Top 10 Most Common Nightmares That Most People Have


Many of us have fears and anxieties, that dog at our heels, keeping us awake at night as they turn over in

our minds. What’s even worse is when we sleep just to be awoken by nightmares.   Often those bad dreams are our emotional system trying to deal with these anxieties. Just like many of us share the same fears, we also share the same nightmares. Here are the 10 most common nightmares.

10. Natural disasters

natural disasters tsunami

Dreaming of natural disasters like earthquakes or tornadoes doesn’t necessarily mean we are afraid of being caught in one. There’s few things that take away our ability to control a situation like a natural disaster. Such nightmares often symbolize a feeling of losing control or dealing with some unpredictability, perhaps fearing some other kind of disaster in your life. 

9. Being chased

Being chased dream

Have you ever had a dream where you’re being chased down the street or through the house? It could mean you’ve been watching too many monster flicks, but more likely it’s a sign you’ve been overly stressed. Maybe there’s too much going on at work or in your life and you feel like these responsibilities are always chasing you around. 

8. Failing a test

School can haunt us long after it’s over. Many people have dreams of failing a test. It may be a pop quiz or the end of the quarter exam. That sort of fear manifests itself in us and may pop back up when we face tests in life. You could be afraid of being unprepared for some other test in life. Or maybe you don’t think you’re achieving enough and measuring up to what you consider success. 

7. Teeth falling out

teeth faling out dream

Imagine how scared you would be if your teeth crumbled or fell out all of a sudden. That’s actually a common nightmare for many people. There are different interpretations of this dream including a fear of your own mortality. None of us know how long we have, and it could all crumble in an instant.   It could also be some other anxiety like feeling helpless or a lack of control, or maybe you fear you aren’t attractive enough or in some other way inadequate. So don’t fear that it’s a dentist’s subliminal ploy in a commercial reminding you that you’re due for a checkup. 

6. Being injured

being injured dream

Being injured in a dream may reflect a feeling of vulnerability or some anxiety of being powerless over a situation or concern. Being attacked and injured could mean that concern is beating you up somehow, while injuring yourself symbolizes a worry that you’re somehow injuring your efforts to succeed or overcome that concern. 

5. Being betrayed by someone close

betrayed by someone in dream

Relationships can be tough, and it’s common to have second thoughts or anxieties. Being betrayed in a dream may reflect on your own doubts about a relationship – like whether that close person to you wants to mess you over. It could also just mean you’re upset your close ones are too busy doing something else and you are feeling abandoned. Or maybe you feel you aren’t good enough for them and are insecure. 

4. Dying

dying in a dream

Dying in a dream jolts many awake and leaves them with an uneasy feeling. It could be a fear of mortality, but likely it’s not forecasting your future like a dreaded omen. Dreams of death usually symbolize a new beginning, like something in your life is dying and something else – maybe even better – is starting anew. 

3. Getting lost or trapped

lost or trapped in a dream

Life can be a maze, and it’s easy to get lost maneuvering around the corners. Our minds seize onto this as we dream of getting lost or trapped. Feeling lost may be another indication that you don’t feel like you’re in control or facing some choice and don’t know which direction to take. A dream of being trapped could relate to thinking you’re trapped in some choice you made or in a situation like financial trouble or a dead-end job or relationship. 

2. Loss of property

loss of property dream

The most expensive purchase most people make in their lives is a house or some form of real-estate. Putting hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a house is not the only problem with owning a house. The biggest problem is, maintaining it after you buy it. So, it’s natural for people to worry about their house or property. But some worry a little bit too much and even bring their worries into their dreams. Seeing loss of property in a dream is second on the list of most common nightmares because everyone owns some form of property even if it might not be expensive and, therefore, anyone can possibly dream of losing the property. 

1. Falling

falling in a dream

Spiraling through the air to your certain doom as you fall from a tall building is a situation no one wants to experience. Luckily most of us only feel that fear in our dreams as we share one of the most common nightmares. Feeling out of control about something in your life, like money or love? That’s what this highly common dream may symbolize.  There’s also a theory put forward by scientists that it’s caused by a shift in blood pressure as you fall asleep and slide into unconsciousness. Either way don’t fret. Even if your body hits the ground, you’ll likely wake up just fine.

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