Top 10 Dumbest Inventions Of All Time


Whenever we clear out our attics or garages, we always find a few items that baffle us. Some of it are stuff that you are just not sure how it got there, but other items mystify us for

other reasons, for instance that Billy Ray mullet hairhat, or a mug that looks like a toilet. Did you actually spend money on these items, and more importantly, what were you thinking. Here is our list of probably the Top 10 Dumbest Inventions of all times, and which actually made it to the shelves of stores.


10. Baby Cage

baby cage dumbest invention

Your 4-year-old misbehaving? No problem lock him up! Not like a criminal but in a baby cage. As you can imagine this might not be the best kind of invention to present to parents especially when it involves children. Even more shocking, this cage was placed outside the window so that the baby can have fresh air and the mother can clean the house normally. This is not a joke! In 1922, a patent was filed for such an invention but as you can guess it never went ‘viral’. 

9. Bathroom Golf

Bathroom Golf Dumbest Inventions

Some people like to play golf and are good at it but others need some practice. A bathroom is the best place to practice golf isn’t it? Well, that’s what one inventor though and so he decided to make a bathroom golf mattress to both save space and money. 

8. Handerpants

Handerpants Dumbest Inventions

Handerpants are just what the name suggests. Underpants for your hands. And there is actually a website for these promoting them for various uses, such as sanitary handshakes, cooking etc. Luckily they come in various sizes so everybody can get a pair of these really useful(less) cotton fingerless gloves. 

7. Beer Pager

Beer Pager Dumbest Inventions

No list of the Top 10 Dumbest Inventions would be complete without this absolutely indispensable item for your weekend barbeque. A cooler cup for your beer, with a built in alarm that responds to a handheld remote. This gadget helps you to keep track of your beverage. This is probably very handy if you let your beers stand around unsupervised for extended periods of time. But if you are capable of losing a beer, the odds are very good that you will misplace the remote control for the cooler as well. This way, you spend the whole afternoon searching for your beer and the remote that is supposed to find your beer. Fun, fun, fun… 

6. Cat Dusterslippers

Cat Dusterslippers Dumbest Inventions

Another invention that makes no sense at all are the cat duster slippers. Cats by nature are rather lazy animals, and spend a lot of time sleeping in the sun, or grooming themselves. So how exactly these slipper socks will help to keep your house clean is a mystery to me. Another important point to consider before “investing” in these super handy cleaning aids is this; what happens if the cat gets into the sandbox with these duster slippers? Won’t the cat then be treading dust and sand all over the floors? Sounds like a vicious circle to me. 

5. Paparazzi Shades

Paparazzi Shades Dumb Inventions

Now these are just silly. A pair of shades to hide your facial features from the lurking paparazzi. If you have a pair of these, I sincerely hope that you bought them for a fancy dress party or a photobomb prank. Because if you bought them with the intention of hiding from lurking tabloid photographers there are some serious doubts about your mental state. 

4. Rainy Day Cigarette Umbrella

President of Zeus Corp., Robert L. Stern, smoking a cigarette from his self-designed rainy day cigarette holder. (Photo by Yale Joel//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images) Original Filename: 50393631.jpg

Most people don’t like rain because they get wet and it feels uncomfortable but cigarette smokers don’t like rain because they can’t smoke. Well, no problem someone created an invention just for them. It’s called the Cigarette Umbrella. So now you can smoke even if it’s pouring buckets from the sky. 

3. Hubbard Electrometer

Hubbard Electrometer Dumb Inventions

This is a really interesting and ultimately useless invention. Unless you are a member of the Scientology Cult or similar groups. The device is used as a psychoanalytical diagnostic tool by practitioners in these groups to determine the Electrodermal Activity of a human being. The founder of the Scientology Group L. Ron Hubbard used the device in extensive research to determine if plants, and specifically tomatoes, experience pain when cut. This cutting edge research led Hubbard to the conclusion that tomatoes actually scream when they are sliced. Now whether this is true or not is irrelevant because unless you’re a great scientist you won’t know and most people aren’t. 

2. Flowbee

Flowbee Dumbest Inventions

Now this is an invention that really sucks. (Pun intended) How did we ever get by without the Flowbee. A vacuum hairdresser. The Flowbee works with the suction power of your vacuum cleaner, or you can buy a dedicated “Super Mini Vac” specifically designed for the Flowbee. The invention promises to cut your hair exactly to length using special recessed blades that can be adjusted to any desired length. No more need for trips to the hairdresser with this great little gadget. 

1. Exhaust Grill

Exhaust Grill Dumbest Invention Of All Time

I was hoping that somebody would tell me this isn’t a real invention, but apparently it is. And there is a reason that we have rated this as the number one in our Top 10 Dumbest inventions of all time. It is a grill that cooks a burger using the heat generated by your car’s exhaust system. So you can now place and uncooked burger in the Exhaust grill when you leave home, and by the time you get to the office the exhaust grill would’ve grilled it to perfection. The principle of recycling the heat generated by the engine is interesting, and the Iranian inventors behind this might be onto something, but we have some concerns when our next meal is exposed to a bunch of hydrocarbon fumes which have been proven to cause all sorts of cancer and other ailments.

I’m sure there are many more dumb inventions out there, but these are definitely the Top 10 Dumbest inventions we can think of.

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