Top 10 Countries Most Hostile To Foreigners


Traveling the world’s the dream of many, but there are certain countries you’re best to pass up. They include countries high on crime and others struggling with civil unrest. When you

plan your next adventure, these top 10 countries most hostile to foreigners are best kept off your list.


10. North Korea

North Korea Top 10 Countries Most Hostile To Foreigners

The U.S. Department of State warns Americans against traveling to North Korea. While the criminals make many countries unsafe, it’s the government to fear in North Korea. U.S. citizens face arrest and imprisonment for actions that wouldn’t be considered criminal in other countries. There is a high risk of arrest because of now North Korea inconsistently applies its laws. If you travel to North Korea, make sure to do your research and know what not to bring and not to do while there. 

9. Nigeria

Nigeria Hostile Forigners

Tourists to the African country of Nigeria face dangers from rebels and criminal gangs. Abductions of both locals and foreigners are common with kidnappers motivated by either financial or political gains. Terrorist attacks including bombings add to the concern, especially around religious and public holidays. If you visit Nigeria, stay alert in crowded or public places including places of worship. Human trafficking, drug crimes and vigilante killings have all been reported in Nigeria. 

8. Pakistan

Pakistan Hostile

Terrorism prompts concerns about Pakistan, another country the U.S. State Department warns against visiting. Both protests against the United States and spurred by local issues can erupt at any moment and endanger Americans. More than 200 terror-related events were reported in Pakistan in 2015. These include attacks against government officials, humanitarian and non-governmental organizational employees. Risks range from gunfire to suicide bomb attacks. Political instability, military rule and disputes with neighboring country India factor into why Pakistan is one of the countries most hostile to foreigners. 

7. Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo still suffers from the Congolese Civil Wars which caused over-crowded, unsanitary and displaced living conditions. These subpar conditions increase the risk of diarrhea, pneumonia, malnutrition, and malaria. Armed bandits and groups around the country have reportedly killed, raped and kidnapped civilians. Security forces often detain tourists and may bribe them or steal from their vehicles. 

6. Mexico

Mexico Top 10 Countries Most Hostile To Foreigners

Mexico, the fifth largest country in the Americas struggles with drug trafficking. The U.S. State Department warns that U.S. citizens have been victims of homicide, carjacking, kidnapping, and robbery by organized criminal groups. Reports of extortion and violence also make it one of the countries most hostile to foreigners. 

5. Sudan

Sudan Top 10 Countries Most Hostile To Foreigners

Sudan, an Arabic republic in North Africa, remains in a state of unrest with thousands killed in attacks. Ethnic cleansing and slavery remain problems. Threats of armed conflict, kidnapping, terrorism and other violent crime make it dangerous. Westerners face kidnappings, armed robberies, and carjackings, especially in the area of Darfur. 

4. Somalia

Somalia Countries Hostile to Others

The African country of Somalia continues to suffer a civil war that started in 1991. Armed rebel groups and organizations compete for rule in different areas of the country. Theft, robberies, and kidnappings make it one of the countries hostile countries to foreigners. 

3. Afghanistan


The Taliban remains a threat in Afghanistan, where foreigners face threats including terrorist attacks, kidnappings, drug trafficking, and killings. Landmines, improvised explosive devices, and suicide bombings add to the threats. Tourists may become caught in the middle of skirmishes between insurgent groups and Afghan security forces. 

2. Iraq

Iraq Countries Most Hostile To Foreigners

Improvised explosive devices, mortars and rockets, shootings and other attacks frequently happen in public venues. Insurgent groups including ISIS remain active in the region, putting foreigners at risk of terrorist attacks. Combat operations threaten airports, making flights into and out of the country risky. 

1. Syria

Syria Countries Most Hostile To Foreigners

The ongoing civil war in Syria makes it dangerous to foreigners. Terrorist attacks from ISIS forces add to the instability and put residents and visitors both in danger. Kidnappings, bombings, and murders have been reported. Add on chemical warfare used in the country and you’ve got enough reason to steer clear of this most dangerous country in the world.

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