Top 10 Countries With The Most National Treasures


The concept of national treasures such as national epics or national anthems started only during the late 18th and the 19th centuries. Most of these national treasures

found across different countries may not be necessarily of any monetary value. But there is a significant value attached to them whether they are people, animals, cultural assets, sites, buildings or artifacts that belong to each country.

There are numerous such hidden treasures around the world, which have a lot of national importance for its people. Through this article, we find out more about the countries with the most national treasures.

10. South Korea (Total sites-12)

South Korea Countries With The Most National Treasures

Korea has numerous tangible national treasures which are in the form of artifacts, sites and buildings which are of great artistic, cultural and historical value to the people. Some of the popular tourist attractions such as Bulguksa, Seokgurum Grotto, Namdaemun and Tripitaka Koreana have been named among the national treasures of South Korea. There are also many buildings and monuments in North Korea that have been named as national treasures. 

9. Greece (Total sites-17)

Greece Countries With The Most National Treasures Historial

The Parthenon Marbles is regarded to be one of the most valuable national treasures of Greece, and some parts of it are now on display at the British Museum. These marbles are actually a vital collection of Classical Greek Marble Sculptures and architectural pieces which were earlier a part of the temple of Parthenon and other buildings on the Acropolis of Athens. 

8. Japan (Total sites-19)

Japan National Treasures Amount

Japan has one of the highest number of national treasures than most of the other countries in the world don’t. In Japan, the most precious national treasures are considered to be places of great historic or artistic value which may be in the form of buildings or structures. Almost 20% of their national treasures comprise of structures including castles, and many other residences.

The other 80% of their national treasures comprise of paintings, calligraphy works, sculptures, ancient documents, pottery items, metalworks, Katana swords, temple bells. Textiles and garments along with structures have also been included among its rich national treasures. 

7. United States (Total sites-23)

united states how many national treasures

The Statue of Liberty which is a universal symbol of freedom and democracy has been named as among the greatest national treasures of America. Among the other symbols of national treasures, the United States Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and the Constitution is yet another iconic document which is quite significant in the history of America. The Apollo Mission by NASA and the Moon rock collected in the lunar space also constitute among some of the greatest national treasures that were discovered by astronauts

6. United Kingdom (Total sites -29)

United Kingdom National Treasures

Many famous personalities, authors, monuments and places are considered to be among the greatest national treasures of United Kingdom. William Shakespeare, the renowned author is also among of the greatest national treasures in Great Britain.

Sir David Attenborough, a natural history presenter was declared as the greatest living national treasure in Great Britain. Stephen John Fry- an English actor, comedian, writer, presenter and an activist has also been named among the national treasures of the United Kingdom. The historic monument of Stonehedge is also a renowned world heritage site and cultural attraction for tourists. 

5. India ( Total sites-32)

India National Treasures

The Taj Mahal is one of the most valuable treasures of India which was built over 350 years ago by Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife. This iconic landmark in India has millions of visitors who come from all over the world to view its stunning architecture. Among many numerous places of historical importance and monuments, cultural sites, the Fairy Queen steam locomotive that operates between New Delhi( Capital city) and Alwar in Rajasthan is named as one its valuable national treasures.

The Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary, Manas Wildlife Sanctuary in the state of Assam, historical monuments such Humanyun’s Tomb, Qutb Minar Red Fort in Delhi and Ajanta Ellora caves are listed among the world heritage sites. 

4. France (Total sites-41)

France National Treasures

Paris is known for its numerous historical and iconic landmarks and monuments, museums and art galleries. These world famous attractions include Eiffel Tower, Palace De La Concorde, Notre Dame, Musee du louver which are some of its best national treasures. The portrait of the Duchesse d’Orleans by the renowned French painter Elisabeth Loise Vigee Le Brun was named as the national treasure by the French Ministry of Culture. 

3. Spain (Total sites-44)

Spain How Many National Sites

Spain is regarded to be one of the best tourist hotspots and has some of the largest number of world heritage sites in the world. The Alhambra Fortress is one of the best examples of the Moorish architecture and was the former residence of the Moorish Emirs who were the early rulers of Spain during the 13th and the 14th centuries. It is one of the largest tourist attractions in Spain that had over 2.4 million visitors from across the world.

Teide National Park is among the world’s 3rd tallest volcanic structure which is located in a distinct environment is also among one of the best national treasures of Spain. The Historic Centre of Cordoba. Altamira Caves, Works of Gaudi, Barcelona, Historic City of Toledo, Roman Walls of Lugo are among some of the popular landmarks in Spain among many others. 

2. China (Total sites-48)

China National Treasure Sites

China has a number of national treasures with the Great Wall of China listed among the Great Wonders of the World. The Terracotta Warriors, China Museum is also listed among the great national treasures of this country. Among the animals, the Giant Panda is yet another national treasure of China. Huanglong Scenic area, Mount Sangingshan National Park, China Danxia, Three Parallel Rivers Of Yunnan are among some of the world heritage sites.

Chinese tripod cauldrons which belong to the Shang dynasty over the past centuries have also been named among the cultural artifact that is among one of the national treasures of this country. 

1. Italy (Total sites-51)

Countries With The Most National Treasures

Italy has the most number of world heritage sites in the world making it the country that has the highest national treasures. The list comprises buildings, structures and historical monuments including the 18th century Royal Palace at Caserta, the Aqueduct of Vantivelli and the San Leucio Complex, Botanical Garden in Veneto, Castel del Monte, City of Verona, Historical Centre Of Florence, Venice and its Lagoon,The Dolomites, Naples, Siena, Pienza and Urbino to name a few of them.

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