Top 10 Dog Breeds That Went Extinct


Dogs are said to be man’s best friend, so it should come as no surprise that if certain breeds drop out of favor they may just cease to exist. That’s been the case for

some dog breeds that died out because they were no longer in demand. There have also been other factors like illness that’s caused breeds to become extinct. Here are the top 10 dog breeds that went extinct.


10. Bullenbeisser

Bullenbeisser Dog Breeds That Went Extinct

The Bullenbeisser, or German bulldog, gained popularity because of its agility and strength that contributed to its use by hunters and farmers. Crossbreeding sealed the Bullenbeisser’s fate as the Boxer Kennel Club of Germany mixed the breed with bulldogs from the British Isles, a practice continued to give the Boxer a darker color and less white. Now the Boxer is one of the more popular breeds and the Bullenbeisser, which became extinct in the early 1900s, is no more. 

9. Cordoba Fighting Dog

Cordoba Fighting Dog

Crossbreeding the mastiff, bull terrier, English bulldog and boxer created the Cordoba fighting dog, now one of the dog breeds that went extinct. The dog breed, named after its place of origin in Cordoba in Argentina, was especially known as a fierce hunter with its high pain tolerance and became a popular fighter, hunter and guard dog. Many Cordoba fighting dogs met their end in fighting pits while the breed died out in the mid-20th century. The Cordoba Fighting Dog was crossbred with other breeds to create today’s Dogo Argentino. 

8. Kuri

Kuri Extinct Dogs

The Kuri was a Polynesian dog brought to New Zealand with the Maori people in the 13th century. The small, long-haired dogs were said to be popular with Maori women but generally not with others who said they snapped and were a bit treacherous. Their demeanor didn’t concern many who weren’t after them as pets but as food, a popular source of protein on an island without pigs. It’s not known when they died out. Three taxidermy examples still exist. 

7. Paisley Terrier

Paisley Terrier Dog Breeds That Went Extinct

The Paisley terrier originated in Paisley, Scotland. Paisley terriers, also known as Scotch terriers, were silky-coated dogs popular at dog shows. Its insistence upon attention and its need for extensive grooming may have contributed to its decline. The dog resembles today’s Yorkshire terrier and may have been crossbred to develop the Yorkshire terrier. The vanishing act for this addition to the list of dog breeds that went extinct started in the early 1800s. 

6. Southern Hound

Southern Hound

The southern hound, possibly a mixture of the Talbot and Greyhounds developed in the 1400s, was popular in southern England and Wales. It could pick up day-old scents but its deliberateness didn’t add up to quickness, which meant a loss of favor as fox hunting became more popular. Its breeding with other faster dogs led to other hunting dogs including the bloodhound, foxhound, and beagle. The southern hound gave way to these other scent hounds and went extinct in the 1800s. 

5. Talbot

Talbot Extinct Dog

The Talbot dates back to the Middle Ages when Talbot dogs were used for hunting. These dogs were slow but had a great ability to track a smell. They may have even been used in battle and law enforcement after William the Conqueror brought them to England in 1066. They became extinct in the 16th century. 

4. Molossus


The origin of Molossians possibly goes back to Greece, where these dogs that became extinct were popular with the Molossi tribes. The Molossus, used by the Romans and Geeks for hunting, fighting, and herding, also got props by the philosopher Aristotle for being superior. The Molossus, now one of the dog breeds that went extinct, was the forerunner to the Mastiff, St. Bernard, and Great Dane. 

3. African Hairless Dog

African Hairless Dog Extinct

The African hairless dog or Abyssinian sand terrier only had hair on their skull and near the end of their tails. These dogs were considered fearless and loyal. The Chinese crested breed is an ancestor of the African hairless dog. Their look may have led to rumors that these two breeds had magical healing powers. 

2. Hawaiian Poi Dog

Hawaiian Poi Dog

Hawaiian poi dogs were friendly and playful additions to families and their children with their quietness, but their clumsiness didn’t make them ideal for anything but companionship. Tribes that owned them often fattened them up with a paste made of taro root and ate them. 

1. Blue Paul Terrier

Blue Paul Terrier Most Rare Extinct Dog

Legends say the blue paul terrier accompanied the pirate Paul James when he visited his hometown of Kirkcudbright in about 1770. They became popular with gypsies and were known as fierce fighting dogs in both the United Kingdom and the United States. The blue paul terrier evolved into the American pit bull terrier and the Staffordshire bull terrier.

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