Top 10 Biggest Things Made Out Of Paper


Paper is such a versatile and excellent medium that it can be used in different things to create awesome pieces of art or even cutting them into shapes and patterns for

the purpose of craft. The origin of paper art originated in Japan and since then it has evolved in the form of paper cutting, carving with intricate designs. There are many amazing handmade objects that can be made using paper and if you have creative ideas, then you can get your imagination run wild to create some of the most brilliant things in the world.

Let’s check out some of the coolest and biggest things made out of paper here:


10. Paper Computer Shell

Paper Computer Shell

Most laptop covers are made out of paper but the company firm PEGA D&E decided to make one out of paper. No worries about it catching fire from an overheated computer because it’s hard paper not the one you use to print out things.  

9. Paper Garment

Paper Garment Top 10 Biggest Things Made Out Of Paper

Some people have begun to make paper clothing for two reasons first, just to shake things up a bit and second because it’s environmental friendlier. The process used for making these fashion garments involves the use of paper, where the clothes or fabric are placed under paper sheets and a heated press is used to create some of the incredible pleats.

Rather than cutting and sewing the fabric, it is folded into precise and accurate creases based on origami and they look absolutely stunning in geometric shapes and swirls as they are folded. 

8. Paper Bridge

Paper Bridge Architect Shigeru Ban Biggest Paper

Architect Shigeru Ban from France managed to create a temporary bridge made using cardboard close to Avignon. The length of this bridge was estimated to be around 20 meters and was created using around 280 cardboard tubes. Recycled paper and plastic were used to make the steps for this bridge. The Paper Bridge was assembled together with the support of faculty from the Architecture of Montpellier and it was unveiled at a cultural event before the public in 2007.

The Japanese architect-Shigeru Ban is renowned for some of his brilliant applications using cardboard in building many temporary and permanent structures. 

7. Paper Pinata

Paper Pinata Biggest Things Made Out Of Paper

Pinata originated from Mexico and it is usually a container made using cloth, pottery or paper mache and decorated to celebrate any specific event or used in ceremonies. The giant and massive Pinata that resembled Orange M&M was designed as part of an event and measured about 46 foot in height. This Pinata was known to be the world’s biggest Pinata and entered the Guinness Book of World Records, during its debut in 2011. 

6. Paper Canopy

Paper bar Dreamtime Design

In 2009, Dream Time Design from Australia managed to create an amazing and cool paper canopy that was designed temporary for an event. The main highlight of this night spot bar was the 10-foot outer shell that was supported by a massive cardboard structure. 

5. Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane Biggest Things Made Out Of Paper

The giant sized largest paper airplane- Arturo Desert Eagle was flown across the Arizona desert. This paper airplane was based on the original design which was created by 12-year-old Arturo Valdenegro who was the winner of the competition held by Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson. A team of engineers used this model to recreate this plane on a larger scale and released in from the helicopter in Arizona. This paper airplane measures 45 feet in length, 26 feet in width and has a wingspan of around 24 feet. 

4. Paper Tube School

Paper Tube School

After the devastating earthquake that struck Central China in Sichuan province a few years ago, thousands of schools were severely damaged. It is believed that it was a result of poor quality construction that the schools resembled like flattened pancakes after the earthquake. The Japanese architect-Shigeru Ban with a team of Japanese and Chinese students created a temporary structure made using recycled cardboard tubes and plywood. 

3. Cardboard Tube Furniture

Furniture Paola Argine Biggest Things Made Out Of Paper

The Fan Tubes concept was inspired from the Italian designers-Paola Argine and Cristina Alzati. The Fantube furniture uses a novel way of using discarded pieces of cardboard pieces to create some amazing pieces of furniture that can be a focal point of any modern home décor. Cardboard tube chairs and table were created by combining plexiglass and wire for this purpose. 

2. Paper Pavilion

Paper Pavilion Biggest Things Made Out Of Paper

Architecture students from University of New South Wales created a temporary structure- a pavilion that was made using recycled cardboard tubes, which was a part of a design competition. There were many such temporary structures that were created as part of the event at the Sydney Architecture Festival, For this purpose, they used 2000 tubes from a manufacturing company. 

1. Acoustic Art

Acoustic Art Zimoun

Swiss artist, Zimoun is renowned for making sound sculptures and sound architecture by combining innovative materials such as cardboard boxes, old furniture, cotton balls, plastic bags. He uses them along with speakers, microphones and DC motors for creating moving cardboard installations. His amazing creation can be seen at Mannheimer Kunstverein gallery in Germany, where he has managed to install 81 boxes in between two levels and used motors to give the spinning and jostling motions.

Zimoun used 20 DC motors along the handrail and as soon as they are activated, the boxes start moving using thin nylon ropes that are connected to every box. He has created many such installations, and in one of them has used 186 motors for creating a vibrating motion.

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