Top 10 Biggest Bears In The World


Giant Bear Paw

Bears are some of the most ferocious animals in the world, yet most of them survive on a vegetarian & fish diet. Biggest bears in the world reside in North America…. the Polar Bear, Grizzly, Brown and Kodiak Bear call Canada and U.S. home. We compiled a list of the biggest bears in the world for you….. let’s begin at number 10.

Sun Bear

#10. Sun Bear

Weight: 60-145 Pounds
Length: 3.5-4.5 Feet
Height: 2 Feet
Territory: South East Asia

The sun bear also known as the “Honey Bear” in Malaysia is found in tropical forest’s of Southeast Asia. Sun bear is the smallest species of bear in the world, and will grow to only half the size of a typical American black bear.

Asian Black Bear

#9. Asian Black Bear

Weight: 220-440 Pounds
Length: 5 Feet

Height: 4 Feet
Territory: East Asia

The Asian black bear, also known as “Moon Bear” resides in the Himalayas, North India, Korea, north eastern China, and in the far eastern parts of Russia. The Asian black bear loves to eat meat, he will settle for , berries, plants, fruit, insects, and honey.

Sloth Bear

#8. Sloth Bear

Weight: 120-310 Pounds
Length: 5-6 Feet
Height: 2-3 Feet
Territory: India

The Sloth Bear usually feeds on fruits, honeybee colonies, and termites.Sloth bear will not hesitate to attack humans who encroach his territory.

Giant Panda

#7. Giant Panda

Weight: 250-330 Pounds
Length: 4-6 Feet
Height: 2-3 Feet
Territory: China

This bear needs no introduction it’s arguably the most easily recognizable bear on the planet. Giant panda’s are only found in China, they love bamboo and are some of the laziest animals on earth. In China they considered a national treasure.

Spectacled Bear

#6. Spectacled Bear

Weight: 250-440 Pounds
Length: 5-6 Feet
Height: 2 Feet
Territory: South America

The Spectacled Bear is the last remaining short-faced bear on the planet. They are only found in the northern parts of South America. The bear is  called “spectacled bear” because of the light coloring on its face, neck and chest which look like eyeglasses on some of the bears.

Black Bear

#5. Black Bear

Weight: 150-600 Pounds
Length: 4-7 Feet
Height: 2-3 Feet
Territory: U.S. and Canada

Black Bears are omnivores therefore their diets depend on the season and location. They live in heavily forested areas, but will leave the forest to search for food. Black Bears are capable of  manipulating door latches and even opening screw-top jars.

Grizzly Bear

#4. Grizzly Bear

Weight: 400-790 Pounds
Length: 5-8 Feet
Height: 4 Feet
Territory: U.S. and Canada

One can can recognize a Grizzly Bear by the hump on his back, the hump is made of pure muscle. Grizzly bears use snorts, growls and roars to communicate with each other. When preparing for hibernation an average Grizzly can eat up to 25 fish per day.

Brown Bear

#3. Brown Bear

Weight: 600-1400 Pounds
Length: 4.6-9.2 Feet
Height: 2.3-5 Feet
Territory: Russia, U.S. and Canada

Brown Bear is the most widely distributed bear in the world. In the fall season an average brown bear could eat up to 90 pounds of food in just one day. Despite being powerful predators, the diet of a brown bear consists of berries, nuts, leaves, fruits and roots.

Kodiak Bear

#2. Kodiak Bear

Weight: 800-1400 Pounds
Length: 8-10 Feet
Height: 4-5 Feet
Territory: Alaska (U.S.)

Kodiak bear is a unique subspecies of the grizzly bear (Brown Bear). There are only 3,500 Kodiak bears alive today. A large male Kodiak bear can reach a height of 10 feet when standing on his hind legs. Kodiak bears are largest land carnivores on planet earth.

Polar Bear

#1. Polar Bear

Weight: 750-1500 Pounds
Length: 8-10 Feet
Height: 4-5 Feet
Territory: Arctic (Russia, U.S. and Canada)

The polar bear is the largest land predator in the world. They are only found in the Arctic. There are between 25,000 and 40,000 polar bears in the world. A male polar bear can weigh over 1400 pounds and reach height of 10 feet. Despite what most people think, polar bear’s fur is actually not white, the only reason they look white is because each one of their hollow hairs reflects the light.

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