Top 10 Most Expensive Diamonds You Can’t Afford To Buy


Diamonds are the most precious gems that are an essential part of every jewelry collection ranging from fascinating rings, earrings, bracelets etc. However, some of these

most expensive diamonds may be out of reach of everyone, except the very rich and famous. Most of the rich people across the world ranging from kings or famous celebrities always have a huge fascination for owning these expensive diamonds.

There are plenty of stories attached to the discovery of these precious gems which is quite fascinating in itself. Let’s have a close look at some of the most expensive diamonds and learn some interesting facts about them.


10. The Allnatt Diamond (Estimated Price – $3 Million)

The Allnatt Diamond (Estimated Price - $3 Million)

Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt was one of the owners of this diamond, from whom the name of this diamond was actually derived. He bought it during the 1950’s and Cartier was assigned the job of designing the best brooch setting for this precious diamond. They came out with the most beautiful brooch setting that had a platinum flower along with five petals, stem with leaves which was set in white diamonds and the Allnatt Diamond was put as the centerpiece.

This diamond weighs about 102.29 carats (20.258 g). The color is vivid yellow as per the ratings given by the Gemological Institute of America. It’s not clear as to where this diamond was exactly found. But some experts are of the view that the current De Beers Premier mine might be its location, where the Allnatt Diamond was first found. 

9. The Moussaieff Red Diamond (Estimated Price – $7 Million)

The Moussaieff Red Diamond (Estimated Price - $7 Million)

The Moussaieff Red Diamond is around 5.11 carats (1.022 g) and comes with a triangular brilliant cut also known as the trillion cut. The Gemological Institute of America has rated this diamond color as Fancy Red which is small in size than most expensive diamonds. 

8. The Heart Of Eternity (Estimated Price- $ 16 Million)

The Heart Of Eternity (Estimated Price- $ 16 Million)

This is one of the rare varieties among colored diamonds and it weighs about 27.64 carats or 5.528 g. Its color has been rated as Vivid Blue by the Gemological Institute and was found in the Premier Diamond mine located in South Africa known to be the world’s largest supplier of Blue diamonds

It was initially owned by the Steinmetz group before it was sold to the De Beers Group. De Beers group unveiled this diamond as part of their Millennium collection in 2000. 

7. Wittelsbach Diamond (Estimated Price-$ 16.4 Million)

Wittelsbach Diamond (Estimated Price-$ 16.4 Million)

The Wittellsbach Diamond is a variety of blue diamond which has a rare deep-blue color and weighs about 35.36 carats or 7.11 g. It measures 40 mm in diameter and has a depth of 8.29 mm with VS2 clarity. This exotic gemstone was part of both the Austrian and Bavarian crown jewels with its color clarity compared with Hope Diamond. 

6. The Steinmetz Pink(Estimated price-$ 25 Million)

The Steinmetz Pink(Estimated price-$ 25 Million)

This diamond is one of the finest varieties of pink diamond and it was unveiled first in 2003 in Monaco. This gemstone was found in South Africa known to be one of the fanciest Vivid diamonds in the world. The Steinmetz Pink Diamond weighs about 59.60 carats or 11.92 gms

5. De Beers Centenary Diamond (Estimated price – $ 100 Million)

De Beers Centenary Diamond 10 Most Expensive Diamonds You Can’t Afford To Buy

De Beers Centenary Diamond is one of the third largest Diamond that was discovered in the Premier Mine with a grade of D and is remarkably flawless. This massive gemstone weighs 599 carats or 19.8 gms (uncut). It was initially unveiled at the Centennial Celebration of De Beers in 1988. 

4. The Hope Diamond (Estimated price-$ 350 Million)

The Hope Diamond (Estimated price-$ 350 Million)

According to the history, the Hope diamond is said to have originated in India and it is one of the well-known diamonds in the world. At 45.52 carats it is rated as antique blue and its first owner is believed to be a French gem merchant named Jean Baptiste Tavernier. Although this exclusive gemstone looks blue in color to our eyes, it shines as red phosphor when seen under ultraviolet light. 

3. The Cullinan ( Estimated price-$ 400 Million)

The Cullinan ( Estimated price-$ 400 Million) most expensive diamonds

This original stone is split into nine large diamonds including many smaller ones so it’s hard to attach a single price value for this diamond gemstone. When combined together, these polished stones could be worth billions of dollars. The Cullinan diamond is also known by the name “Star of Africa” weighed about 621.35 gms after it was polished. 

2. The Sancy Diamond (Priceless)

The Sancy Diamond (Priceless) Most Expensive Diamond

This is believed to among the most expensive diamonds but its value is hard to estimate with its origin that can be traced back to India. The Sancy Diamond weighs about 55.23 carats or 11.05 gms and is pale yellow which was found during the Moghul era.

Some sources also indicate that it was owned by Charles the Bold and Duke of Burgundy. This is also known to be one of the largest diamonds that is cut using symmetrical facets and it is quite fascinating as it does not have any pavilion.

The Sancy Diamond can be seen as part of the French Crown Jewel collection at the Louvre. 

1. Kohinoor( Priceless)

Kohinoor( Priceless) Most Expensive Diamonds In The World

This is one of the ultimate pieces of precious and among the most expensive diamonds found in Andra Pradesh, India. Kohinoor was owned by various rules including Sikhs, Moghuls and Persians in the earlier days. During the Indian Independence, it was seized by the British and since then has been passed down to generations and has been a vital part of the crown jewels collection in the United Kingdom.

The East India Company gifted this great gem to Queen Victoria who then got it cut to 108 carats and displayed it as part of the Great Exhibition of London in 1851.

At present, this gem is owned as a part of the British crown and kept in the HM Tower of London that attracts tourists from across the world. This invaluable gem measures 36.00 x 31.90 x13.04 mm

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