Top 10 Future Assault Rifles


Germany’s MKb42 machine carbines enabled its forces to fight back against the Soviet Red Army surrounding it in November 1942. This would be the introduction of the assault rifle on

the battlefield. The United States caught up during the Vietnam War with the M156, and now has the M4 and M16A4 used in Iraq and Afghanistan. What’s next? Here are the top 10 future assault rifles.


10. Beretta ARX100

Beretta ARX100
Beretta ARX100 Assault Rifle

Easily replaceable barrels and customization options for any firing scenarios make the 5.56 mm caliber modular Beretta ARX100 a handy addition to the future assault rifles with some of the best laser for ar gear for attachments, this gun is today’s tomorrow. The tactical semiautomatic rifle’s constant contact/short-stroke gas piston system makes it dependable in any environment. There are no pins and the rifle can be disassembled in seconds with no tools. It is completely ambidextrous for right- and left-handed people. The Picatinny rail on top lets users customize it with options and other sighting systems while more rails on the side mean lighting systems could be added as well. 

9. AK-12

AK-12 Top 10 Future Assault Rifles
AK-12 Assault Rifle

The Kalashnikov AK-12, once passed over by the Russian military, is now being evaluated by the Russian army to replace the AK-74M and AK-100 series rifles. Changes include a retractable and side-folding butt stock, a pistol grip, and an ergonomic fire selector switch. There is also a lengthened muzzle brake, a relocated sight, and rails on its polymer foregrip that let it be accessorized. 

8. Barrett REC7

Barrett REC7 Top 10 Future Assault Rifles
Barrett REC7 Rifle

Sometimes too much can be a bad thing. The REC7 uses a minimum number of parts to make it more dependable in any condition. The rifle features an enhanced bolt made from high-strength steel specifically for use in the piston-operated REC7. The piston can be reached through the front of the gas block without taking off the handguard. All improvements are meant to make the gun less maintenance. 

7. Bushmaster ACR

Bushmaster ACR Future Rifles
Bushmaster ACR Rifles

Magpul Industries of Austin, Texas, is producing the 5.6mm caliber Bushmaster Adaptive Combat Rifle. It includes a gas-piston operating system and a barrel system that can be changed quickly without tools. All controls are ambidextrous. It can fire 800 rounds per minute. A designated marksman rifle version features a longer stainless steel melonite coated barrel with an AAC 51T Blackout flash suppressor on the end. 

6. Colt LE901-16S

Colt LE901-16S Future Rifiles
Colt LE901-16S Rifles

Like other future assault rifles, the Colt LE901-16S is customizable, letting users swap upper receivers and calibers to go from a barrel that shoots 7.62mm NATO caliber rounds to one that shoots 5.56mm NATO caliber rounds. The upper section includes a Picatinny top rail that lets users mount optics and other accessories like bipods and lasers. The rifle also features ambidextrous controls. The sights are adjustable and removable if they need to be swapped for more powerful optics. 

5. FN FS2000 Tactical Rifle

FN FS2000 Tactical Rifle
FN FS2000 Tactical Rifle

The modular F2000 features two assemblies, the barreled receiver group, and the frame. It is a 5.56mm NATO caliber assault rifle configured in a bullpup layout, which means the action is located behind its trigger group. This enables the rifle to be shorter while still having the accuracy and muzzle velocity of a longer barrel. The F2000 is gas operated and fully automatic. It can fire 850 rounds per minutes and supports a 40mm under barrel GL1 grenade launcher. 

4. DPMS GII Recon

DPMS GII Recon Rifle
DPMS GII Recon Rifle

The GII Recon gives shooters power in a smaller package. It features upper and lower receivers forged from 7075-T6 aluminum and a free-floating 16-inch stainless steel barrel. The 7.62mm NATO round gun is meant to be stripped down to the essential use, making it easier to carry and operate these future assault rifles. 

3. FN SCAR 17S

FN SCAR 17S Rifle
FN SCAR 17S Rifle

The piston-operated semi-automatic FN SCAR 17S shoots 7.62mm NATO rounds. It weighs 8 pounds unloaded and features a collapsible stock. The barrel can be removed quickly with a small tool. An enlarged trigger guard means it’s easier to shoot the rifle while wearing gloves. The rifle features an optical rail plus three accessory rails, which means tactical lights, lasers, electronic sights and scopes can easily be added. 

2. HK MR762A1

HK MR762A1 Rifle
HK MR762A1 Rifle

The Heckler & Koch MR762A1 features a short-stroke gas piston system that lets it run clean and cool and makes it less sensitive to suppressor use. The system keeps gasses at the front of the gun and away from the bolt and receiver, venting excess gas out the front of the rifle. All features are ambidextrous and a multi-position stock can be adjusted for shooters of different heights and stature. The rifle shoots 7.62mm NATO rounds. Like other future assault rifles, it requires less maintenance. 

1. HK416 A5

HK416 A5 Future Assault Rifles
HK416 A5 Future Assault Rifle

The HK416, developed for special forces, is being upgraded to include a tool-less gas regulator and a redesigned, user-friendly lower receiver. The weapon can be used by left and right-handed people. The HK416 is said to be an improvement over the M4s previously used by Delta Force because the new piston operating system reduces malfunctions and increases the life of parts. There is speculation that the HK416 is the weapon that killed terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. Like other similar weapons, the HK416 A5 can fire about 850 rounds per minute. A widened trigger guard means shooters can wear gloves while shooting it. All improvements to operator safety, reliability and durability are meant to let it function under any operating conditions.

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My dearest.Still German made G3 is the best assault defense automatic and automatic machine gun!!!


The Rolls Royce of rifles, but I still prefer the old SLR…