Top 10 Biggest Buses In The World


Across the world, buses represent one of the most common ways of public transportation. They can be characterized as vehicles designed to carry many passengers. Their great size means that they are occasionally involved in accidents with other vehicles. If you have been injured while on a bus then you may want to contact someone like this personal injury attorney to see if you could get compensation for your injuries. A few of the buses on this list have even gotten into accidents! Most of us

are used to see the single-decker rigid bus since it is a common model around the world, but there are many types of buses out there that are very impressive and can be described us extraordinary even more interesting then the biggest limos ever made. Here is our top 10 list of the biggest buses in the world.


10. NEOPLAN Jumbocruiser

NEOPLAN Jumbocruiser Top 10 Biggest Buses In The World

This was an articulated bus built by NEOPLAN between 1975 and 1992. During that time, the bus used to hold a place in the Guinness World Records as the largest bus in the world. The bus could transport 170 passengers at a time and was around 60 feet in length. The bus had seats for 80 passengers. This bus used to follow the route from Belgium to Spain, and was once involved in a rollover accident, the real reasons behind which are unknown. After that, it was rebuilt in England and Germany, and sold at the end, leaving space for other models. 

9. Nova Bus LFS

Nova Bus LFS Big Bus

This is an articulated bus, operating under New York City Bus. With the length of 62 feet, it takes a deserved place in our list of biggest buses in the world. The bus came as a replacement for New Flyer D60 buses. Many of Nova Bus LFS buses are operating as Select Bus Service in New York, which is the service that replaced blue flashing lights on the both sides of the destination, compared to the orange lights that the local buses possessed. 

8. New Flyer XDE60

New Flyer XDE60 Big Bus

This model built by New Flyer has a goal of promoting environmental sustainability. It is an articulated bus, which had been in development between 2009 and 2014. XDE60 is 60 feet in length and 102 inches in width. The bus is spacious and reliable. It consumes less fuel than regular local buses and offers extra features to reduce pollution, such as “start/stop drive”, which shuts down the diesel engine below 8 mph, “depot drive”, which allows the bus to enter and exit depots with the engine off, and “quiet drive”, which activates when the bus drives through noise-sensitive areas. 

7. Volvo 7900 Hybrid Articulated

Volvo 7900 Hybrid Articulated

The bus is environmentally friendly, with a hybrid technology that gives fuel savings of up to 30%. The company advertises it as optimized for inner city and suburban traffic conditions, having up to 50% lower exhaust emissions. The capacity of the bus is up to 154 passengers. Among other features of this vehicle are light design, quiet and emission-free operation, and widespread commercial operation. 

6. Hess lighTram O2795

Hess lighTram O2795

Hess lighTram is an articulated bus, serving as a trolleybus on the roads of Switzerland. It is 82 feet long and can transport about 180 people at a time. The model was developed out of the need to increase passenger capacity in the existing models belonging to Swiss Trolley. Instead of an articulated bus, the Swiss built a bi-articulated O2795, as well as O2792 and O2567. 

5. 0530 Mercedes-Benz GL “CapaCity”

0530 Mercedes-Benz GL “CapaCity”

This German bus has been in production since 2007, and it is one of the biggest buses in the world up to now. This articulated bus in 64 feet in length and it is available in Germany, Turkey, and Slovakia. This bus is not produced outside of Europe. The peculiar thing about it, however, is that it exceeds the permitted limit on motorways by around three feet. The bus received the name “CapaCity” due to its operation in metropolitan areas with high passenger traffic. 

4. Rede Integrada de Transporte

Rede Integrada de Transporte

The bus was built by Volvo and Marcopolo for the City Hall of Curitiba City, Brazil, and was called the longest bus in the world at the time it got in service, April 5, 2011. With a length of almost 92 feet and a width of 8.5 feet, the capacity of the bus is of 250 passengers at a time. The bus is powered by biodiesel made from soybeans. 

3. Van Hool AGG300

Van Hool AGG300

This is an 82-feet long bi-articulated bus built in Belgium by coachbuilder Van Hool. The prototype dates back to 1990 when Van Hool built two buses for demonstrations, but those two still run today. One of them is in Belgium, and the other one is in Angola. The model received an upgrade in 2001 and was presented to the public as the new AGG300, followed by a 15-bus order from Utrecht for the lines 11 and 12. The city was the first to widely use this type of buses, and in 2003, it ordered another 12 additional buses. 

2. Youngman JNP6280G

Youngman-JNP6280G Big Bus

This Chinese creation, the megabus Superliner, can transport 300 passengers and it exceeds regular city buses by 13 meters in length. It is 82 feet long and can speed up to only around 50 mph. The bus is flexible and is able to easily move around, due to two accordion ribbed sections. The bus has five doors and 40 passenger seats. It is also wide and wheelchair friendly. The bus is a great solution for China, considering its large population. 

1. AutoTram Extra Grand

AutoTram Extra Grand Biggest Buses In The World

Large and expensive, this bus can transport 256 passengers and costs $1.25 million for other countries to buy. AutoTram Extra Grand was released in Germany in 2012 and it is around 101 feet long. The bus is maneuverable, with two accordion ribbed sections. There is an in-built computer steering system, thanks to which the current bus drivers do not have to apply for new licenses. Even though it is the largest bus in the world, it loses to its competitor mentioned in the previous place by the passenger capacity. This bus proudly takes the first place on our list of the biggest buses in the world.

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