Top 10 Biggest Stadiums In The World


Sports arenas stand tall and proud as testaments to our love of competition. They pay homage to sports including soccer and football, and to the master of

all sporting events, the Olympics. They worship the thrill of the game. The bigger the stadium, the more fans can enjoy the games. That’s why stadiums that hold the Superbowl have to have a minimum capacity of 70,000 seats! This is why only big stadiums like the Mercedes-Benz Stadium can hold it. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is where Superbowl 53 is being held in 2019, where people are already looking for super bowl odds 2019! Here are the top 10 biggest stadiums in the world by capacity.


10. Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne Cricket Ground Biggest Stadiums In The World

The Melbourne Cricket Ground Stadium served as the main stadium for the 1956 Summer Olympics. This stadium, which holds 100,018 spectators, is Australia’s largest stadium. It’s not only one of the biggest stadiums in the world but also the biggest cricket stadium in the world. Built in 1854, it’s prolonged use is partly due to two major redevelopments. The stadium hosts cricket, soccer and Australian rules football. 

9. Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium

Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium

The University of Texas at Austin Longhorns football team has called this stadium home since 1924. It holds 100,119 spectators. An upgrade in 2013 included a state-of-the-art surface that stands up against the weather better and lets the stadium be used for a variety of uses. Its scoreboard, manufactured by DAKtronics, is the largest in collegiate athletics. 

8. Bryant-Denny Stadium

Bryant-Denny Stadium

The Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, serves as the home stadium for the University of Alabama football team. It’s named after former university president George H. Denny and former coach Paul “Bear” Bryant. The stadium opened in 1929, seats 101,821 spectators. Its first hosted game was against Ole Miss in 1929. 

7. LSU Tiger Stadium

LSU Tiger Stadium

The Louisiana State University Fighting Tigers champion this Baton Rouge stadium, which holds 102,321 spectators. Nicknamed “Death Valley,” polls honor this as one of the greatest places to watch football. Its school record number of fans was against the Alabama Crimson Tide on Nov. 3, 2012, when 93,374 spectators attended. That’s the most people that ever attended a football game in Louisiana. 

6. Ohio Stadium

Ohio Stadium Biggest Stadium In The Worl

The Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, the home of the Ohio State Buckeyes, opened in 1922. One of the biggest stadiums in the world, it holds 104,944 spectators. Its first game was on Oct. 7, 1922 when the Buckeyes played nearby Ohio Wesleyan. It exceeded capacity when it saw its largest crowd, 105,708 spectators in a 2006 match against the University of Michigan Wolverines. 

5. Estadio Azteca

Estadio Azteca Biggest Stadiums In The World

The Estadio Azteca soccer stadium in Mexico City holds 105,000 spectators. It hosts games by Mexico’s national soccer team and the Mexican professional soccer club Club América. The Estadio Azteca is the largest stadium in Mexico and one of the largest stadiums in the world. It’s hosted two FIFA World Cup Finals and served as the principal venue for the 1968 Summer Olympics’ football tournament. 

4. Beaver Stadium

Beaver Stadium Biggest Stadium In The World

The Pennsylvania State University’s Nittany Lions football team plays at Beaver Stadium in State College, Pennsylvania. This stadium holds 106,572 spectators as a result of an expansion and renovation prior to the 2001 season. Beaver Stadium is the second largest stadium in the United States. Its history includes being Penn State’s first permanent football home, hosting games that previously were held on the Old Maid lawn. 

3. Michigan Stadium

Michigan Stadium Biggest Stadiums In The World

College football fans know Michigan Stadium, home of the University of Michigan Wolverines, as the “Big House.” Big it is as this stadium can hold 107,601 spectators. Constructed in 1927, its first game was against Ohio Wesleyan on Oct. 1, 1927, when the Wolverines scored 33 and Ohio Wesleyan failed to score. It was dedicated three weeks later on Oct. 22, 1927 when the Wolverines beat the Ohio State Buckeyes. The stadium now also hosts lacrosse games. It’s the biggest football stadium in the United States. 

2. Salt Lake Stadium

Salt Lake Stadium

Located in Kolkata, India, the Salt Lake Stadium primarily hosts India’s national football team but also hosts other sports clubs. A mammoth stadium that easily ranks among the biggest stadiums in the world, it holds 120,000 spectators. Its record attendance was 131,000 spectators when the Mohun Bagan A.C. and Eat Bengal F.C. played in a Kolkata Derby match. 

1. Rungrado May Day Stadium

Rungrado May Day Stadium

The Rungrado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea, built in 1989, is the world’s largest stadium with a capacity of 150,000 spectators. It hosts football matches and other athletics events including the Grand Mass Gymnastics and Artistic Performance Arirang, a festival for gymnastics as well as art.

Events celebrating Korean leader Kim Il-sung and North Korea are held at the stadium, which is where former leader Kim Jong-Il entertained U.S. President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in 2000. The stadium, the world’s 12th largest sporting venue, also has a bit of a different history as being the site where North Korean generals implicated in the attempted assassination of Kim Jong-Il were executed in the 1990s.

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