Top 10 Biggest Lottery Winners Of All Time


Man lives on hope; whether he is young or old. But there is no end to amassing materialistic things of which money is the foremost. No matter how much you have, it is never enough; though some people

are not so greedy and tend to be satisfied with what they have. After all, contentment is the name of the game. But, it remains a fact whether you win or you don’t; the aura of expectation surrounding the lotteries is one of hope and dreams. If you’re one with the hopes and dreams of winning it big, participating in online lotteries such as LottoGo. So, here are the details of the biggest lottery winners of all time.

10. $390 million


Mega Million Draw conducted on March 6, 2007. This prize was shared between two tickets which had been purchased in Georgia and New Jersey. The cash jackpot was worth $233.1 million and it ranked 7th in the lottery history of the US. 

9. $399.4 million


Powerball draws held on Sep. 17, 2013 the single winning ticket was sold in South Carolina. The cash value was reported as $223 million. The winner chose to remain anonymous under SCEL rules and the authorities did not choose to divulge any information in this case. 

8. $414 million


Mega Million draws held on March 18, 2014. This prize was shared by two tickets sold in Florida and Maryland. The winners were: i. Raymond Moyer and Robyn Collier from Florida and stayed on Merritt Island. They asserted that they would be spending their newly found wealth to witness all football games of Notre dame even if it involved travel. ii. The second claimant was anonymous. 

7. $425.4 million

Raymond Buxton

Powerball draws conducted on Feb. 19, 2014. Winning ticket was sold in California to Raymond Buxton, a retired man from Northern California who had a very amusing approach and possibly a point to make about his luck. He waited till all fools’ day to come forward and claim his bounty. The poor man informed publicly that he lost his sleep for a few days due to the shock of his having won. 

6. $448.4 million

paul white lottery winner

Powerball draws conducted on Aug 7, 2013,.This prize was shared by three tickets, two of them from New Jersey and one from Minnesota. This was the fifth highest prize in cash value $258.2 million. It was the largest jackpot since 2013 with the cash value being 3rd largest. i. One of the winners was a group of employees who all were shareholders and stated that they did not intend giving up their jobs. ii. Another New Jersey resident Mario Scarnici was not very forthcoming in sharing his plans for the future. Maybe he wanted to sit back and plan after all the shouting was over and iii. A resident of Ham Lake, Minnesota, Paul White stated that he thought he would win it and, at last, it came true. 

5. $564 million


Powerball draws conducted on Feb. 11, 2015. It was shared by three tickets from North Carolina, Texas and Puerto Rico. 

4. $587.5 million

Powerball draw of Nov. 28, 2012. Jointly claimed by two tickets which were sold in Missouri and Arizona. It was the 2nd highest cash value of $384.7 which was a record all time high for total cash for Powerball. Won by two claimants; i. The first party who purchased their ticket from Arizona claimed their prize anonymously, ii. Cindy and Mark Hill of Missouri. They reportedly informed that they would be spending the money on the four grand-daughters and their four nephews and nieces. 

3. $590.5 million


Won in the Powerball draw on May 18, 2013, in Florida (record annuity jackpot for Powerball). This winning ticket was sold in Florida and the prize of $370.9 million was claimed by a single ticket belonging to Ms. Gloria Mackenzie. It was the fourth largest in cash value and a world record for most cash collected by a single winner. 

2. $648 million

Mega Million won Dec 17, 2013, in Georgia and California Cash $347.6 million: This prize was shared by two tickets as follows: i. It was a fancy for them that the winning combination of numbers consisted of their family birthdays and their own family lucky number 7. ii. Steve Tran from California was purchasing multiple tickets from different locations while going on his daily routes as a driving salesman; the best part of this episode is that he recalled having purchased this ticket at midnight. 

1. $656 million

Merle and Patricia Butler Lottery

Won in the Mega millions draw of March 30, 2012. This lottery jointly claimed by 3 tickets sold in Maryland, Illinois, and Kansas. It had the top cash value of $471 million. All time US record for cash win. The winners, in this case, were three different tickets as under i. Three teachers from Maryland, Anonymous, ii. Merle and Patricia Butler from Illinois: They were the only ones who came out publicly and were not really decided how they wanted to use the money but hinted that they might use some of it for noble causes and iii. Another anonymous winner from Kansas. But, to keep the record straight, it must be mentioned that the largest lottery is considered to be the Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad (Spain’s Lottery) which has the largest jackpots. In the 2012 edition, the jackpot was a whopping €720 million which is equivalent to ($41 million in cash) and the total prizes were €2.52 billion ($3.297 billion).

Have these biggest lottery winners of all time retained their cash or have they gone broke? Who knows but they still had an opportunity to feel wealthy, a feeling many people wish they can have.

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