Top 10 Countries That Won’t Exist By 2025


Upon reading the title alone, for sure some would get scared, would panic, or feel the need to be alarmed because they might be just one of those who can be a part of this.

Knowing that there’s a possibility for a country to vanish ANYTIME after existing for many years is indeed a reason to panic especially if you belong to that beautiful country where you lived your whole life.

What factors are being considered for this prediction anyway? A lot of things such as the rise of unemployment rate, excessive debts, falling Gross Domestic Products (GDP) or the products and services produced within the country. These countries that won’t exist have some or many of these problems as you shall see.

Are you ready to see who’s in the lineup? Let’s take a look.

Top 10 Countries That Won’t Exist By 2025


spain flagThis country is known for their crops that produce various types of fruits and vegetables for export like cotton, sugar beets, cereals, potatoes, olives, tomatoes, and strawberries.

  • Debt: Despite their rich agricultural production and efforts to export their locally grown products, it’s still far from enough to help them survive a 94% debt caused by high-interest borrowing rates at 7.53% compared to a 1.26% of Germany for example. They borrowed money to build bridges, highways, parks, and other infrastructures when their properties boomed. But when the market collapsed, their capacity to pay for the maintenance and sustenance of it became impossible
  • Unemployment and Recession: A lot of businesses have been put up in the said country. But during the later years, these investors chose and are still continuing to opt for a cheaper labor force that fired local laborers. Now on its 3rd year of recession.
  • Voice to become independent: Even Catalan’s move to make their nation an independent state is considered illegal (yet), the people wanted to pursue this so much that they will soon create their own treasury and social security department because they want to make their state known again after it was abolished.

They believed that they have their own traditions and languages which set them apart. Also, they don’t like the idea of subsidizing and distributing other parts of Spain using their own taxes and revenues.

These major problems might pull them out of the list of countries in 2025 if no regaining happens. 


North Korea Destroyed

North and South Korea were considered as two separate entities ever since Japan’s defeat in World War II wherein the U.S and other western allies went for South Korea and the Soviet Union for North. This became the start of continuous conflict and tensions until now.

Kim Jong Un’s ruling ways are stricter and dangerous than his father. Everything is believed to be done so violently including the attempt to assassinate South Korean’s president, Pyongyang bombing, Airline bombing, killing of South Korean Sailors, and fight over borders. Currently, they are known for making nuclear bombs.

  • Lack of resources: What might end their country in 2025 is the lack of resources to sustain all costs and expenses brought about by the production of bombs and other weapons.
  • Abuse of power: Government’s obsession to their power is another reason. Since every decision and execution is based only on the President’s decision, one wrong move can make or break his country.



belgium won't exists 2025

Have you ever heard of one country that gives birth to two more countries? Well, this might be it.

Belgium, since 2007 has been having problems in politics because two towns are on their way to going separate ways; one is called Flanders another one is Wallonia so in 2025 there might not be a “Belgium” anymore. These two screams independence until now because of the following reasons:

  • Language Barrier: Communication is very hard because both insist on using a different language, Dutch vs. French. With this, it has been hard for the government to reach out to them. Flanders even wrote a strong message on one of their science playground that says: “Dutch only” which is their language. No sign of Belgium anywhere that they even wish for Belgium to die.
  • Lack of unity: As mentioned earlier, they opt to go on separate ways that are why whenever a story of Belgium is being asked about, nobody can tell in a narrative form— only two opposing views about it.
  • Domino effect: The result of separation will indeed create discrimination. This is what’s currently happening to them in places like universities/ schools, public libraries, local/ regional government, politics, national television, newspapers, or even local teams.



china 2025

One of the biggest countries in the world could be wiped out? Unfortunately, there’s a possibility.

This is not because of political or separation of people but because of the very serious damages in their environment— the environment that has been overlooked despite the country’s booming economy.

  • Pollution: This is on top of their list. How is this evident? For instance, one of the most polluted cities in the world came from China; Hongkong has already created a ‘fake Hongkong skyline’ because the original is covered with smog; People are drinking from polluted rivers, and so much more.
  • Dead Fishes: In central China, fishermen are usually clearing their lakes because of thousands of dead fish, also due to pollution.
  • Algae covered lake: As fishermen navigate their boats to their destination, they are surrounded by thick algae.
  • Red water: Nope, not similar to the Red sea in Israel, but a body of water that turned red because of the damages in the environment
  • Others: Flood, excessive trash everywhere, and leaking sewage water from the sewage tanks will and can destroy China.



030402-N-5362A-004 Southern, Iraq (Apr. 2, 2003) -- U.S. Army Sgt. Mark Phiffer stands guard duty near a burning oil well in the Rumaylah Oil Fields in Southern Iraq. Coalition forces have successfully secured the southern oil fields for the economic future of the Iraqi people and are in the process of extinguishing the burning wells that were set ablaze in the early stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Operation Iraqi Freedom is the multi-national coalition effort to liberate the Iraqi people, eliminate Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and end the regime of Saddam Hussein. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 1st Class Arlo K. Abrahamson. (RELEASED)

If Belgium might be divided into two, Iraq may have three different groups which can dissolve the whole Iraq. The one that dominates the Northern part is called Kurd, Sunni for West and Shia for South.

For some, this may save Iraq as a whole— that we don’t know yet because of what’s happening in the said country. Currently, they are dealing with three major and so-called permanent problems: 1) U.S vs. antigovernment rebels; 2) Kurds vs. the rest of Northern Iraq; and 3) Sunni vs. Shia Arabs.

The differences, uncontrollable and violent actions towards one another caused bombings here and there, security threats, killings, and assassinations. If this continues which experts think it will be, then Iraq in 2025 might not be seen anymore. 


libya 2025

Similar to Iraq, almost same reasons for the possible dissolving of Libya by 2025 might apply.

Libya can be described as a country that has been playing tug-of-war wherein sometimes their known regions are unified, sometimes; they are being separated by those who colonize Libya or what we call as allies. These three known regions are called Tripolitania (Western half), Fezzan (Hinterland), and Cyrenaica (Eastern half).

They are known to be loyalists in their own heritage that resulted to differences in perspective, beliefs, religion, traditions, and/or culture. Trying to unify them will only make things worse because basically, they are different from one another despite Libya’s unified goal.

Another thing that might cause the dissolving of the country is the fight over oil where 80% of it or the largest oil refinery in Africa or 5th in the world can be found in Cyrenaica. The blossoming and successful economy of this region might be hard for the other regions to accept since it should be for the whole Libya and not Cyrenaica alone.

This will then cause war. 


geece collapse 2025

It is said that “Debt is a Threat” and this now applies to Greece.

Their country is now suffering from a very huge debt to the European Bank amounting to 8 ½ billion euros that it’s almost impossible to return such amount from a country with more expenses than income.


  • Failure to meet Eurozone’s requirements: Eurozone’s objective is to create an economic union consisting of a common and single interest rate among the 12 countries in Europe using Euro as their currency. However, to become a part of it, strict rules apply and must be sustained, if not, heavy consequences await just like what is happening to Greece.
  • Global Financial breakout: Greece, as the weakest link, they were the first ones who were terribly hit specifically their tourism and shipping business.
  • High expenditures: The increase of wages, benefits and pensions are not aligned to what is really needed. This made them to routinely borrow just to continue this way of bad spending.
  • Clientelism: There’s no income generating strategy like taxes. The country failed to monitor who pays the taxes or not, mostly, not everyone is paying.


As of today, they are working to pay for their debt but because it’s really a big amount to cope up with, they might just let go anytime. 


united kingdon Won't Exist 2025Surprise, surprise… yet another country that’s not being expected by many to be on a list of countries that won’t exist but has made it on top 3. Maybe you’re wondering how can a successful country vanish in 10 years, right?

According to one historian, it is possible that there will be a collapse in society for the UK similar to that of Roman Empire. Why is that?

  • Deficit: UK has an annual budget of only 46 billion euro for the past 44 years but UK Office for budget predicted that their shortage as of today will go as high as 120 billion euros alone (or negative74 billion) that is quite impossible for them to reach considering that a specific interest rate will still be applied on top of it. The country will continue to fall financially because of the growing expenses in pension, retirement funds, education, health care, taxes, and Military expenses.
  • Scotland’s cry for independence: They want to break free from England because they believe that independence will not only allow them to be independent in terms of their taxes and oil resources but also to gain identity, power, and economic control apart from the UK.
  • Wales and Northern Ireland independence: With Scotland’s cry for independence, Wales and Northern Ireland are quite influenced by this idea, if not independence as a whole, at least even in the government.

If these nations become successful in separating themselves from the UK, then it might be true that the fall of UK might happen anytime soon. 


United States 2025

Among the 50 states, 20 have already filed their petition to secede from the United States to become an independent country and form a new government.  This is quite alarming because this petition have just started last 2012 but already 20 states are on their way gathering thousands of signatures.

The leading states with most numbers of signatures are Texas and Louisiana who have already outnumbered the requirement of 25,000 for the White House to notice and review their petition.

The reasons why many states would like independence as much as Scotland, for example, is because of lack of jobs, jobs that don’t pay, mistreatment of Veteran people, war, deficits, corruption, assault on traditional marriage, and the Government in general.

If more state files for independence or each state garnered more signatures, then by 2025, US will be torn into bits and pieces. 


maldives 2025

“The boat is sinking”

This is what can happen in Maldives by 2025— the country will just sink like a boat literally. Why is that? Climate change is one of the main reasons for this wherein the Indian Ocean where Maldives lies is set to feel this change first due to increasing in sea level.

Maldives is said to be overpopulated with 110 existing resorts in it which adds to the pressure that pushes the whole place down and Maldives might not be able to hold on any longer.

Additional problems include the abuse of mountains and overuse of diesel used as a source of light.


But of course, we’re can’t tell that this will really happen in 10 years but with this information, let us just hope that people will be cautious about the possibility and make some wise actions and decision to prevent their country from making it to the list of countries that won’t exist by 2025.

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