Top 10 Biggest Consumer Technologies Coming In 2016


People can almost no longer live without gadgets that it has already become a part of our lives. Most of us which (we are really guilty about) compare these ‘babies’ into clothes, that if

we don’t have them, then there’s something missing.

Technology has already evolved over time from landlines, beepers, huge mobile phones with an antenna to slim and sleek phones, and clunky personal computers to the smallest gaming laptops. We can say that through the years, we have already reached the time where everything that comes out of the market looks advanced and revolutionary than ever and still it seems that it never stops adapting to what people might need in the future.

We use it to communicate, to work, to catch-up, or even to be entertained and we thought that that’s it BUT visionary people of today continue to go beyond their wildest imagination and creativity that resulted to a new set of biggest consumer technologies this coming 2016.

Excited? We are too!

Top 10 Biggest Consumer Technologies Coming In 2016



Crowdfunding is an online strategy to raise finances from random people or companies that require no specific amount. It may be big or small, depending on the generosity and capacity of the person to fund a project or to finance a new business venture.

This was formed in 2006 wherein those who are in need of financial assistance like individuals or organizations who has an event, album to launch, or similar to which can request for funds. These generous people have been investing because of three things: 1) they believe in the cause and/or potential of a specific project; 2) the investors receive their money back plus interest for taking part and supporting a certain idea if it becomes successful; and 3) they invest in exchange of an equity or shares of stock from a certain business, partnership, or project.

In 2016, the money is expected to increase or even double and will be used to fund for tech industry startups also.


Lock and glass globe

Security and privacy are in so much risk nowadays even in banks, internet connection, houses, and/or personal spaces that’s why this 2016, a new and improved approach is on its way to protect our files from hackers or intruders.

As of this year and will still lead the chart next year for the best software security is called Bitdefender. It is being used by 500 million and more people and has been a choice since 2001 because it fights viruses and security dilemmas that are hard to deal with such as Trojans, device anti-theft, vulnerability, encryption of files, and file backup for PC and laptop users.

This 2016, they are to include performance optimization profile, a more secure browser for online transactions, virtual wallet to save passwords, and computer scanning with a lighter effect and impact.


esports 2016

Most of us are sports and gaming addicts, that is why esports, the leading online streaming, and gaming business took advantage of the opportunity and are planning to level up their services by next year.

Esports allows people to connect to different players from all over the world in a single game, but it’s as if they’re in one location through the use computer interfaces. They can fight, compete, or chat about their allies in the game. Examples of which are Counter strike, Dota, and Battlefield, as well as League of Legends all their own lol accounts to do so.

In 2016, they are planning yet another innovation to make gaming experience even better such as multiplayer video competitions, first person fighting (FPS), or online battle arena.

It is said that the recent development that are lined up for next year are set to conquer center stage both in gaming and live streaming of sports through game subscriptions or in-game streaming.


blockchain 2016

This is something that everyone must know and learn about. Maybe some of us have heard this or probably not but one must take the time to get to know this because of its advantages in this time of age.

Blockchain is a service provider which tells you the truth about what’s happening to the digital world or anything that has to do with computer interaction like checking your current statement of account, bank balance, received or sent emails, available or latest applications, the status of the stock market, and similar to which.

These are all possible in Blockchain.

This is created to free people from lies that we get from believing that our internet is secured (but it’s not). They want us to be protected from hackers, viruses, and manipulative ways to get our private information simply by just telling the truth about the current status of what we’re interested about.

They are set to make this stronger and inform more people by 2016.



While everybody is into Wii or Xbox, one strong console will rise up again in the market which will make it big because of its new and competitive changes that will make everybody go gaga and bring back a lot of childhood memories.

Among the consoles, Nintendo is back again and will release NX in 2016, a console that is said to be:

  • Hybrid in nature. That is, can be handheld, is portable, and TV friendly. This NX unit can be taken anywhere and just be plugged and played wherever you feel like it. It may be (still) compared to Xbox or Wii but for Nintendo, this is something new and will forever be a classic.
  • New games kit. You can create your own game in an instant and can even make a new title out of an existing game, how cool is that?
  • Nintendo NX is planning to adapt two clickable scroll wheels similar to that of a mouse for a much easier way to select from a menu.
  • Sharing of achievements. Now, after an achievement is unlocked, it is now easier to share it to your friends to make it more social than ever.


hud tech 2016

We don’t usually of think of a car and technology to be close, but the two are becoming more and more dependent on each other.

In 2016, many car companies will start to incorporate new safety technologies into an average auto vehicle.

  • Drive assist. Many car technology features will exist not to substitute the driver but rather to help him, such as blind spot warning, and lane departure. These systems warn the driver when they’re about to make a dangerous maneuver.
  • Collision Prevention. Most car accidents happen because of driver distraction, but there is technology that can stop your car if you’re about to collide. Although many luxury cars already have this feature, it will soon be available on all the cars.
  • HUD Display. Want to have a GPS be displayed on your windshield it’s not a fantasy. There are already many simple HUD displays for many expensive cars. This technology will come on all standard cars soon.

4. 5G

5G Technology 2016

In this busy and fast-paced world, a reliable broadband that can catch up with everything that people needs every day from web browsing, surfing, social media, business, or school related is essential and 4G isn’t the end of the road because 5G is on its way.

Though this isn’t available yet on the market but it has been said that big companies like Ericson, Verizon, and Samsung are willing to gamble, try, and see for themselves what this has to offer.

This is 30 to 50 times faster than the 4G that a movie, for example, can be downloaded in 15 seconds compared to 4G’s 6-minute download of the same movie.


Wearables Technology 2016

We may have seen it, but we will definitely see more of it in 2016. These wearables like apple watches are selling like a hot potato because it’s interactive, it’s new, and it’s futuristic that we might not have even imagined before that we will have these things available anytime soon.

But we can’t stop it now because it’s almost here.

Some of which are:

  • Oculus Rift. Instead of having a limited view of what you’re playing, the oculus rift will give you a 180-feel of the whole scene. With this helmet type of gadget, people will enjoy a landscape view and get to see more of their enemies for an accurate and better shooting.
  • Samsung Gear s2. Touch screen watches with a unique rotating bezel and colorful designs to choose from. In one watch, you can already check the weather, health/ heart rate, text messages, leave a voice message, use it as a walkie-talkie, and can even control your home. There’s so much more to do with this literal smart watch.
  • Bragi Dash. An earpiece that plays music from its built-in music storage, Bluetooth, or streaming capacity, and check heart rate at the same time.


Consumer Robots 2016

People are fond of robots despite the expenses probably because it brings entertainment, it’s useful at some point, and it acts like a human.

In Japan, where this was first released, 1000 units were sold in just 60 seconds so they are planning to create more of it in preparation for next year. Others may not see the logic why this will be a great hit but let’s take look:

  • Unsafe Environment. Factories may choose robots than humans as their ‘staff’ and part of the labor force in places where it’d be too risky and hazardous for humans to work. In this way, there wouldn’t be direct exposure or danger to the lives of humans.
  • Quality work. Humans commit errors at work and most of the companies don’t want that because it can cause loss of time, money, and effort. Since computers make robots work, it can be programmed the way the companies accurately want it.
  • Increase in Production. Fewer mistakes equal increase in production, therefore, increase in profits as well.
  • 24/7 Duty. When humans are only required to work at a maximum of 12 hours, these robots can work 24/7 especially to factories or companies with a high demand of products and services. Only overheat can stop robots from working without having to pay an extra for excessive work.


virtual reality 2016

…And the biggest consumer technology for 2016 is this most talked about gaming technology called virtual reality.

With the name itself, it can bring the impossible into a reality for a 101% experience and feel of what people play or can imagine.

For example being on top of Mt. Everest or outer space may seem impossible, right? But with Virtual Reality, you can see it right in front of you in an instant because it provides a 360 view of anything that you can think about from places in Google maps, shooting games, to any movie that you want to become a part of.

With this innovation, a lot of companies are creating their own Virtual Reality. Some of which are Xbox, Sony, and HTC.

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