Top 10 Craziest Political Candidates


Politics can be a crazy world. There’ve been a lot of eye-opening candidates over the many years, but none as crazy as

these you’re about to see, many of whom you may have never heard of. If you think Donald Trump is controversial wait till you see these candidates.

Everyone wants a chance at political fame and influence. And some just want to push their own agenda and ideas.

And some candidates, aren’t really serious at all. From cats to famous musicians, everyone wants a piece at the political race.

Here’re 10 of the craziest political candidates craziest political candidates to ever run for office:

10. Mr. Nuts – Known as the 15-year-old who’s running for President.

deez-nuts-crazy politician

In an effort to “shake up” the political system and presidential race, Mr. Nuts has officially registered for the 2016 presidential race. He’s running as a third-party and hopes to create a movement to mobilize voters who are upset with the state of the current election process.

He appears to be gaining some traction. In polls conducted in Iowa and Minnesota, he polled at 8 percent.

His “viral” momentum shows that America agrees with him that the current gridlock political system needs to change. 

9. Roseanne – The Comedian who ran for President?

comedian who ran for president

Roseanne is a comedian. But did you know she also ran for President in 2012? Yup, she ran under the “Green Tea Party” ticket with the goal of promoting mental health, meditation and the end to Wall Street bankers.

But it was her rhetoric about Wall Street that helped her candidacy quickly come to end. Apparently she promised to send Wall Street bankers to re-education camps and be executed by beheading. So yeah, that didn’t go over as well as you can imagine. 

8. Joe Walsh – The musician who promised “Free gas for everyone”

Joe Welsch For President

As a guitar player. Joe Walsh, gained a lot of media attention in 1980 when he announced his run for president at the age of 33, despite the minimum age needing to be 35 set forth by the U.S. Constitution.

He wanted to change the national anthem to his hit song but that didn’t gain traction with the voters apparently. In 1992 he tried running as vice president but that too didn’t go over well. He’s stated “until Congress figures out how not to be dysfunctional, I most likely won’t be running for elected office any time soon in the future.” 

7. Vote for this cat as President in 2016 – the time is meow!

Cat For President

Ok this is crazy. This cat is apparently drumming up a ton of support for the 2016 presidential election.

Yes, not a human, but a cat…

His name is Limberbutt McCubbins and has already filled out a “Statement of Candidacy” form making it official. He has a Facebook page, twitter account and even a campaign slogan “Meow Is the Time.” And apparently lawyers are contacting his owner for proof of citizenship and they don’t even know he’s a cat!

His chances are slim, especially once people realize he’s only 5 years old, way below the minimum age of 35 to run. 

6. James Traficant – The convicted felon for president?

James Traficant President

James was a convicted felon and in 1988 almost won the presidential election. He was a member of the House of Representatives in Ohio, but later got expelled after taking bribes, filing false tax returns and eventually forcing his coworkers to do chores for him!

He served seven years in jail and was released in 2009. Surprisingly, he became a guest speaker at a Tea Party protest before dying in a weird farm accident in 2014. 

5. Mike Gravel – Mystery videos and man of few words

Mike Gravel Crazy Politicians

Mike was an Alaskan Senator and he gained fame in 2008 with his extremely odd series of youtube videos. On several of them, there were literally no words spoken. One involved him just starting into the camera and then throwing a rock into the lake. The other video is seven minutes of fire burning in the woods.

Yeah, he didn’t win. 

4. Lyndon LaRouche – The conspiracy theorist who ran for President…8 times

Lyndon LaRouche Crazy Politician

Lyndon LaRouche has attempted to run for president over eight times. Starting in 1976 as the U.S. Labor Party candidate and later for a Democratic nomination. Some think he’s an insane conspiracy theorist while others think he’s a man before his times.

He thinks the Holocaust didn’t happen and ran what some believe to be a cult. And one time he claimed that someone kidnapped and brainwashed one of his staff members with the intent of programming them to assassinate him.

Needless to say, he was a bit too crazy for him to win the election. 

3. Basil Marceaux – No more felonies no more felons!

Basil Marceaux Crazy Politician

Imagine an America without any crimes. Basil Marceaux did just did but in a different way. Instead of stopping crime he promised if elected to serve in public office he would change the definition of crime to ‘nothing’. He promised that nobody would ever be arrested for anything other than vehicle moving violations. As you can guess his message didn’t resonate with many voters. 

2. Cynthia McKinney – The looniest candidate of all?

Cynthia McKinney Green Party

In 2006, Cynthia McKinney was a member of Congress and spent her time on important things like trying to pass a bill to release important government documents that would reveal what happened to the rapper Tupac Shakur.

Then she claimed the government executed a bunch of people and dumped them in a swamp in Louisiana. She’s the candidate that had voices in her head.

She attempted to run for President in 2007-2008 under the Green Party with a campaign focused on racial profiling and conspiracy theories related to the September 11 attacks.

It’s rumored she may be running alongside Jesse Ventura in 2016 for Vice President. 

1. Vermin Supreme – The performing artist who loves zombies


Vermin has been described as a “satirist” and “performing artist” who has campaigned as a Democrat in 2012. He’s also running in 2016 and has some very special youtube videos. He hopes to fight our “moral and oral decay” by promising a free pony to every American if elected.

He also wants to harness “the awesome power of zombies for energy sources” by creating turning turbines fueled by dangling brains in front of zombies.

Who knows what else he has up his sleeve in 2016 and beyond, but he’s currently trying to raise funds and seems to have a growing support on the internet. This makes us wonder how many more craziest political candidates there will be in the future.

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