Top 10 Best Excuses For Missing Work



Sometimes you don’t feel like going to work and want to stay home for the day. Whether calling for a sick day or trying to get out of work the smart way here are the 10 Most Famous Excuses people use to get out of work. We don’t encourage anyone to deceive their employer so please use responsibly.

10. Your house water pipe broke and if you don’t stay home the house will be full of water like an aquarium. 


9. You aren’t sick but your pet is and what can be more important to you than the health of your pet.


8. Your car broke down while you where driving to work. Guess what boss I can’t come to work now.


7. Your sister had a baby and you MUST visit her. Just make sure not to use this too many times your boss maybe keeping count and will start asking you questions once the count reaches 100.

Baby boy posing

6. Your moving today and maybe even tomorrow. 


5. You were summoned to court to be a witness, your boss wont mind you doing your civil duty.


4. Food poisoning from yesterdays work group lunch. Will make your boss feel a bit guilty thinking it’s from the restaurant he took you to and will even give you two days off.

Businessman with stomach ache

3. Your garage door doesn’t open and your car is stuck inside.


2. You have to pick up your parents from the airport because they don’t speak English and can’t get around on their own. What boss would hold you back from such a nice deed.


1. The most famous excuse of the century “I have a doctors appointment” I don’t think this excuse was EVER denied by any boss .The success rate of this one is close to 100%.


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