Top 10 Biggest Snakes That Ever Existed


Among all the reptiles in the world, snakes can be the most terrifying to human beings owing to their appearance and large size. Most of the snake species can be found in

different parts of the world, except leaving the continent of Antarctica, New Zealand, small islands along the Central Pacific and Atlantic regions. There are snakes which can be nonvenomous by nature, but those that are venomous usually use it for killing their prey and not with the intention of self-defense.

However, snake bites can be extremely dangerous as it can result in serious injuries or even death in most of the cases.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest snakes that ever existed in the world:

10. King Brown Snake (9.84 ft)

King Brown Snake

These snakes are one of the most venomous species that are found in most parts of Australia, leaving Tasmania. Some of the most common species are the red-bellied black snake and the Mulga (King Brown snake) which usually consume lizards, birds, frogs, mammals and sometimes even other snakes. Their venom is known to be extremely dangerous to human beings as their bites can cause death in just about a few minutes. 

9. Bush Master (10 ft)

Bush Master Top 10 Biggest Snakes That Ever Existed

The Bush Master is one of the largest varieties of snakes among the pit viper snakes which are found in the tropical forests of the South and Central American regions. The largest species of these snakes can range between 10 ft and 12 ft in length and they can be reddish brown or can vary between pinkish-gray color. They usually have diamond shaped patterns across their back that can match with the forest floor surroundings. Bush Master can be quite dangerous with their powerful venom and their tails have horny spikes that can vibrate especially if they are disturbed. 

8. Diamond Python (13 ft)

Diamond Python

These are medium to large snakes found in South- Eastern parts of Australia and mostly live at higher altitudes. They can have quite a distinct pattern and color ranging from dark olive to black with dorsal scales that have a yellow or cream spot located in the center. Alongside the body and the tail, there is a bunch of yellow and cream patterns on the scales that resemble like a diamond. 

7. Boa Constrictor (13.1 ft)

Boa Constrictor

These powerful snakes are non-poisonous and they look colorful with their distinct colors in green, red, yellow to adapt to their natural environment. They can come in wide range of patterns such as ovals, diamonds, circles and jagged lines. Boa constrictors are great swimmers but they prefer to live around the dry land inside the burrows. The females are more in length and width as compared to the males and they incubate eggs within their bodies. In size, these can be smaller as compared to the anacondas but they can grow almost up to 13 feet and their maximum weight can reach up to 45 kgs. 

6. Black Mamba (14 ft)

Black Mamba

Black Mamba can be found in the savannas among the hills of the South and Eastern Africa regions. They are among one of the deadliest snakes and also one of the fastest in the world that can move at a speed of 12.5 miles per hour. Black Mambas got their names due to the blue-black color of their mouth and not on account of their skin color which varies from olive color to gray. Their venom is quite powerful and they are responsible for a number of human deaths. Black Mamba’s bite can be quite dangerous as a man can collapse within 45 minutes.

Often, they are known to be quite aggressive in nature and can attack without any known reason. 

5. King Cobra (18.7 ft)

King Cobra

King Cobra is one of the most venomous and longest snakes predominantly found in Asian regions, including India, Indonesia, and Philippines. It is one of the most deadly varieties of snakes and their maximum weight can be up to 9 kgs. The males tend to be larger than the female snakes in this case and they can keep on growing in their life span. Some of their oldest species of snakes can be about 30 years old and it has been found that they already have fangs and venom as soon as after they are born.

They can be highly venomous and aggressive by nature that can kill human beings within few minutes. 

4. African Rock Python (23 ft)

African Rock Python

The African Rock Python is a non-venomous variety of snake and is one of the largest snakes found in the African region. Their head is triangular in shape with sharp teeth that are curved backward along with a unique marking under their eye which is again triangular in shape. Their scales are smooth and their lips have pits that are sensitive to heat and helps them to detect their prey’s even during the night times. 

3. Green Anaconda (28 ft)


Green Anaconda

Green Anaconda can be found in South America and belongs to the Boa family which is one of the largest snakes in the world. They can be quite heavy with a maximum weight of 227 kilograms. The female anacondas are larger than the males and the largest one that was ever found was about 28 feet. They feed on jaguars, turtles, wild pigs and can sometimes last without food for several weeks or months after they have had a huge meal. 

2. Reticulated Python (32.8 ft)

Reticulated Python

Reticulated Python is one of the largest snakes found in the world and they can reach up to 29.5 ft. However, the longest snake is the Medusa whose length was recorded to be 767 cm with the weight of 160 kgs when it was 9 years old. The female pythons can lay up to 100 eggs at a time and they are known to wrap their powerful bodies around the eggs as a protective cover. This process of hatching eggs is termed as brooding that helps in maintaining an even temperature around the eggs. 

1. Titanoboa (48 ft)

Titanoboa Biggest Snake That Ever Existed

Titanoboa is one of the extinct species among snakes that was discovered when archeologist found its remains. According to the researchers, Titanoboa was one of the biggest and heaviest snakes (1000+ kgs or 2000 lbs) that were found on the earth. Their lunch consisted of crocodiles and other large animals.

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