Top 10 Biggest Foods Ever Made


There are a variety of delicious foods and tasty cuisines found around different parts of the world. Food is not just necessary for our survival but a healthy, filling and sumptuous

meal gives us all the required physical and mental energy to sustain a long day’s hard work. There are different kinds of foods served in fast food restaurants, food trucks, cafes and hotels, which people love to indulge at times and satisfy their appetite.

Some popular chefs have used their best creative imagination to bring out some of the fascinating and amazing foods that can be bigger than anyone can imagine.

Check out some of the biggest foods ever made which have made it to the Guinness Book Of World Records:

10. Biggest Strawberry Ice Cream Scoop

Biggest Strawberry Ice Cream Scoop

Last year, Kemps Dairy in Wisconsin, USA created a world record by making the most amazing and biggest ever ice cream scoop at the Cedarburg Strawberry festival. They made 733 containers of strawberry ice cream that measured about 5’ 6” tall and 6’ 2” wide- about the size of a football field and the people who attended this festival were able to get a good sized serving of this ice cream for free. This ice cream was turned into a lovely sized scoop by five of the world renowned sculptors.
This made entry into the Guinness Book of World Records and when it was weighed, they found it to be 1365 kgs

9. Largest Peanut Butter Cup

Largest Peanut Butter Cup

For peanut butter lovers, this was indeed a true delight when they saw a candy shop owner in Los Angeles taking the challenge of creating the world’s largest peanut butter cup in 2013. Nick Monte, the shop owner used about 229 pounds of chocolate and peanut butter for his incredible creation of the world’s largest peanut butter cup.

The milk chocolate layer was poured by hand into the mould and combined with peanut butter to give a creamy texture to the filling. Finally, the size of the peanut butter cup was measured to be a massive 1.5 m in width that had 32 kgs of chocolate and about 72 kgs of peanut butter

8. Largest Waffle

Largest Waffle Top 10 Biggest Foods Ever Made

Have you ever imagined how the largest waffle in the world would look like? This amazing waffle was created in Netherlands in 2013. Stichting Gouda Oogst made this biggest waffle by using about 60 kgs of dough, 15 kgs of syrup that had a diameter of 2.47 meters. This was quite a challenging task but they accomplished this feat by using a custom made baking oven which weighed about 3000 kgs for this purpose. The town Mayor was the first one to taste this delicious and gigantic waffle and about 3,000 slices were shared among the public who were gathered for this event. 

7. Biggest Chocolate Coin

Biggest Chocolate Coin Biggest Foods Ever Made

This was a dream come true for chocolate lovers around the world when Venezuelan chocolatiers took up the unique challenge to break the Italian world record of 640 kilos. They managed to achieve success in setting a new record by creating the world’s biggest ever chocolate coin that had a diameter of 240 meters and weighed over 650 kilos. This was not an easy task as it took over 10 hours of consistent hard work with over 80 chocolatiers working on this ambitious challenge. This record breaking event was part of the 2015 chocolate fair. 

6. Largest Hot Dog

Worlds largest hot dog

Have you ever wanted to taste the world’s largest hot dog which was grilled to perfection? Well, this record was set at the Miami Dade Country Fair in Florida. The massive hot dog weighed around 125.5 pounds after it was cooked for around 3 hours. The weight of the hot dog itself was around 51 pounds with the other ingredients along with the bun that added to its overall weight. This hot dog was the creation of Juicy’s outlaw Grill founder and CEO-Brett Enright.The weight of the hot dog was officially recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. The world’s largest hot dog is commercially sold at a price of $1000. 

5. Largest Round Pizza

Largest Round Pizza In The World

The world’s largest pizza record was once again claimed by 5 Italian chefs managed to bake a gigantic sized pizza which was 100% gluten-free and measured around 131 ft in diameter. They used about 9,000 kgs of flour, 4536 kgs of tomato sauce, 3991 kgs of mozzarella cheese, 675 kgs of margarine, 250 kgs of rock salt, 100 kgs of lettuce and 25 kgs of vinegar to create this massive pizza. The total size of the pizza when it was ready weighed at 23,250 kgs. The chefs had to make enormous preparation to baking this incredible pizza and spent over 48 hours for baking the dough itself by creating 5,000 batches. 

4. Largest Samosa

Largest Samosa Biggest Foods Ever Made

The largest Samosa was created by Bradford College in association with the popular restaurant Prashad in the UK during 2012. This delicious and giant sized samosa was 135 cms long, 85 cms in width and 29 cms in height. The ingredients used for making this samosa were in huge quantities with about 60 kgs of potatoes, 25 kgs onion, 15 kgs of peas, 12 bunches of coriander, 300 chillies and over 250 bottles of rapeseed oil. 

3. Longest Sandwich

Longest Sandwich In The World

The longest sandwich in the world was created in 2011 in Lebanon by 3 teams that comprised of 136 people who prepared the sandwich and 639 participants who helped put in the filling for the sandwich. This mouth watering and giant sized sandwich measured around 557 kgs and was around 735 m long. It took almost 24 hours to create this longest sandwich and 4 custom made ovens were made to make a long stretch of bread. The ingredients used for this sandwich comprised of chicken breast, tomato, lettuce, pickles, mayonnaise, red vinegar, mustard, pepper, lemon juice along with spices and coriander. 

2. Largest Bowl of Porridge

Largest Bowl of Porridge

The largest bowl of porridge was made at the Waterford Harvest Festival by the Flahavan’s in Ireland in 2012. This enormous bowl of porridge weighed at about 1,380 kgs and was cooked deliciously and broke the previous world record created by the Russians at 865 kgs. 

1. Tallest Drinking Glass Fountain

Tallest Drinking Glass Fountain

In 2008, Luuk Broos and his team took the mammoth task of creating 43,680 glasses that created 63 stories high at a Belgium shopping center.

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