Top 10 Dragons Of All Time


It is an entity that sends shivers up the spine of the kids and also some grownups. Anybody would feel threatened by the looming hulk of a single dragon whether it is a dream or otherwise, now imagine the same with top 10 dragons. These are mountainous creatures with a tough hide and mean despicable look and equipped with red eyes, large fangs and spewing fire through their nostrils. Folklore has them wielding an intelligent and cunning mind coming from a mystical land to destroy a concrete building by just brushing past them; smaller beings and even large articles like buses are dwarfed by their sheer size. Power personified and their persona was given another intriguing twist by the inclusion of the qualities and physical attributes of serpents, the silent lurking beings that send waves of waves of goose bumps in our bodies by just their mention or thought. So, here come the top 10 list of hated, revered and followed dragons of all time:

Top 10 Dragons Of All Time


10. Saphira

Saphira greatest dragon of all time

An epic fantasy, The Inheritance Cycle is a novel that takes place in a mystical world in a series written by Christopher Paolini, an American author who had just turned 15 years of age. It is the story of Eragon, a teenager and his dragon Saphira and their adventures. The villain in the piece is King Galbatorix who is evil personified and wants to eliminate Saphira, a loving tender baby dragon. Eragon jumps to his defense and the rest is history. 

9. JabberWockyJabber Wocky Dragon Drawing


This character is on the list of top 10 dragons for a good reason. Jabber is a strange beast with flaming eyes and makes strange sounds. JabberWocky emanated from one of the fine works of Lewis Caroll, the famous author of Alice in Wonderland. It is an epic poem which gave birth to this frightening dragon that is given a negative character by Lewis Caroll and the culmination comes when he is killed by a young boy. The poem received high recognition and acclaim and is considered one of the greatest poems in English literature; a film was also created on this poem’s character. 

8. Falcor

Falcor Dragon Of All Time

This story is one of the most popular fantasy stories which has been maintaining its popularity over the years. One reason behind the phenomenal appeal of the Never Ending Story is the lovable character Falcor, who has the face of an adorable dog that you will see in many of our homes. He is kind-hearted and has a loving nature; he assists Atreyu in discovering his true self and encourages him to realize his true potential. 

7. Hungarian Horntail

Hungarian Horntail Dragon Flying

It is one of the most fearsome dragons depicted in the awesome bestselling series of Harry Potter. As suggested by its name, it is Hungarian, is quite dangerous and is a black beast 50 Ft in length. 

6. Fin Fang Foom

Fin Fang Foom Dragon Of All Time

I simply love the name given to this ancient dragon that is woken up from a medieval slumber and is also possessed by a demon to boot. What more could you conjure when you decided that most adversaries of Hulk? But, Hulk is Hulk; the confrontation was really amazing and earned quite a few fans for this awesome dragon. 

5. Glaurung


You might think Lord Of The Rings series has only one dragon Smaug, but you missed something out. Yes, there is another dragon in LOTR his name is Glaurung is even more powerful than Smaug in many ways. 

4. Toothless


This is another absorbing story featuring a loving, innocent dragon who is befriended by a young boy to take on the evil world as a twosome. Train your dragon is a movie which you can always sit down to watch. Toothless is a dragon who displays all the human traits in a really attractive tale in which Hiccup and he take on the villains of this earth. 

3. Spyro The Dragon

Spyro The Dragon

Spyro is the most popular dragon in the history of video gaming. Although, he looks small his prowess is not to be underestimated. Not only does Spyro breath fire, use his titanium strength horns to gore enemies into oblivion but he also has magical powers that help him grow and become gigantic. These magical powers and his popularity get him to number three of top 10 dragons. 

2. Smaug

smaug dragon of all time

This “worm” is one of the most maligned and hated of the dragon family; that he is strong and greedy is one of his traits which is what makes him evil. But, he continues to be one of the best-liked characters with a massive fan following; possible greater than his bulk and his appetite. No wonder that Benedict was singing an ode to him in The Hobbit. 

1. Godzilla

"Godzilla" is out of control. A Warner Bros. film

And, lo and behold, isn’t this our familiar lizard? He is the one and only Godzilla; the reptile who, in recent years, has occupied a major share of our viewing time with simply his looming appearance. The moment you see his towering shadows dwarfing skyscrapers and cities, there is no changing the channel of your idiot box. Godzilla’s size, power, and popularity make it number one of top 10 dragons of all time.

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How could you leave out ANCALAGON the BLACK from Tolkien’s Silmariilion? That Dragon is so massive that when it fell to the earth, three mountain peaks were broken.