Top 10 Best Jobs 2016 Fastest Growing With High Salary


These are the best jobs for 2016 according to data from Bureau Of Labor Statistics and other private and public data. In 2016, the best jobs will be in finance, health, technology and other growing industries. Best jobs 2016 will be those that will

last for a long time. Nobody wants to spend years in college learning a profession to only realize it will soon be non-existent. The top jobs in 2016 will also be those that pay high salary and are accessible to most people. Keeping in mind that future best jobs 2016 will start to divert from the usual jobs that we currently have because of the rise of  artificial intelligence and autonomous machines that are already taking away some jobs from people. Colleges are are already preparing for future professions degrees that include autonomous machine mechanic, app programmer and more.


Our Top 10 Best Jobs 2016 list is based on the following factors.

1. The longevity of the profession (how long the profession will be around).

2. The average job salary per year.

3. Difficulty of substitution by artificial intelligence and autonomous machines.

4. Projected industry growth.



10. Personal Financial Advisors


Personal financial advisors give monetary advice to individuals. They help with speculations, expenses, and protection choices and other long term and short term investment advice.

2012 Average Pay: $67,520 per year

Entry Level Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Number of Jobs 2012: 223,400

Job Growth 2012-2020: 27%


9. Medical Assistants

medical assistant best jobs 2016

Medicinal assistants take and record patients’ information. They record the data and use it to inform other medicinal workers about the patient’s condition.

2012 Average Pay: $29,000 per year

Entry Level Education: High School Diploma

Number of Jobs 2012: 560,000

Job Growth 2012-2020: 29% 

8. Database Administrators

Administrator data one of best jobs for 2016

Database chairmen (DBAs) use specific programming to store and sort out information, for example, money related data and client transportation records. They verify that information are accessible to clients and are secure from unapproved access.

2012 Average Pay: $77,080 per year

Entry Level Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Number of Jobs 2012: 118,700

Job Growth 2012-2020: 15% 

7. Physical Therapists

physical therapy best jobs 2016

Physical specialists, once in a while called PTs, help harmed or sick individuals enhance their physical development. These advisors are regularly a vital piece of restoration and treatment of patients with bad health conditions or wounds.

2012 Average Pay: $79,860 per year

Entry Level Education: Doctoral or Professional Degree

Number of Jobs 2012: 204,200

Job Growth 2012-2020: 36% 

6. Financial Analysts


A financial analyst, securities expert, research examiner, value expert, venture investigator, or rating examiner is one who performs the budgetary examination for outside or inside customers as a main portion of the occupation.

2012 Average Pay: $76,950 per year

Entry Level Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Number of Jobs 2012: 253,000

Job Growth 2012-2020: 15% 

5. Home Health Aides

home health aide helping an old man

Home health aides assist individuals who are debilitated, chronically sick, or psychologically impeded. They frequently help more established grown-ups who need help. In a few states, home wellbeing assistants may have the capacity to give a customer prescription or check the customer’s basic signs under the bearing of an attendant or other medicinal services expert.

2012 Average Pay: $20,820 per year

Entry Level Education: Less Than High School

Number of Jobs 2012: 875,100

Job Growth 2012-2020: 48% 

4. Statistician

statistician charts

A statistician is somebody who works with hypothetical or connected data. This profession exists in both the private and open areas. It is basic to join measurable information with ability in different subjects.

2012 Average Pay: $75,560 per year

Entry Level Education: Master’s Degree

Number of Jobs 2012: 27,600

Job Growth 2012-2020: 27% 

3. Software Engineer

software-engineer working

A software engineer is one who applies programming language for building software as well as configuration, advancement, support, testing, and assessment of the product and frameworks that make PCs or anything containing programming work.

2012 Average Pay: $93,350 per year

Entry Level Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Number of Jobs 2012: 1,018,000

Job Growth 2012-2020: 22% 

2. Computer Applications Software Engineers

application engineer working

Application Software Engineer has a similar job as a software developer except that an application engineer creates software such as apps which have a different code than regular software. Other jobs include optimizing and fixing software bugs.

2012 Average Pay: $91,000

Entry Level Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Number of Jobs 2012: 602,000

Job Growth 2012-2020: 44% 

1. Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts

network-systems-and-data-communications-analyst working

This  Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst analyzes internet connection systems to suggest what  IT hardware is needed for the company. This is the best jobs 2016 because it is fastest growing and only requires a bachelor’s degree.

2012 Average Pay: $79,200

Entry Level Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Number of Jobs 2012: 320,000

Job Growth 2012-2020: 54%



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