Top 10 Foods That Can Shorten Someone’s Life


There’re a lot of foods that we can’t help eating. The best tasting foods have lots of sugar in them. Lots of people love chocolate or putting extra sugar in their Frosted Flakes. It’s hard detaching from our favorite junk food. And going on diets can be frustrating because that delicious chocolate donut smells so good. We all know that it’s bad for us, but sometimes it can be much more than that. A lot of foods or drinks we consume can hurt our bodies and even shorten our lifespans. Here are the top 10 foods that can shorten someone’s life:


10. Margarine

Margarine not healthy

Margarine has no cholesterol in it. That’s why people use it more than butter. But what people don’t know is that margarine has trans-fat in it, which can increase cholesterol. It can even damage blood vessels. Margarine was made in France in the 1800’s because people couldn’t afford butter. Surprisingly, margarine contains 80% oil. 

9. Frozen Dinners

frozen foods poison

Frozen dinners are a great way to cook something when you don’t have time to cook anything. It’s even better when they’re cheap. Unfortunately, frozen dinners are high in sodium. They might have low calories, but it’s hard for your body to digest them. Frozen dinners make 9 billion every year, and is going up. 40% of people don’t like buying Frozen dinners because it’s unhealthy. That means 60% of people buy frozen foods

8. Breakfast Cereals


Some breakfast cereals can be healthy, but a lot aren’t. Especially when kids out multiple spoonfuls of sugar to make them sweeter, and it doesn’t help that they already have plenty of sugar in them. Plus, cereals are processed over and over with chemicals, making them unhealthier. 44% of people eat breakfast cereal every day

7. Donuts

donuts not healthy foods

Lots of people eat a donut when running late to their job or school. Or if you’re just hungry for a sweet snack. But eating 300 unhealthy calories every day isn’t good. Donuts are filled with trans-fat, fat, sugar, and carbohydrates. Eating that many unhealthy calories can lead to weight gain, especially if you eat more than one. 10 billion people eat donuts a day

6. Fruit Juice

fruit juice artificial

Fruit juice is said to be healthy, have low calories, and less sugar. But that isn’t true. Many fruit juices have artificial flavors with tons of sugar and other chemicals. Lots of them don’t have any real fruit at all. With all the sugars and chemicals, it’s can cause obesity and heart problems. Many fruits can be bad for you as well since they have sugars that have no nutritional value as well. But it’s worse drinking fruit juices that are packed with sugar. 59 million Americans drink fruit juice every day

5. Potato Chips

potato chips

Potato chips can be good, but they have a lot of fat in them. And eating too much salt leads to high blood sugar and affects the heart. Not only are they doubled up on salt and grease, but they are sprinkled with chemicals, too. Many chips have acrylamide. Acrylamide is made when foods are boiled at really high temperatures. Acrylamide can raise the risk of cancer. It is also found in French fries. 

4. Red Meat

red meat decreases life expectancy

Hamburgers and steaks might taste good, but did you know they can cause diabetes and cancer? Red meat can shorten your telomeres, too. The death risk is increased by 20% from a servicing of red meat. That goes for processed meat, too! Red Meat consists of the foods: beef, pork, and lamb. Although, a good food to weaken the effect red meat has on telomeres is is resistant starch. It helps you burn fat. Resistant starch foods are green Hamas, raw potatoes, cooked and cooled potatoes, raw oats, and cashews. 

3. Alcohol

alcohol health issues

Alcohol is not only a bad way to get chronic health conditions, but it can also quicken telomere shortening. Not only is it bad for your telomere, but getting drunk can be just as bad or even worse. 31% of people die from drinking and driving accidents. That’s 10,076 people in just traffic accidents in 2013. That percentage has probably doubled from the past 2 years. 22% of people have four or more drinks per day

2. Processed Meat

Processed Meat not healthy

People eat at least one or more servings of processed meat a week. People who do tend to have shorter telomeres than people who don’t eat processed me. Telomeres are cells in a body that control our age. Processed meat are things like sausage, hot dogs, and cold cuts. Eating 50 grams of processed meat can higher the risk of cancer by 18%. That’s two to three hotdogs! 

1. Soda

Soda most unhealthy food in the world

Soda is drowned with sugar. Even drinking diet soda isn’t any better. The risk for people who drink diet soda daily is a 67% chance of getting type 2 diabetes. The artificial sweaters they put in soda could also get you to crave more sugar. That means more soda and a higher chance of getting diabetes. Soda is one of the foods that can shorten someone’s life if you drink too much of it.

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