Top 10 Biggest Charity Donations Of All Time


Charitable donations can make a huge impact on social welfare especially these 10 biggest charity donations of all time. There are many rich and wealthy individuals who

have contributed their funds to support noble causes in the society. There are many celebrities who have made some of the biggest charitable contributions for the welfare of the social community and the largest beneficiaries have been universities, schools, colleges and healthcare sector. Besides, there are numerous philanthropists and industrialists who have made contributions worth billions to some of the notable charitable organizations across the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest charity donors of all times:

10. Charles Munger ( Donation: $ 65 million)

Charles Munger Top 10 Biggest Charity Donations Of All Time

The Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and billionaire, Charles Munger made one of the largest individual charity donations worth $65 million which is 3% of his net worth to the University of California. This donation was given to assist the growth of the theoretical Physics Department of the University. Munger has always made a bulk of his donations to educational institutions towards the construction of new buildings or making new improvements.

9. John Morgridge (Donation: $ 100 million)

John Morgridge

The former CEO and chairman of Cisco systems and his wife have made many contributions since 2004 and they have also signed the Giving Pledge, which is a statement that mentions that half of their net worth would go towards supporting charitable causes. The Morgridges have their family foundation named TOSA which is named after Wisconsin high school. They have also been supporting the literacy program at the East Palo Alto, Calif from over 23 years to help the needy students. The University of Wisconsin has been the biggest recipient of $ 100 million donated by John Morgridge and his wife, Tashia Morgridge, which is one of the largest single contribution received by the University so far.

8. Gert Boyle (Donation: $ 100 million)

Gert Boyle Biggest Charity Donations Of All Time

This German-born American industrialist and Chairperson of Columbia Sportswear made a contribution of $ 100 million to Oregon Health & Science University which is about 16% of the net worth. According to some sources, Boyle made this contribution in the memory of her late sister, Hildegard Lamfrom who died from brain tumor. The Oregon Health& Science University aims to make it a top class research center that has the best facilities with the focus on early detection and survival for cancer patients.

7. Kenneth Griffin ( Donation: $150 million)

Kenneth Griffin

Kenneth Griffin is the founder and CEO of one of the largest global investment firm-Citadel with an estimated $25 billion made as part of a capital investment. He has been recognized as one of the highly successful American hedge fund managers by Forbes. As of March 2015, his estimated net worth is about $6.6 billion and in the beginning of 2014, he made one of the biggest ever single donation to Harvard University to support the financial aid program. Over the years, he has contributed about $ 500 million towards supporting different charitable organizations.

6. Ronnie Chan & Gerald Chan (Donation: $ 350 million)

Ronnie Chan & Gerald Chan

The Hongkong-based real estate tycoons-Ronnie and his brother Gerald Chan made a significant contribution worth $350 million to Harvard University. This is one of the largest donations ever made in the history of the University and it will be used for assisting the occupational therapy program. The Chan family has been supporting financial assistance program for the Chinese students who study in some of the top universities of China.

5. John and Laura Arnold (Donation: $423 million)

John and Laura Arnold

John Arnold is an American billionaire and was a former hedge fund manager who specialized in energy trading products. Both he and his wife, a corporate lawyer set up the Laura and John Arnold Foundation and have contributed over $100 million towards supporting noble causes. In 2010, they signed the Giving Pledge where they took the commitment of giving away half their wealth towards charity and in 2012, they contributed $423 million. The main aim of this private foundation is to improve primary and secondary schools and criminal justice across the United States.

4. Nick Woodman (Donation: $ 500 million)

Nick Woodman

The founder and CEO of GoPro, the camera company along with his wife donated a huge sum of $500 million towards supporting the Silicon Valley Community Foundation in 2014. His contribution is the biggest made in the tech industry and he has been the recipient of the 2013 National Award of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year and his philanthropic work has also been recognized and honored at the annual San Francisco Gala event.

3. Mark Zuckerberg ( Donation: $ 1 billion)

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman, Chief Executive and co-founder of social networking site, Facebook and his wife Priscilla Chan have made significant contributions towards supporting charitable causes. In 2010, Zuckerberg donated a huge sum of $ 100 million towards Newark Public Schools and also signed the Giving Pledge along with Warren Buffet and Bill Gates to give away half of their wealth towards charity over a period of time. In 2013, he decided to give 18 million Facebook shares towards the Silicon Valley Community Foundation and it was considered to be the largest charitable gift on record.

In 2015, after the birth of their daughter Max, Zuckerberg and his wife announced their plans to give away 99% of their facebook shares to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative which will be given over a course of time.

2. Warren Buffett (Donation: $2.8 billion)

Warren Buffet Biggest Charity Donations Of All Time

The CEO and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet and one of the wealthiest person in the world created a history in 2006 when he made a pledge of donating a whopping sum of $37 billion towards the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. However, this donation will take effect upon his death as stated in his will.  Buffet, one of the leaders of philanthropy has made several other contributions over $ 2 billion towards charitable causes and organizations over the years and in 2014 he donated $2.8 billion as part of his annual charity program to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation making this one of the biggest charity donations of all time.

1. Bill Gates (Donation: $ 28 billion)

Bill Gates Biggest Donation Of All Time

Bill Gates, founder of the world’s largest software business-Microsoft founded the biggest ever private charitable foundation along with his wife, Melinda Gate in 2000. The primary focus of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is to improve healthcare and reduce poverty and expand educational opportunities while providing access to information technology. Bill Gates has donated about $28 billion of his fortune towards his own charitable organization and also pledged to donate about 95% of his wealth in the course of time.

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