Top 10 Cutest Animals In The World


Exploredia did a research on what 10 cutest animals in the world by observing factors such as which animal pictures do people post the most online, how people react to each animal and we have impressive results for you. We always see pictures of puppies and kittens on the internet and they look so cute but are there other cutest animals in the world out there. There are, in fact, there are many cute animals in the world and most of them are harmless not like the wild animals. Here are:

Top 10 Cutest Animals In The World


10. Squirrel

squirrel cute animal

Squirrels are cute because they always seem confused. This is caused by the fact that they forget where they placed their things(nuts and other foods) very fast and so go around looking for their belongings in new places every time.  

9. Koala

koala cute animal

Although these animals are extremely rare and only live in Australia they somehow get the attention of many people and can attract massive crowds.  

8. Chipmunks


Just like squirrels Chipmunks are from a family of rodents but what makes them so adorable is their black, white and brown stripes. They’re stand out from others because of their fame in U.S. cartoons.  

7. Red Panda

red panda cute

Red Pandas are extremely beautiful animals and are very sensitive to everything. They have a certain food that they eat at a certain time in a certain way.  

6. Polar Bear

cute baby polar bear

When Polar Bears grow up they can be really dangerous and are exceptional hunters. But baby polar bears look exceptionally beautiful with their unique white fur. They’re also very clumsy like most bears. 

5. Penguin

penguin cute

Penguins are one of the cutest animals in the world but are not easy to come across because they live in geographic regions where most people don’t. What makes them so incredibly beautiful is their puffy fur with almost perfectly straight stripes.  

4. Rabbit

Cute rabbit

There is no need to even explain why these animals are so adorable just look at them and you will understand. Rabbits are extremely small most of the time and just amaze everyone. 

3. Panda

panda cute

These animals are known for being cute because of their exceptional look. Panda’s fur, perfectly straight fur lines and it’s clumsy personality give it the title of the 3rd cutest animal in the world. No matter how old the pandas grow they still seem to look adorable.  

2. Cats

cute kitten

Cats have an appeal that most other animals don’t, they just look cute and are very small and quick. Baby kittens are unbeatable in the cuteness level. That’s what makes them the second most owned pet in the U.S. According to Human Society there are about 43 million households that own pets. Also, cats are the second most searched animal in Google. 

1. Dogs

cutest pupies in the world

Although, both cats and dogs have their own beauty, dogs win the title of the cutest animal because of their loyalty to their master. According to Human Society,  approximately 54 million households own a dog vs 43 million who own a cat. Pictures of owners with dogs are also posted online much more often than pictures of owners with cats. 

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