Top 10 Future Businesses



The world is innovating at the fastest pace ever. Technologies are providing new opportunities for new types of businesses. Future businesses will be nothing like the ones right now. Of course you will have your local grocery store or supermarket next to you but the way these stores function will not be the same. Here is a list of the top 10 future businesses. 

Top 10 Future Businesses

10. Data Mining


You can gather data on almost anything and earn money from it so why not do it? Data mining businesses will collect data with various sensors and other tools to give them a better understanding of the subjects being analyzed. Having more accurate data will ultimately increase efficiency.


9. Drone Delivery


Why would any human want to spend his precious time going to pick up something from the store when a flying autonomous robot aka a “drone” can bring it to them.


8. Medical Research


People around the world on average are more healthy now than ever in the history of the world. Part of reason is new medicine. Companies are racing to make drugs that will heal many of the worlds biggest diseases. 


7. Computer Engineering


Anything that has to do with robots, drones and most other technologies needs software. Hardware makers will need software companies to complete their products. 


6. App Developing Companies


Apps are the future websites and there is a huge demand for apps and it’s only growing.


5. Mapping Services


When planning where to build a new town or building companies need to carefully examine the areas where they want to build their projects. It’s very difficult and expensive to have a human scout and inspect a piece of land. Instead companies with advanced drones will scout the area much quicker and cheaper. 


4. Space Travel Services


Space travel is not mainstream yet but we’re headed there soon. Private space shuttles will eventually become popular and many space companies will emerge. 


3. Satellite Operators


Nearly every modern country around the world is launching more and more satellites. These satellites are not meant to explore distant stars but are meant to help people on earth. 


2. Artificial Intelligence Stock Trading


In finances few milliseconds now makes a difference and split second decisions could influence big sums of money. Humans are quick but not nearly as quick as computers. As artificial intelligence becomes better at making decisions more tasks will be given over to it. One of those tasks will be trading stocks and making money for us. 


1. Military Defense Companies


Guns and missiles will soon be a thing of the past. There are already laser weapons that will replace conventional firepower. Military weapons are only becoming more advance and new companies will be needed to advance these weapons.  

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