Top 10 Biggest Malls In The World


With the booming retail sector, there has been a phenomenal growth of sprawling malls over the last few years. This has given consumers who love shopping with a wide variety of

options to buy their favorite brands and products easily than ever before. These shopping malls offer infinite opportunities for entertainment, shopping, recreation facilities for kids along with popular food outlets all combined under one roof.

Here we present the list of some of the biggest malls in the world and share some fascinating facts about them:

10. Sunway Pyramid (Malaysia-396,000 sq meters)

Sunway Pyramid Biggest Malls In The World

The Sunway Pyramid was launched in the year 1997 and again there was some renovation work that was done in 2007. It is located in the Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya along the Klang Valley. This incredible Malaysian mall has about 800 stores that offer plenty of shopping and retail opportunities to shoppers across the world. The layout of this mall has been inspired by the Egyptian icons such as the Pharaohs and the main entrance guarded by the massive Sphinx, The main complex of this shopping mall is designed in the shape of a pyramid with pseudo hieroglyphics that adorns its exterior. 

9. Cevahir Mall (Turkey-420,000 sq. meters)

Cevahir Mall Biggest Malls

Cehavir Mall in Istanbul, Turkey is one of the largest malls located in the city center that offers plenty of shopping and leisure facilities to the tourists around the world. This mall was opened in 2005 and has about 200 stores that are spread across 6 floors offering a wide variety of fashion brands, restaurants and cafes with the world’s popular cuisines along with entertainment center for kids. 

8. Central World (Thailand-429,500 sq. meters)

Central World Biggest Malls In The World

Initially, this shopping mall in Thailand was launched in 1990 but it was renamed in 2001 as Central World Plaza and finally as Central World in 2005. This shopping mall offers some of the best retail specialty stores that offer both domestic and international range of products to the customers. It offers around 18 different entrances for the convenience of shoppers with over 7,000 parking spaces along with 6 lane road along the shopping complex. With myriad shopping experience for the visitors, this is definitely worth visiting for tourists that come to Thailand. 

7. Persian Gulf Complex (Iran- 450,000 sq. meters)

Persian Gulf Complex Biggest Mall

The Persian Gulf Complex is one of the largest malls that is known for having the biggest number of stores-2,500 stores which is located in Shiraz in Iran. This store was opened in 2011 and the shopping complex includes a 262 room hotel-Burj Fars International that has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, convention centre, tennis court along with a helipad.

In addition, it offers tourists with two fantastic amusement parks (both indoor and outdoor), Carrefour Hypermarket with over 4 floors of parking space that can hold up to 5,500 vehicles. 

6. Utama, Selangor (Malaysia-465,000 sq. meters)

Utama, Selangor Biggest Mall In The World

This award winning shopping center is located in the heart of Malaysia Cybercentre Township offers the best in shopping, entertainment and recreation facilities to the worldwide travelers. It is spread across 6 retail levels with over 700 shops that house some of the best and reputed fashion brands along with one of the largest rooftop garden. Some of the other attractions of this mall include the Secret Garden, Tropical Rainforest along with numerous food courts that serve some of the best world’s cuisine. 

5. Isfahan City Center ( Iran-465, 000 sq. meters)

Isfahan City Center Biggest Mall

Isfahan City Center is one of the largest shopping centers located in Isfahan, Iran that offers some unique attractions, including a museum for the tourists. This shopping center includes a 5-star hotel, 750 retail shops, hypermarket, and restaurants and has an international finance center, World Trade Center with an entertainment center, 7 cinema halls among its numerous attractions. It showcases the rich heritage of Iran that offers a diverse culture and best shopping experience to its worldwide visitors. 

4. SM Mega Mall (Philippines- 474,000 sq. meters)

SM Mega Mall Biggest Buildings

If you are planning a trip to the Philippines soon, you’ll have a great time once you are over here. Whether you used a company like 2GO Travel to travel by sea or used the traditional route of flying, visiting this mall should be on your list of places to visit.

This was the second largest shopping mall in the Philippines and was opened to the public in 1985 but since then has seen many redevelopment works. SM Mega Mall offers more than 1,100 retail shops and is made up of two buildings which are linked via a bridge spread across 10 hectares of land area. This mall has the capacity to accommodate 4 million people and it was the third largest mall in the country for about 17 years until the SM Mall of Asia was been constructed. 

3. SM City North EDSA (Phillipines-482,878 sq. meters)

SM City North EDSA Mall

This is a shopping haven that is located in Quezon city in the Philippines which was one of its kind to introduce the concept of malls meant for leisure activities. It was opened to the public in 1985 after which it has seen major redevelopment with its expansion. The New Annex Building, Sky Garden and Car Park Plaza were added in its development phase.

SM City North EDSA is also one of the largest solar powered shopping malls in South East Asia and in 2015 overtook SM Mega Mall as the second largest shopping mall located in the Philippines. 

2. Golden Resources Mall (China- 557,416 sq. meters)

Golden Resources Mall

The Golden Resources Mall in Beijing, China has been nicknamed as the “ Great Mall of China” due to its giant size which is spread across over 6 million square feet across 6 floors. It comprises of 1600 flagship and signature brands. From 2004-2005, it was considered to be among the largest malls in the world. The Beijing Golden Resources Mall offers an entertainment center, cultural center with a children’s center, sports as well an exhibition center for the tourists. There are over 100 restaurants with about 6,800 parking spaces and ranked as the second largest shopping complex in the world. 

1. New South China Mall (China-659,612 sq. meters)

New South China Mall Biggest Mall In The World

This is one of the largest shopping malls in the world and has not seen much of activity, since the time it was opened to the public. It was launched in 2005 but remained vacant and was dubbed as a “ ghost mall” with most of its retail space been unutilized for some unknown reason. It has facilities for more than 2,350 stores and according to a 2015 story by CNN, this mall attracted some retailers and visitors after carrying out many renovations over the years.

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