our top ten list. Studies have shown that the see-through goldfish was created by researchers from the two Japanese universities (Mie and Nagoya) in Japan. This animal has undergone a genetically engineering process with the idea of eliminating the need for dissecting fish for lab exercise which is literally been opposed by animal rights group. However, reports say the fish is yet to be offered to public for sale. 

9. Pink Dolphin

Pink Dolphin

Dolphins are popular animals to many people; they are very cute-looking animals, but the pink dolphin is a monster of its own. Even though there are some species of dolphins that are naturally pink in color, but the one in question here is not normal. Scientific studies revealed that the pink Dolphin appears this way due to a genetic mutation. 

8. Snake With a Foot

Snake With a Foot Most Strange Animals

Snake with a foot is the name, and the story behind it was really a mystery. In 2009, a woman in China was narrating how she came into contact with this creature. She narrated how she awoke one night in her bedroom only for her to see a strange looking snake crawling up the wall of her room using its foot. Many experts suggest that the story behind the eye witness of this incident is really a sign of the apocalypse, thus lauding the woman’s braveness to have lived to tell the story. Until today, there is no information about the reoccurrence of such incidents anywhere in the world. 

7. The Montauk Monster

The Montauk Monster

The Montauk Monster is really a beast and one of the scariest looking animals that look like mutants. According to reports, this animal was first sighted in 2008 when there was heavy washed up on a Montauk, NY. As soon as its photographs went viral, everyone (scientists, researchers, students, journalists, etc) was struggling to figure out what it really was, because of its strange looking nature. Some have the opinions that it is a kind of sea creature probably a turtle that lost its shell; others were of the opinion that this monster can be a dead raccoon. Until today, there is no 100% assurance on the real identity of the Montauk Monster. 

6. Two-Headed Tortoise

Two-Headed Tortoise Mutant Animals

It is important to know that animals born with two heads or with a kind of unusual nature aren’t as rare as you might think. A few numbers of them can be found in your surroundings and a two-headed tortoise is one. The picture of the two-headed animal is scary and can make you scream at the sight of it. 

5. El Chupacabra (the goat sucker)

El Chupacabra Mutant Animals

The chupacabra, also known as the goat sucker is another monster in the family of animals that look like mutants. Amazingly, this animal has been like a celebrity in Mexico for many years due to its strange looks; however, many still argue that this beast does not currently exist on earth. Fingers have been pointed to El Chupacabra for hunting and attacking goats while killing and drinking their blood. This creature looks like a dog, but the killing power it possesses is far beyond our understandings. 

4. Mutant Pig-Dog?

Mutant Pig-Dog Most Strange Animals

Have you ever thought of seen a creature that looks half a pig and half a dog? If you’ve never heard of this, then be thankful to this article. This scary looking animal was seen chilling in Xinxiang, in china and until today no one seems to figure out what it was. However, experts’ opinions suggest that if this creature happens to be a real dog, then it will be the ugliest dog ever exist in the world. 

3. Carolina Sea Monster

Carolina Sea Monster

Scientists believed that this creature is a fish, but a mysterious one. If you want to see lots and lots of mysterious creatures, visit the depths of the earth’s ocean. The Carolina sea monster is indeed a monster, in the sense that its looks are terrifying and can present a moment of nightmares in your life. This creature is believed to have been washed up on a North Carolina shore, and many locals are quickly able to identify it as huge Sturgeon. 

2. Pigzilla

Pigzilla Mutant Monster

Pigzilla was first discovered in 2007 when a young boy named “Jamison Stone” was reported to have killed a monstrous wild hog. However, after a thorough investigation, it was gathered that most of the story behind the Pigzilla were just a hoax. Despite that, it doesn’t make any difference because the beast actually looks like a mutant. 

1. The Platypus

The Platypus

Our number one position on the list is the platypus. When this bizarre animal was first discovered, almost everyone thinks it was a hoax, but it has now become one of the well-known mysterious creatures all over the world. Many scientists are of the opinion that there is no reason why an animal like that should exist. It is very scary, irritating, weird, and looks like mutants or is a mutant.

In conclusion, it is important to know that, there are many different creatures which actually look like mutants; some of them can be dangerous while some appear just to show the world how strange some living organisms can be. Do you wish to see one? Be a regular visitor to the ocean or wilderness and you will see many of them. Thank you!

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