Top 10 Biggest Real Estate Owners On Earth


This is a top 10 list of Richest Real estate tycoons in the world. From all the billionaires in the world, the real estate moguls and

people from the tech industry dominated their list. Overall, Chinese real estate owners that belonged to Mainland China or Hongkong have seen a sharp increase in their net worth as they occupied top ranks in the list. Some of these business tycoons can teach you a thing or two about making money from real estate, as well as how to use your real estate seo to promote your business, but I doubt that any of them would be willing to share their secrets. However, if you are looking for a head start in the real estate game, then inboundrem have provided a list of some of the best and most helpful real estate blogs on the internet that you may want to have a look at. Let’s face it real estate has become one of the biggest money-making industries in the world as a consequence the ever-increasing value and prosperity brought by being on the property ladder. Although it is still very important to find yourself a trustworthy realtor. A trusted realtor Vancouver can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look, this is why you should research and make an informed choice first.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest real estate owners in the world.

10. Pan Sutong (Net Worth: $8.6 billion, Hongkong)

Pan Sutong

The Goldin Group is an international conglomerate that has operations in HongKong, China, Europe and the USA and Mr. Pan Sutong is the Chairman and CEO of this company. Their core business is mainly centered around consumer electronics, real estate development, wine and financial services. Pan Sutong had created his wealth and made fortunes from his stake in the Goldin Financial Holdings.

He started off his career by trading in some of the known electronic brands such as Panasonic, Sutong. Then he became the founder of Matsunichi Digital Holdings Ltd-which is presently known to be a huge real estate giant as Goldin Properties Holdings Ltd. Besides, he has also purchased numerous wineries across Napa Valley in France.

9. Robert & Philip Ng (Net Worth: $ 9.6 billion, Singapore)

Robert & Philip Ng Biggest Real Estate Owners On Earth

Ng Teng Feng-who was their father made huge investments in commercial real estate properties by creating more than 700 hotels and malls in Asia. They also amassed a large amount of wealth through real estate investment in both Hongkong and Singapore markets. Unfortunately, their Sino Group had to bear a loss of around $1 billion owing to bad market conditions that existed a couple of years ago.

As a result, they focused their attention towards the Australian market and made huge investments there and returned back to Singapore. At present, they have made an investment of more than $ 300 million in hotels across the Singapore region.

8. Joseph Lau (Net Worth $10.9 Billion, Hongkong)

Joseph Lau

Joseph Lau is a well-known name in the markets and is among the largest real estate investors in Hongkong who has more than 61% stake in Chinese Estate Holdings. He has been ranked as the 5th richest man from Hongkong who has plenty of assets in his name which includes Eaton Home estimated to be worth 35 million pounds. He owns many other prized possessions which include a grand Sun seeker Yacht, Boeing 787 Dreamliner Jet among others.

He is said to have a wide and unique collection of art that includes numerous popular paintings as well as over 10000 bottles of wine and a blue diamond as part of his collectibles.

7. Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor (Net Worth $12.6 billion, United Kingdom)

Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor

He is a renowned landowner, businessman and was also previously a Territorial Army officer. Besides, he also holds the prestigious rank of a royal monarch as the 6th Duke of Westminster whose net worth is estimated to be more than Queen Elizabeth. Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor heads a private group of property and holds hundreds of thousands of acres of land across the region of the United Kingdom.

He owns about 190 acres of property in Belgravia right opposite to the Buckingham Palace, which is regarded to be among one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Central London.

6. David & Simon Reuben (Net Worth $13.7 billion, United Kingdom)

David & Simon Reuben

The Reubens started their career by making a massive investment in the Russian metals market and went on to become the third largest aluminum makers in the world. They created wealth for themselves by selling all their Russian assets when the market conditions were not good at that time. After that, they completely focused on expanding their business activities around the United Kingdom, especially in the real estate market.

They struck a deal and bought Metro International from Goldman Sachs in 2014 and also purchased a data center business, Global switch to meet the growing demand in the cloud computing industry.

5. Cheng Yu-Tung (Net Worth $ 14.4 billion, Hongkong)

Cheng Yu-Tung

Cheng Yu-Tung is a billionaire based in Hongkong ranked currently as the 4th richest man among Hongkong’s list of billionaires. He has wide interests in the real estate market and has made a considerable investment in the Hongkong and Macau regions. He started off his career with a jewelry business which has grown to become Chai Tai Took Enterprises.

This international conglomerate now operates the Sheraton Marina hotel and also controls the New World Group which is publicly listed. It owns several properties across Hongkong and other places abroad.

4. Donald Bren (Net Worth $ 15.2 billion, United States)

Donald Bren

He is regarded to the country’s richest real estate developer and the Chairman and owner of Irvine Company- renowned real estate firm. This company holds and manages about 500 office buildings, more than 40 shopping complexes including 50,000 apartments with 3 hotels and many golf clubs as well as marinas. He is also making more investment for growing his business in the Silicon Valley with the development of 100-acre development for office campuses, shops, and apartments in Santa Clara. This project is scheduled to be completed by 2019.

3. Thomas & Raymond Kwok (Net Worth $15.9 billion, Hongkong)

Thomas & Raymond Kwok

Thomas Kwok was found guilty of bribery and was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment last year. As a result, Raymond took over as the chairman of this publicly traded group- Sun Hung Kai properties which manage real estate properties as well. Majority of its investments is in some of the most elite projects across Hongkong such as the International Commerce Centre, which is the city’s tallest skyscraper as well as the International Finance Centre.

2. Wang Jianlin (Net Worth $24.2 billion, China)


He is currently the Chairman of the Dalian Wanda Group which is the largest real estate developer across China. Along with being the biggest real estate owners, they are the world’s largest operator of movie theaters. The Dalian Wanda Group owns over 9 million square meters of investment properties, 85 Wanda shopping plazas, 51 luxury hotels, 86 cinema halls, 75 departmental stores and about 45 Karaoke centers in China.

1. Lee Shau Kee ( Net Worth $24.8 billion, Hongkong)

Lee Shau Kee

Lee Shau Kee is the king among all the real estate tycoons in the world. He owns a majority of stake in Henderson Land Development, which is a giant conglomerate having specific interests in hotels, real estate development, restaurants as well as providing Internet services. He holds a Chairman position in most of the leading companies including China Gas Company Limited, Miramar Hotel, and Investment among others.

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