Top 10 Bank Robberies That Went Wrong


Throughout history, innumerable bank robberies have taken place and while some have been successful, the rest have made a mockery of themselves. Despite their

failed robbery attempts, some of these characters have been popular through movies or novels.

In the past, hidden treasures were being robbed, but with more advancement in technology, thieves have become more innovative in adopting new strategies for planning robberies. However, when they are caught, they find that they might need the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer like someone this philadelphia criminal lawyer who might be able to help their case.

Let’s have a look at some of the most bizarre bank robberies that went wrong over the years:

10. Harry Winston Jewelry Store, Paris

Harry Winston Jewelry Store Bank Robberies That Went Wrong

On the 5th of December, 2008 this upmarket store of Harry Winston was looted by thieves who were disguised in wigs in women’s clothing. They decided to take the help of the staff to clear all the jewelry after they had finished stealing all the jewelry which were on display. Strangely, this store was used to robberies as despite being robbed in the previous year, they never bothered to put better security measures in place.

Almost 25 people were arrested in connection with this case across all age groups, which means there was no discrimination as far as age is concerned. 

9. Antwerp Diamond Heist

Antwerp Diamond Heist

Antwerp’s reputation is built on its solid uncut diamonds that is traded everywhere but this robbery attempt in 2003 was outrageous. The gang members used a completely novel approach for planning this robbery and had made great plans for laying their hands on a huge treasure. Even though they could not siphon off the entire vault, they still managed to lay their hands on 123-189 deposit boxes.

The chief of the gang- Leonardo Notarbartola had four more members in his team and rented an office space building. He posed himself as an Italian merchant and starting doing small time trades with locals. The vault which they had their eyes on was shielded with 10 layers of security, Doppler radar and a seismic sensor with a lock that had over a 100 million different types of combinations. Although his other gang members got away, Leonardo was arrested in the end and he covered it up as an insurance fraud attempt forced upon him by a hired diamond merchant. 

8. The Crown Jewels of England

The Crown Jewels of England

Thomas Blood, the Irish Adventurer made a very bold attempt with a failed criminal conspiracy to steal the crown jewels in 1671. Blood dressed as a parson and became friends with Talbott-the keeper of the crown jewels in the basement and his family. At the time when both his rich nephew and Talbott’s daughter had a meeting, he expressed his interest in seeing the crown jewels with his so called “ fake” family members.

Talbott was hit with a sword when he took Blood to the place where the crown jewels were kept but however he gained his consciousness in the last moment. Blood tried to get away but he was caught and his attempt at stealing the crown jewels went in vain. To everyone’s surprise, King Charles was completely amused at his daring attitude of attempting a robbery that he decided to forgive him for his silly act. In return Blood also got a chance to retire on an Irish Island as a gift from the King himself. 

7. The Agricultural Bank Of China

The Agricultural Bank Of China

In 2007, one of the biggest robberies was attempted in the Agricultural Bank of China when cash which was worth $6.7 million was siphoned off using inappropriate methods. The vault managers who were involved in the robbery took the assistance of 2 security guards from the bank. Their grand plan was to accumulate more money through gambling using Chinese lottery tickets but unfortunately, the managers found out the truth somehow and reported this to the police who later arrested them along with their accomplices. 

6. The Graff Diamonds Robbery Case

The Graff Diamonds Robbery Case Bank Robberies That Went Wrong

This is one of the biggest gems robberies that took place in 2009 where almost $65 million worth was wiped out by two people who pretended to be customers. They even used handguns to scare the staff and used professional makeup to cover up their features, hair wigs, and latex prosthetics to get that perfection. Although the thieves tried to escape the police their plan was foiled in their second attempt, where they foolishly left behind their cell phones in the car. Although many suspects were arrested in this case, the gems and jewelry have not been found so far. 

5. The Great Train Robbery

The Great Train Robbery

Bruce Reynolds along with his 15 gang members made this robbery plan, where the Royal Mail coach train that was running between Glasgow and London was seized by them. They took over cash worth 2.6 million pounds and managed to escape to their hideout place by stacking two tons of mail bags into their trucks. Their plans were foiled as one of their crew members failed to follow their strategy and left behind footprints in the hideout place. 

4. Millennium Dome Raid

Millennium Dome Raid

The Millennium Dome had finished its construction by 2000 and had many valuable exhibits and displays among which the crown jewel topped the list. This diamond gem was estimated to be valued at about $250 million and there a planned robbery attempt which was foiled amidst gunfire rounds of the police who managed to arrest the robbers. 

3. Helicopter Robbery Case

Helicopter Robbery Case

This was one of the most daring robbery attempts ever made in Sweden in 2009 by members of an organized gang. They made use of a stolen helicopter as part of their robbery plan to land on the roof of the cash depot building. For this purpose, they used sledgehammers to break the glass and managed to blow off the security doors using explosives to steal the vault’s cash reserves. Over a period of time, the thieves were finally arrested and were made to serve in the prison not more than 7 years. 

2. Sumitomo Bank In London

Sumitomo Bank In London

This attempted robbery of $ 300 million at the Sumitomo Bank in 2007 was one of the largest in the history of Britain. The robbery was planned by 2 Belgian men who took the assistance of the security chief of the bank after hackers made over 23 attempts to transfer the money which proved to be unsuccessful. Probably their lack of knowledge in using the advanced systems foiled their robbery plans and they were arrested. 

1. Central Bank of Iraq

Central Bank of Iraq

This was a no-brainer when Saddam Hussein in March 2003, stole his own country’s valuable resources by robbing around $ 1 billion from the Central Bank of Iraq at the time of US bombing. The US troops finally managed to find $ 650 million stacked among the walls of Saddam Hussein’s palace which had a major amount of the stolen money.

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