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Drones are soon going to be part of our everyday life. You might be thinking of getting a drone for fun or for your business. Regardless of what you will be using your drone for you probably want to know what are best drones out there and how much they cost. This article will list the Top 10 Best Drones and their prices. 

10. Parrot Bebop


Price: $500

Equipped with a 14 megapixel camera this drone is perfect for taking video from high altitude. 

9. Hubsan 61170 RC Quad Copter


Price: $76

With a gyro stabilizer this drone is easier to fly making it the perfect choice for beginners.

8. Hubsan H107D FPV X4 Mini RTF Quadcopter


Price: $157

This drone has a first person view on the control dashboard which makes the drone much easier to fly. However the flight time is limited from 8-10 minutes due to short battery life.

7. Hubsan H107L X4 Mini RTF RC Quadcopter


Price: $38

Although the battery only last’s 5 minutes this drones price makes it really attractive for people who don’t want to spend lot’s of money. 

6. DJI Phantom FC40 Quadcopter


Price: $448

The Phantom FC40 can fly for about 11 minutes but the quality of video it takes is stunning. If you want to record HD video this drone is for you. You also have an option to record videos on a SD card.

5. Nano QX RTF with SAFE


Price: $108

Battery lasts for a 5 minutes per charge but the drone comes with a stabilizing technology which means even if you’re new to drones you will have a hard time crashing this thing.

4. Parrot Rolling Spider


Price: $87

This drone can be used even inside the house. With it’s two detachable wheels the drone is protected when it comes in contact with obstacles. The battery lasts under 8 minutes.

3. Walkera QR X350 Pro


Price: $599

Although more expensive, this drone comes with lots of features such as GPS, Fail Safe system (drone lands automatically if there is a problem) and has can fly for 25 minutes per battery charge. 

2. UDI U818A


Price: $75

With a below $100 price tag and good quality this is a good choice for drone enthusiasts. This drone is very easy to fly and has a battery life of up to 9 minutes.

1. Phantom 2 Vision+


Price: $1100

If you want a drone that has it all this is it! With a 25 minute battery life, stunning HD video recording, crash prevention technology and much more this is by far the best drone out there. Although pricey this drone has everything you can ask for in a drone.

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