Top 10 Future Car Technologies


Are you excited about future car technologies as I am? Whether you are or you aren’t you’ll be interested to know that there are so many future car technologies that already exist. Cars are becoming safer each year and they’re also becoming more technologically advanced. If you have a car that you need to maintain to keep it at its best, why not use Goodyear promo codes to help you have a reliable car whilst also saving money. Cars don’t need to be expensive, you can still have a safe car and save money at the same time. Don’t forget though that if you get a car, it is still important to have the right insurance. You can use a car insurance comparison company to help you save money on your insurance. Even though cars are becoming safer, accidents might still happen. If you have experienced a car accident then you might want to get yourself a lawyer. You can check out someone like this Albuquerque attorney to help you out. However, as technology improves itself for cars, there might be less car accidents in the world (but this is all speculation). Most new car innovations won’t include

the engine or the body of the car but rather the inside of the car. Originally automobiles were used to get from point A to point B but today a car is geared more towards experience and entertainment rather than just for driving. Here are the top 10 future car technologies.

Top 10 Future Car Technologies

10. Self-Driving Car

future self driving car
Google Self-Driving Car

By now probably every person in the world has heard something about self-driving cars. They’re cool and are almost ready for the market. Self-driving cars will be able to autonomously drive people using a combination of GPS, laser, visual and other sensors. Most self-driving automobiles will be electric cars.

9. HUD Display

HUD Display Future Car Technologies

Future cars will be much safer and the safest thing for drivers is to have their eyes looking at the road. The HUD displays in cars will give the driver to have all their information right on the windshield. There are already HUD displays in cars but future HUD displays will include much more information to the driver and will be more useful than the current ones.

8. Fuel Efficiency

Future fuel efficiency standards

It might not seem like a cool future technology feature but fuel efficiency is a big plus for drivers. Fuel expenses range from 20%-30% of total car expense for an average driver. Imagine filling up your gas tank once a year. Eventually it will happen. According to the U.S. regulations now cars sold in the U.S will need to have fuel efficiency of 54 MPG starting from 2025.

7. Biometric Key

future bio metric car key

Soon your body will be the key to your car. Today many cars can be turned on with just a key-fob but soon you wont even need a key-fob to unlock and start your car. Just like iPhone has fingerprint lock cars will also soon be getting fingerprint lock. You will be able to just walk up to your car without any key and drive.

6. Apps

future car dashboard

Today cars aren’t just automobiles but also an entertainment platform. Google and Apple have already created their own systems for car displays. When enough cars adopt their software we will start to see many car apps.

5. Health Monitor

health monitor future car

Many car accidents happen because people fall asleep while driving or some unusual health condition. Future technology will allow the car to monitor the drivers health. Many luxury cars already provide such features.

4. Driver Assist Systems

future driver assist system

Not everyone wants to give all the fun of driving to a self-driving car. No matter how popular and efficient autonomous vehicles will be many people will still want to drive the car themselves but have the computer assist them. Future technologies will allow a car to be aware of it’s surrounding and respond to any danger without the drivers permission so no more accidentally having a car accident. If a car notices you might crash it will stop the car. If it notices a pedestrian that you haven’t seen it will stop.

3. Vehicle to Vehicle Communication


How often to you bump into another person on the street. I am assuming not often. That’s because people are smart and can communicate to each other via non-verbal language that they’re passing through. Cars are still pretty dumb these days. Eventually cars will be able to communicate with each other to avoid any misunderstandings aka car accidents. So no more car accidents.

2. Self-Healing Paint

self healing paint future cars

Self-healing paint is not sci-fi it exists today. If you car has a scratch it will heal with time. But for many economic reasons car companies haven’t been quick to add this amazing invention to their cars. But as this technology becomes more affordable you will see more cars having it.

1. Cloth Material Car

BMW_Gina_future cloth car

BMW has already created a prototype of a cloth material car. This car can change shapes and is very flexible. No more getting bored with the same shape of your car. A cloth car also can’t be scratched and of gets into an accident will look as new as before an accident.

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