Top 10 Deadliest Allergies In The World


For those who suffer from seasonal allergies, a breath of spring air with the aroma of blooming flowers and grass can turn into an annoying sneezing, swelling, or other

body reactions. However, these are not the allergies that put an immediate threat to your life and well-being, and they can often be easily mitigated with some Benadryl and replacing your air filter (try: There are some allergies that can instigate anaphylaxis, which is a body reaction to an allergen, causing difficulty breathing, palpitation, pain, and in some cases even death. In this list, we gathered the top 10 deadliest allergies in the world.

10. Venom

Venom 10 Deadliest Allergies In The World

A person can be allergic to snake venom. Of course, this person will not have to worry about his allergy until he gets in contact with an allergen, in this case, venom. A snakebite can bring death unless urgent medical assistance is delivered. Among lighter symptoms are nausea, pain, swelling and numbness around the face, which are a normal reaction to snakebites, but intensified with the presence of allergy.

9. Eggs

Eggs Foods That Make You Smart

The egg allergy limits the individual’s breakfast choices. In addition, it poses a threat to life. Around 600,000 of Americans have the condition. Considering the fact that some vaccinations, including important ones like yellow fever vaccine, contain egg in them, the patients with egg allergy might lose access to essential medical treatment.

8. Bee Stings

Bee Stings Allergies

Surprisingly enough, around 10 percent of people stung by a bee will have a reaction to the sting, which can be seen in redness and swelling of the body. Bee stings have a potential to turn into one of the deadliest allergies in the world, which increases with each sting you receive. So, if a bee has stung you once before, you will want to keep bees away, stay alert to any close to you and immediately call medics if it happens again.

7. Milk

Milk Allergies

Children develop this allergy very early in the course of their lives. In fact, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America discovered that two to five percent of babies develop this particular type of energy within their first year alive. Getting older, however, most of the children do not experience any life-threatening or even mild symptoms anymore.

6. Soy

Soy Allergies

Soy can be the allergen that is difficult to avoid, considering how many products on the market include it. Soy allergy causes a tingling feeling in the mouth, abdominal pain, and swelling. These symptoms can occur when you eat or drink a product containing soy. Soy is also an ingredient in some baby food products, and, as American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology found out, is an allergen causing the symptoms for about 0.4 percent of children in the United States.

5. Shellfish

Shellfish Deadly Allergies

Unlike the allergies that you develop as a child and then forget about in the process of growing up, shellfish allergy develops at any age and last for the entire life. American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology reports 2.3 percent of the United States having a shellfish allergy. For people who know they have the allergy, it is rather easy to keep it under control, since the seafood ingredients are clearly listed in most foods.

4. Wheat

Wheat Most Deadly Allergies In The World

For a wheat allergy, it is crucial to know your limit. There are some proteins in its structure that send signals to the immune system of the person who is allergic to wheat. The ingredients, such as flour, wheat, farina, semolina, spelt, and so on, are highly recommended to be avoided.

3. Peanuts And Tree Nuts

Peanuts And Tree Nuts Allergies

Statistics show that there is about one percent of people in the world with a life-threatening nut allergy. This type of allergy is common across the United States. There are chances that a child with a nut allergy will outgrow it, but the stakes are too high to check – nut allergies are among the deadliest allergies in the world.

2. Latex

Latex Allergies

Until the 1980s, there were not enough cases of allergies to latex to attract enough attention to it. However, with AIDS emerging, doctors began widely using rubber gloves as a safety measure. For the symptoms to appear, you need to be exposed to the allergen, like with many other allergies. Latex allergies today are found in medical professionals, those who work in beauty, motor and catering industries. If a person has type I sensitivity, which is the most severe form of latex allergy, then even the smallest amount of latex can put the person’s life in danger with the contact.

1. Penicillin

Penicillin Allergies

Those who have a penicillin allergy face the risks that can cost them their life. Penicillin instigates anaphylaxis more than any other allergen, and that is why it is so dangerous. However, there is another reason to worry. Penicillin is an important antibiotic, which is used in the treatment of HIV and syphilis, and there are no alternative options for treating these diseases for those with penicillin allergy. Penicillin allergy takes the first place on our list of the deadliest allergies in the world.

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